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Um I want

Um I want to start a RP, but I have never done it before. I will start with:


Please fill it out. It might be sort of big, but please, fill it out(If you're doing this). Also, can people give me some tips on roleplay?

Name (& pronunciation):
Date of Birth (& age):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Strange Behaviors:
Education/Special Training:

Additional Notes

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Random Question:

Should I do a solo-write? Should I turn this into a solo-write? Should I do neither? Please tell me in the comments. 

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Honestly, it's up to you! 

Remember, don't rush yourself and do everything at once. Take some time to develop this RP! Read some solo writes before starting your own! There'll always be another oppurtunity to create a solo write, so don't stress about doing it now. 

On the other hand, if you want to expand your writing skills or have a really great story idea, go ahead! There's a whole community of creative people willing to make a character for you, and support you as you share your writing!

In the end, just do whatever works for YOU, and that's the right descision!

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Name: Jiya

Age: 15

Gender: Female, she/her

Species/Racial Origin: Human 

Social Class/Community Status: Orphan, thief

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: As previously stated, she is an orphan.

Height: 5'

Appearance (Is it okay if I do this instead of hair & eyes?): She is 5'1 and slim. She has sleek black hair just long enough to be pulled back, that she usually wears in a ponytail or bun. Her eyes are gray and narrow, framed by arched black eyebrows and thick dark lashes. A few white scars mar her olive-toned skin, especially on her arms and legs. 

Typical Clothing/Equiptment: A long cloak or a leather jacket over a skin-tight long sleeved black top, black jeans, and combat boots. Usually has on her at least two knives/daggars, a short sword, and a staff (which looks like a big stick). 

Personality: At first she can be cold and dismissive and she's very intimidating but if you get to know her she's bubbly and fun and really protective of those she cares about. 

Skills/Talents: Quick on her feet, good at fighting, very agile and good at climbing things or sneaking around. 

Likes: Stealing things, when it's raining, people she gets a long with

Dislikes: Losing a fight, people who think they're better than everyone else, going to bed angry

Goals: We'll see as the RP progresses. 

Strengths: Good at fighting, agile and good at climbing, very friendly and easy to talk to. 

Weaknesses: Sometimes throws herself into danger to protect someone, not great at planning

Fears: Her friends in danger, death, getting injured

Hobbies/Interests: She likes practicing fighting, and exploring places

Strange Behaviors: Not really strange, but she loves musical instruments and plays the guitar. If she's friends with someone, she'll tease them in a joking way. 

Education/Special Training: Before her parents died, her father gave her a staff. He didn't really tell her how to use it, so she mostly used it in fighting after they passed away/were killed (I will determine how they died once we start the RP to advance the plot). However, once Jiya turned 13, her powers were revealed. She can control the earth/nature/weather (like plants and dirt and stones and make it rain) using the staff and is still learning how to use her power so she isn't great at controling it. For example, when she's angry, it might start to thunderstorm. 

Occupation: Theif/element sorceress

Additional Information: Let me know if her power is to OP. 

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Is everyone but me a human? Am I allowed to be not human?

Shadowslayer is also a fantasy creature! --admin

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It's probably just because I didn't give any races to choose from, so most people just did what I did.

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Alright! Since no one else seems to be joining, we can start this now.

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Anyone want to start, or is no one checking this anymore?

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I take a bite of the small cherry muffin and sigh contentedly.  This was from my favorite bakery in Coinshe, the Sugar Express, and today it had been especially easy to get food.  The employee was only a few years older than me, new, and incompetent.  Any other employee wouldn'tve let me through the door, but this appeared to be his first day on the job and he didn't know me yet.  I just walked out with my muffin without paying.  As simple as that.  Could even be viewed as an honest mistake.  

As I'm wiping the crumbs of my chin I pass a poster, and stop suddenly.  Seems interesting enough- a job for ten skilled people.  I wonder if it pays any good.  Other than the new guy at the Sugar Express, times were tough for Kusa.

I find the inn the poster listed and enter, greeted with scowls and glares. A guard sidles closer to me and I walk faster. "Hi," I say to the lady at the counter, who is taking silver coins from a teen. After the boy walks away, she turns around with a large exaggerated sigh.  "Pardon me," I snap.  "Was I interrupting your nap?" She opens her mouth to say something, but I cut her off.  "i'm visiting room 5."  Huffing, the lady shows me to the door and walks away before we even reach it.  I roll my eyes and knock, fingering the stone snakes on my pocketknife.

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Someone knocks on my door. I open it. There is a girl standing outside. I didn't care that she seemed young. I needed help.

"Hello. I am Yuki. I am assuming you wish to accompany me on my journey?" I asked.

"Yeah. I want to know the reward as well," the girl said.

"Well, I don't have much money, but I could give you a place in my home," I said.

"Where is your home?" She asked,

"In the forest. I have been guarding a magical item. I could give you a job when we complete this journey," I said. "Also, what is your name?"

"Kusa," she answered.

"Well, I am very thankful you will help me on this journey. Sit down and I tell you more about this journey," I said.

Well, this whole thing started about five years ago. Conner was my friend. We would do everything together and we loved magic. When there was a poster saying they needed guards to protect a magical item, we both went to try out for it. When we got there, we learned that only ten people would make it, we tried our hardest. Conner, however, didn't make it. He became very jealous. He has tried many times to steal the item I was protecting. It's called Efra's Diamond. You may have heard of it. Well, Conner never succeeded in stealing it. Until now. He doesn't know that now I am the only one who can control it. He will probably learn that soon, but who knows. Now, lets get some rest.


Okay! I hope I did OK! If I should change anything or didn't get your character right, please tell me! 

