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Um I want to start a RP, but I have never done it before. I will start with:


Please fill it out. It might be sort of big, but please, fill it out(If you're doing this). Also, can people give me some tips on roleplay?

Name (& pronunciation):
Date of Birth (& age):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Strange Behaviors:
Education/Special Training:

Additional Notes

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We head back to my hotel room. I hope others will arrive soon. As soon as we have enough people, we can go. I know Conner has magic, but I'm not sure what type.

"Hey. If the diamond trusts you because you are Efra's daughter, why doesn't it trust Conner?" Kusa asked.

"Well, Conner wasn't strong enough to control the diamond back then, which is why he didn't make it in. However, he attempted to steal the diamond, so it counted as a betrayal," I explained. "The diamond trusted him, but then he betrayed it."

Kusa nodded, then asked if she could sleep here. I told her she could and we both rested.


That was something I forgot to put above.

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Please post.


Oh no! Hana says {ezrpx} Does she mean Easy RPs die???? I hope not!!!!!!!!

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Had a busy day today, so I didn't post here 'til now.


I lay down in the softish inn bed, the everything I've learned today simmering around my mind. Magic was real. Efra was real.  The Diamond was real.  Efra had children.  One of those children, not to mention the protector of her diamond, was in the same room as I was.  And a side note, this was the first time in a few years I'd slept in a real bed.

I lie awake for awhile, Kumo curled on my head so I have to move her before I suffocate.  I wonder what the coming days might bring, and when others would show up.  Finally, restless, I get up and turn on the lamp next to me.  Taking out a book, I read until I can keep my eyes open no longer. 

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Don't worry about it. I'm homeschooled, I want people to post, but they don't.


I hoped more people would come join us. They haven't so far. It's just me and Kusa. I woke up around 5:30 am and walked through town a bit. It was windy, but not that cold. I was quite happy walking around. I saw a Magic Shop. I HATE magic shops! They are scams! They claim that they just appear magically, but really, they just build them in the night.

"You think all magic shops are like that? Well, if you want, I give you magic for free," said an ancient voice.

"Did I say some thing to you?" I asked.

"No, but you know, this shop is magic. Look back through the memories. You know this shop was not here last night," The lady said.

"Fine, I'll try it, but only for free," I said.

"Come on in," she said.

"I am Maria. What magic do you want?" Maria asked.

"Protection," I say.

"Protection, I see... to protect the diamond eh?" she asked.

Now I was alarmed. "How do you know that?!" I asked.

"I have the power to see into thoughts and memories," she said.

She cast a spell on me and recited strange words. I could barely make them out. I think I passed out.

When I came to, I felt, powerful. More powerful than ever before.

"What did you do to me?" I asked Maria.

"I cast a spell that not only gives you the ability to protect things, but it unlocks your mother's powers and enhances all of the powers you have," Maria said.

"Wait. Unlocked?" I asked puzzled. 

"Yes. You've always had Efra's powers, but you couldn't access them before. You will become the diamond's true master after you save it from the hands of evil," Maria said.

"You mean Conner?" I asked.

"Yes. I can tell you about your past," Maria said. "And about your father."


Back in Roomk 5, Kusa was worring about where Yuki had gone.


I will include more later. I have to go for now. 

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I stretch and rub my eyes, blinking the sleep away.  I roll over and glance out the window.  It's around ten AM, I guess.  I roll over again, realizing Yuki is nowhere to be found.  

I sit up straight, wondering where she could have gone.  Possibilities start whirling in my brain.  She took a walk.  She left altogether.  This was all a trick, and I fell for it, and she's not really Efra's daughter at all!  Efra doesn't exist after all!  ((If you haven't noticed, Kusa has some trust issues)). My hands ball into fists, and I jump out of bed, just as Yuki comes through the door.

There's nothing different that I can see, more of a... different aura, or presence.  She just... appears taller, or greater, though her height doesn't change at all.  In just a moment, I'm sure she must be Efra's daughter.

"Where were you?" I ask. 

She sighs.   "I took a walk."

"To where?"

"Well... I found a magic shop." 

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I remembered what Maria had told me as I told Kusa about it.

"You don't remember your father, do you? Well, he was a magic being." Maria said

"What's a magic being?" I asked.

"Magic beinging are created out of pure magic. You are much more powerful than Efra could ever be. You are part human. The rest of you is pure magic. That is why wounds don't take as long to heal. Now your powers could even save you from death." Maria said.

I couldn't believe I was part magic! I thought those creatures were legends! She had told me that Conner had become gotten dead magic. Dead magic was magic that was leftover magic that was no longer of use. Conner had very little power and it was being drained by the dead magic. I didn't tell Kusa this. I planned to tell her later. When I was sure no one was listening.

At midnight, I woke Kusa up and said I needed to tell her something.

"Are we going to the place where you told me about-" Kusa said, looking excited.

"Yes. Hurry! I don't want people to follow us!" I interuppted her.

