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Um I want

Um I want to start a RP, but I have never done it before. I will start with:


Please fill it out. It might be sort of big, but please, fill it out(If you're doing this). Also, can people give me some tips on roleplay?

Name (& pronunciation):
Date of Birth (& age):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Strange Behaviors:
Education/Special Training:

Additional Notes

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Hey Pancake! 

I have some tips/pointers that may be helpful.  

Typically, when CBers create a RP, they give background information or a prologue to set the stage for the role play and guide the story. This will also help guide the CBers when creating their charries if the RP is set in a fantasy world, futuristic world, alternate universe, etc. 

I hope you found this useful, and welcome to the CB!


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Hi there, Pancake, I like your name!!

Welcome to the Chatterbox! It's an awesome place.

As for Role-playing?  I agree with pangolin, and also if you want there to be a limit to players you should say so (if not, no problem!). But, a role-play can be anything you want it to be--that's the best part. Sometimes people state rules for their role-play, other times just a brief note about the backround. So, it's up to you, and I'm blathering on about it, so let me just say that I'm excited to join this RP!

--Shining Star 

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OK. I would like to have a limit of ten characters, not including mine. Thank you for the tips! Anything you don't feel like is important enough, don't fill it out. For the date of birth, just put your age. Here is my character:



Name (& pronunciation): Yuka (you-ka)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Half human, half magic
Social Class/Community Status: N/A
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Two sisters, one brother
Height: 6' 3"
Hair: long silky blonde hair
Eyes: one blue, one brown
Typical Clothing/Equipment: blue cloak, green tall boots, slightly long black shirt, armor leggings
Personality/Attitude: Friendly, smart, strong, hot-headed, miscevious, childish, stubborn
Skills/Talents: Archery, magic, cooking/baking, sewing
Favourites/Likes: Archery and magic
Most Hated/Dislikes: Losing, breaking her bow, Conner, and being interuppted
Goals/Ambitions:To be the best archer and find Efra's Diamond
Strengths: Bows, teamwork, forests, magic
Weaknesses: Swords, disharmony, deserts
Fears: Not being able to get Efra's Diamond and dragons
Hobbies/Interests: Archery, reading, and learning
Strange Behaviors: N/A
Education/Special Training: None
Occupation: Archer

Additional Notes

Magic: Water, spells




RP Backstory


Yuka was living in the Forest of Misale with some of her friends. She had been guarding Efra's Diamond for years. Efra's Diamond was a very powerful object. Efra had been the greatest mage alive. She had taught Yuki all the spells that Yuki knew now. Efra had died a long time ago. She had left her diamond in Yuki's care.


Suddenly, Yuki heard a shout from the building that had Efra's Diamond in it. Yuki had been training, so she ran over just in time to see a thief taking the diamond! She chased him as she was the fastest and her friends were all injured. She finally caught him... but he no longer had the diamond! She threw him to the ground and and ran back, looking for the diamond.


She heard footsteps and turned to see Conner. He was holding the diamond looking triumphant. "Give it back!" Yuki yelled. "No way. It's too valuable for you!" He laughed. Yuki shot an arrow at him, but he dodged it. "See ya!" He shouted, while running off. Yuki knew she couldn't chase him, so she headed back to where her friends were.


She got supplies and head for Coinshe, which was the closest city. When she got there, she put up posters saying she needed ten very skilled people to help her on her quest. She put the address of the inn where she was staying, so they could find her. Then she went to her room to rest...



OK! That is my backstory. By the way, this is a whole different universe, and they don't have electronics. The setting is basically a long time ago, but I'm not sure when it would be, so I am saying it is a different universe. Please join! Also,, for the writing, write only from your character's point of view, and only one character per person please!

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Woo, sounds super cool!  I can't wait to start.  (Ignore my other post, that was before yours loaded)

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Reserving!  I agree with pangolin and Shining Star; can you tell us what world the roleplay is set in?  