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"All right," I say.  Rest sounded good.

Magic.  The word rang in my ears.  I'd heard all the stories about Efra's Diamond, ancient magic and the like, but I'd never believed it was true.  Now Yuki was saying she was its guardian.  I'm not sure whether to believe it or not.  Either way, this was sure to be an adventure.

If the quest was completed, I wasn't sure about getting a job.  I'd never wanted one, exactly.  But I didn't much care now- I had to go, to see if the tales were true.

The poster had said there'd be multiple people involved, so I wonder if I was the first to respond or if others had already decided to join, and who had or would join after me.  I wonder if I'll like them.  Or if they'll be helpful.

"Meet you back here in the morning?" I ask.  Yuki nods, and I'm not sure if that means the quest will start tomorrow or we'll just rendezvous with others tomorrow.  I decide to prepare for the former, but expect the latter.  As I walk out of the hotel, I feel pressure around my ankles.  Kumo is rubbing against me.  I bend over and pick her up.  "Kumo, my friend," I mutter.  She makes me happy like no other being in the world ever has. 

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When I woke up, I went out into the city. I found a bakery with prices I could afford. I bought a loaf of bread and then visited a store where I bought butter. When I got back, I cut the bread and waited for Kusa to come.

When Kusa arrived, I offered her some bread. She took it and sat down. We chatted about some things, mostly Efra's Diamond. I explained some of the powers. The first power was Invisibility. Another one was bending, as I called it. That power allowed you to bend, twist and stretch anything virtually forever. Also, it could control all the elements.

"If it has so many powers, why doesn't it have a protecting spell so only you can touch it? Aren't you its master?" Kusa asked.

I smiled sadly and said, "It did have a protection spell once. But the spell disappeared when Efra died. The diamond trusts me because, well, that is something I have to tell you later. I am not its master. Efra was and still is. The diamond just lets me use its powers."

"But doesn't it have protection powers? And how is Efra still its master?" Kusa asked, looking confused.

"No. Efra had the power of protection. Efra's soul is said to live inside it, but her soul is asleep. She cannot cast spells in her sleep," I explain.

"Well, why don't we wake her up?" Kusa asked.

"Well, when a magical item's master dies, their master's soul goes inside them. However, they cannot wake up. Their soul does not die, but they can only wake up if they have a body. Efra's soul doesn't have a body to wake up to. A sleeping soul is the way that souls die. But souls cannot die, so instead we refer to the state of death as sleeping," i explain.

Kusa looks confused.

"Well, I'll give you time to think about that. Anyway, would you show me around the city? I haven't been here in awhile," I said to Kusa.

"Sure," said Kusa. 

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Hey everyone! This RP has started, so feel free to post! Kitty Cat, you can still create your character, but no more charcters from anyone else.

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Yuki is really nice, actually.  And very interesting.  I've learned more today than I have in my life.  Especially about magic and the Diamond.

The two of us get up and walk around Coinshe.  I show her around- the local public school and the two private schools, the bakery, the  inn, the market, the abandoned orphanage, the cemetary, the library, the farms, the houses, the fields, the hospital and the playgrounds.  The museum, a community art studio.  A couple of opera houses.  One giant mansion, dubbed the Cupcake House by the thieves and street livers like Kusa, in honor of its many floors and the round purple rooftop that looked like icing on a cupcake.  That, and you could buy a million cupcakes with the wealth stored inside. And a stretch of trees right in the middle of it all, where Kumo likes to hunt.

I'm enjoying talking to Yuki, about anything.  I'd never had a peaceful conversation that lasted like this before.  I'd never liked another human before.  I'd tolerated other humans, seen them as good people and loved them, I guess, in some deep place in my heart where I truly loved all decent being.  But I'd never liked someone.  Except Kumo.

Kumo's warming up to Yuki, too.  Normally, when strangers got too near, she'd sit and stare at them, a kind of blunt yeah, I'm looking at you sort of look, ears turned to the side and claws unsheathed.  If they ignored her warning signs, she'd give them a good scratch that'd leave a mark.  But she came close to Yuki, all signs of aggression gone. 

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As we walk around, I notice the sky. The clouds look like when snow is blown across an open field. I remembered that when i was younger, I thought that we could never "catch up" to the snow, because it was so pure, yet we were dirtied with mistakes and bad choices.

Suddenly I realize Kusa had said something.

"Sorry, what?" I ask.

"You said the diamond trusted you for some reason, but you said you'd tell me later," Kusa said.

I laugh and say, "Oh, yes. I did. Well, I cannot tell you here. People could be listening."

Later that day, around midnight, I meet Kusa at a hidden place. She had said very few people knew of it.

"Alright! Now, why does the diamond trust you?" Kusa asked, sounding impaitent.

"Alright, I tell you, but you cannot tell ANYONE. Do you promise?" I ask Kusa.

"Yes, I promise," She said in reply.

"Alright. I am Efra's daughter, that's why the diamond trusts me," I say.

Kusa looks as if she is about to faint.

"You're EFRA"S DAUGHTER?" She asks incredulously.

"Uh-huh. But people would turn me into a celebrity or something, so I don't tell people. Only my closest friends I tell," I say.

"What about Conner? Did you tell him?" Kusa asked.

"Actually, I lied before when i said Conner was my friend. He was my brother. That's why he got so angry when I became a protecter of the diamond and he didn't," I said.

Kusa sat back and took a deep breath. I could tell it was a shock to her. I mean, Efra was the most powerful mage in all of history. In fact, Efra had lived for over ten centuries. Everyone knew of her. No one, except Conner, had known that Efra had any children.

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