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Um I want

Um I want to start a RP, but I have never done it before. I will start with:


Please fill it out. It might be sort of big, but please, fill it out(If you're doing this). Also, can people give me some tips on roleplay?

Name (& pronunciation):
Date of Birth (& age):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Strange Behaviors:
Education/Special Training:

Additional Notes

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Mine will probably be short as well.




"Locate him and catch him. That's it really. Also, don't get caught," I said.

"Uh, OK," Jason said.

"By the way, you are half-dragon, right Jason?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Did you understand them?" Jiya asked.

"Not quite. I am not fluent in Dragon, and only know the basics."


I recently discovered a great feature on my iPod for reading! It has a rain backround noise, and it's very relaxing. 

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"Maybe we should circle and corner him?" I suggested.

Yuka looks thoughtful. "That might work..."

"What would be even better," says Kusa, "is if we could get the dragon to corner him."




I know this is short, sorry, but PLEASE POST ON MY RP!!!!



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"I feel like the dragon wouldn't stop him, seeing as he literally threw it," Seriana states.

"Well, we don't really have too many choices. The dragon is faster than us and would at least slow him down," I said.

"Let's try it then?" Mark says.



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Sorry I basically disappeared off the face of the CB Planet (AGAIN!). But now I'm back!!! AND READY FOR ANYTHING!!!




"Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but we haven't figured out how to get a very large, very loud, and very hungry dragon to corner Connor and not us," I pointed out.

"FIGURE IT OUT WHEN WE GET THERE!" shrieked Seriana, leaping to her feet and dashing out into the room. "AHOY GIANT DRAGON! GO EAT CONNOR!" 

 Yuka rolled her eyes. "I swear, sometimes I want to strangle her."

We ran out after Seriana.

The dragon, instead of eating us, made a warm grumbling noise and picked up Yuka very gently.

"ACK! No! You're supposed to catch Connor, you big brute!" She kicked at the huge talons with little effect.

Seriana shouted something and a ginat fireball sizzled against the dragon's scales.

"RRRROOOOOOARGRMMMBLEGURF!" it shrieked, leaping up. It glared down at Seriana and growled a few times, then turned and lumbered out of the cave--still carrying Yuka.




Hee hee! What'll you do with that? Have fun! I'll try to post more often. 

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I have disappeared many times. I will definitly try to post soon, but I have to think about what will happen next.

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I FINALLY POSTED ON THE RPS!!!!!!!! Yay. I would ask you to post soon, but..................................................................

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I'm Shining Star.


It's totally fine! Always good to think about what happens next!!! 

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I will! I totally forgot about this RP well I was sick though.

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UGH! WHY WON'T THIS STUPID DRAGON JUST LET GO!!!!!  I thought as it carried me. I tried to attack it, but nothing happened. GREAT!

All of the sudden, it drops me in a cage. Isn't this just wonderful! Now I'm stuck! RGH! Stupid dragon!

I look around almost immediately. This cage looks fairly easy to break out of. But I can't break out with a dragon watching me! HMPH! I will just wait. I realize I haven't really slept that well lately. I find a nice place to lay down and wait to fall asleep.





That was unexpected, but it gives me way more time to run away! So I run off and hope nothing and no one follows me. Or tries to eat me. That would be nice too.

Soon, I find a good hiding place under a huge rock. Hopefully they don't find me anytime soon. I need rest.



I finally decided what I wanted to write! Yay! 

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I wake up to find my friends carrying me out of the cage.

"Really? You couldn't have waited until I woke up?"

"We would have, but Conner disappeared!"

"Of course he did." 

I am now walking along side them as I am awake. 

"Is anyone else hungry?"


"When was the last time we actually stopped to eat?"

"No idea."

"Let's eat then!"

We sit down under a bush (A very large bush) and eat lunch.



I will finish this post later, I just have to eat lunch. 

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This is a continuation of my last post.




After we finish eating, we start to search the area.

"Maybe I could cast a tracking spell. I'm not sure if it would work, but it's a possibility. Also, when did you get that bracelet, Yuka?" Seriani asks me.

"The bracelet? Oh, I picked it up at some point and now I can't take it off. It doesn't seem to do anything else though. Also, your plan sounds good. We should try it," I say.

"Yeah, it would be a good way to find him," Shadowslayer says.

"Ok, I'll try it," she says.


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