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Um, I posted the back story above (I will answer any questions), but it is on Jayre, a planet that I LITERALLY just came up with.

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Name (& pronunciation): Kusa (coo-coo clock saw)
Date of Birth (& age): She's 13 and a November Sagittarius
Place of Birth: Coinshe
Gender: she/her
Species: Human
Social Class/Community Status: Poor, not well liked
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: A brown tabby cat named Kumo (coo-coo clock Mo Williams) is an orphan
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Brown, thick, somewhat curly, longer than average
Eyes: Amber
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Baggy clothing, faded colors, a large dusty brown bag containing her rope, a pocketknife, scraps of food and a large stick
Personality/Attitude: Feels a desperate need to prove herself,  generally kind but sometimes ruthless
Skills/Talents: Good fighter, clever, can play the harmonica
Favourites/Likes: Green's her favorite color, likes knives, likes climbing, loves cherry-pecan cupcakes 
Most Hated/Dislikes: Hates confinement, being patronized, losing, hunger
Goals/Ambitions: Wants to prove to the world she can be someone, do something.  Wants to someday be able to survive and support herself entirely alone (except for Kusa)
Strengths: Good fighter, confident, conscience, strong
Weaknesses: Can feel overly imperious at times, and others overly independant, does not like to accept help, once broke her left wrist and it never healed properly
Fears: Losing
Hobbies/Interests: Eating, target practice just for fun, graffiti
Strange Behaviors: Sometimes pretends she is a witch, is making up her own language
Education/Special Training: Stole multiple textbooks from a private academy and taught herself to read, basic math skills and lots about animals & plants.  Near her old orphanage there was a martial arts dojo and she watched the students through the window every day.  The rest of her skills she learned from experience, trial & error.
Occupation: Thief

Additional Notes: She grew up in an orphanage, but when she was seven the caretakers ran out of money and supplies and shut the whole thing down.

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Name (& pronunciation): Shadow Slayer
Age: 20
Place of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Half-dragon, half-human
Social Class/Community Status: Rich
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: N/A
Height: 7'
Hair:short, spikey, black
Eyes: red
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Two katanas, black leather jacket, jeans
Personality/Attitude: when mad I am dangerous, friendly otherwise, strong
Skills/Talents: breath fire, swordsmanship
Favourites/Likes: fighting
Most Hated/Dislikes: rude people
Goals/Ambitions: none
Strengths: fighting
Weaknesses: N/A
Fears: none
Hobbies/Interests: eating, fighting
Strange Behaviors: none
Education/Special Training: private school
Occupation: bodyguard

Additional Notes


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Ooh, fun! I've never done a roleplay before, this seems fun!

Name (& pronunciation): Ajax (pronounced the way it looks.. not ay-jacks, uh-jacks)

Date of Birth (& age): he doesn't remember, but he's around 13-19 ish

Place of Birth: in the forest

Gender: he/him

Species/Racial Origin: His is fantasy-ish, right? If so, a Tabaxi (they're sort of cat-people.... you can Google it if you want

Social Class/Community Status: A few coins he's found on the ground, otherwise no money. he lives in the forest and hunts and forages for food. He's seen other people from a distance, but is kind of scared of them

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: he never knew his family. The closest thing he ever had to a family was a tortle (a humanoid turtle) named Nikolis (pronounced Nicholas, his nickname's Nik) who raised him, taught him to hunt, etc. Nikolis went hunting one day and never came back :( He doesn't really know anyone else except animals

Height: 6'5" (AHAHHAAH TABAXIS ARE TALL I can finally be tall (I'm 4' 9" in real life lol))

Fur: (I changed it to fur because he's a tabaxi) leopard-like fur (yellowish brown with darker spots)

Eyes: bright green

Typical Clothing/Equipment: sort of messy-looking, patched-up shirt and pants. Gray-green cloak for camouflage (think about a Ranger cloak if you've read Ranger's Apprentice). For equipment he has a bow (for hunting) a small bag with edible plants (for snacks), and a staff that Nik gave him (for looking cool, the bit of magic he can do, and occasionally poking people). He also has some bandages made of leaves (just in case)

Personality/Attitude: Awkward (because he's only talked to one person), views things in ways other people don't. He's a scaredy-cat to say the least. Introvert. I guess we'll figure out the rest in the RP...

Skills/Talents: Tree climbing, archery, running, jumping, anything involving agility

Favourites/Likes: trees and moss (fav plants), the colors lime green and yellow (fav color), bow and arrow(fav weapon), 7 (fav number), any berries (fav food)

Most Hated/Dislikes: mud and water, the number 4, axes and other two-handed weapons

Goals/Ambitions: he just wants to live a happy life alone in the forest, but nature seems to have other plans...

Strengths: He sees thing differently than other people so that helps when coming up with a strategy I guess? Basically the same stuff that's in Skills/Talents.. and if you play D&d anything using a dexterity check

Weaknesses: Anyhing requiring a lot of physical strength (if you play D&d, anything using a strength check), talking to people (he doesn't really have practice because the only people he's ever talked to are himself and Nik.

Fears: water, death, having everything depend on him

Hobbies/Interests: archery, tree climbing, cooking (even though he's terrible at it. But he likes his own food, so that's what matter I guess XD)

Strange Behaviors: Chases birds and mice whenever he sees them, tries to catch flies/leaves/bits of unknown stuff in the air whenever he can

Education/Special Training: Was taught by Nik how to hunt and shoot a bow. He taught himself how to climb trees and is very good at it.

Occupation: None? He has almost no money (which is fine with him, he doesn't understand the word money) but he hunts and forages for food and Nik was a very talented tortle and made a nice house. Ajax might get a job later on when he meets humans, but not yet.  :3

additional notes: Nik tried to teach Ajax magic, but Ajax tended to make things explode too much to be taught. However, Ajax practiced on his own in the forest and after years of work taught himself a simple spell. It makes vines come out of the ground and trap an enemy. However, it takes a lot of energy and Ajax normally passes out after casting it. 

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3/10 characters so far!

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reserving i fill lter

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Ok, I will fill this out! Thanks for the backstory!

Name (& pronunciation): Mark (pronunciation is obvious, like a MARK on a blackboard)

Date of Birth (& age): Well, I don't know what year your RP is set in; but he's 13
Place of Birth: Well, what are some places on your planet?
Gender: male
Species/Racial Origin: human
Social Class/Community Status: um, kind of n oddball
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: He owns a griffon, but is an orphan. No friends
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Hair: Scruffy and brown
Eyes: green
Typical Clothing/Equipment: baggy shirt and jeans; also a brown jacket and boots; bow and arrow
Personality/Attitude: NOT good with people but VERY good with animals. Also sees the bright side.
Skills/Talents: archery; griffon-riding
Favourites/Likes: see above (archery); favorite food is pizza (if it exists)
Most Hated/Dislikes: falling! And mud puddles
Goals/Ambitions: He wants to become a hero.
Strengths: Archery
Weaknesses: He can be very self-hating
Fears: Losing his griffon
Hobbies/Interests: archery (yup, he's pretty single-minded)
Strange Behaviors: Mussing his hair for no apparent reason, singing 'Found a Peanut' whenever in mortal danger
Education/Special Training: n/a, he grew up alone.
Occupation: n/a; slef-employed hero?

Additional Notes: n/a

Tell us when to start role-playing 

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2. I will start when I get ten charcters in total, not including mine. 

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I am Pancake, just making a notice! Reserved spots are held for one week. Kitty Cat, you have one week to make your character before losing your reserved spot. In other words, you have until the 24th. You can reserve again after or you can just make a charcter. You do not have to reserve to make a character.

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