We ran to the place and I told her every little detail. I also showed her that a minor cut could be healed almost instantly! She looked amazed. When we got back, we went to sleep. I went to sleep in hope that I would be able to start this journey soon.


How was it? I am hoping other people join! also, admin, for the race on my character, can you change it to half-human, half-magic? My character is in the same post as the backstory. Thank you!


You got it, Pancake! - Admin

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By the way, when i said I told Kusa about it, at the top of my post, I meant that I told her about the magic shop.

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@Admin. Please change my name on my character to Jason. 


I live in what is called The Cupcake House. I am rich, so of course I wanted to live in it. I am going shopping and I notice a poster for skilled people. It says that somebody is looking for a group of skilled people. The address is Raven Street, The Blackmill Inn, Room 5. I buy some small cakes, a loaf of bread, some chicken, and some pasties. I see some of my friends and say hi to them. I continue on my way. I stop to look at the community garden. I would never do any gardening there because I do a bunch at my house, but I do appreciate those who do work on it. I arrive at the inn. I walk up to the lady at the counter. I ask her to take me to room five. The lady mumbles something about yet another one, and I wonder how many other people have showed up.

"Hello?" I say as I knock on the door.

A girl opens the door. She studies me for a minute before asking "Why are you here?"

"I am here to come on this journey. If you don't mind, of course," I say.

She stares at me for a moment then calls to someone in the room.

"Hello. I am Yuki. THis is Kusa. She will accompany us on this journey. What are those packages for? Oh, please come in," Yuki says.

I come in and place the packages of food on a dusty wooden table and say, "I am Jason. I changed my name a while ago. These packages are full of food. I wasn't sure if you would want any, but I brought it just in case," I say.

"What was your name before?" asks Kusa.

"My name was Shadow Slayer. Please do not refer to me as Shadow Slayer, but Jason. Oh, you can eat if you'd like," I said.

They eat a bit of the food, but save much of it. I figure it's to save it for our journey.

"Do you have a place to stay, or would you like to stay here?" Asks Yuki.

"I live in what you call the Cupcake House. Though, if you like, I would gladly stay here," I said.

"The Cupcake House?!" asks Kusa, looking shocked. "I thought that place was abandoned and someone just tried to make it look nice so someone would buy it."

"No. Not at all. I just never removed the for sale sign. You probably noticed that I wrote an 'x' on it, though," I said with a laugh.

"Hmm. Well, stay here if you'd like. I don't really care. I would ask to stay at your place, but I worry that people won't know where to find us," said Yuki.


That concludes this part. 

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Seriously? A rich person? Could he even survive in the Woods of Kitanowa? They were the most dangerous place that had ever existed. He is half dragon, so he probably isn't as weak as other rich people. PLus, he doesn't appear to be spoiled. I told myself.

"Have you been on many journeys?" I asked Jason.

"A few, but not many," said Jason.

"Are you good at fighting?" I asked.

"I am the very best!" He said triumphantly.

"I would bet two thousand dollars that I would wins against you. But I don't have that money. Are you prepared for this journey?" I asked.

"Of course. I wouldn't have come otherwise," Jason said, looking confused.

"Good. Then you shall come with us once more people join," I said.

(From this point, if you don't want this to happen Tsuki, then this part will be ignored) 

Kusa asked me if I wanted to take a walk. I said sure and told Jason to stay here in case more people show up.

"I know you want to tell me something," I said to Kusa.

She sighed and said, "Yeah. I do."

"Well, tell me whenever," I said.

"Alright. I don't like dragons," Kusa said.

"Want to tell me why?" I asked.

"Well, it's one of the reasons I don't want Jason to come. It has to do with my past," Kusa said.


Alright! Tsuki, as I said above, that part does not have to part of the story if you don't want it to be. Since it's your character. If you don't mind keeping it in. You can tell about her past. 

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Sorry I haven't been posting, I didn't realize this had started. I'll try to post as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay. 

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Don't worry about! Just catch up on what happened and post as soon as you can.

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Hey guys? Sorry if I am rude but, PLEASE PLEASE POST SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIKE REALLY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry I'm late! 

I walk through the forest, looking for edible plants and maybe a squirrel. I hate killing squirrels, but I have to eat some meat. Cats aren't meant to be herbivores. 
I wander for a while, picking up plants as I walk, trying to keep myself from eating them right then. After a while, I realize it's starting to get dark. I look around, searching for any trees or rocks that I recongnize but finding none. I know I've been going mostly in one direction, which mean's I'm probably close to Coinshe. I don't want to go there, though. I don't like Coinshe very much. I've never been there, but my parents were from there and they abandoned me in the middle of the forest. Nikolas, the tortle who had raised me, was from a village far away. I wish I didn't have to go into Coinshe. I've never talked to anyone besides Nikolas, and he disappeared a long time ago. I take a deep breath and continue walking. The forest is a dangerous place at night. It was nighttime when Nik went hunting and never came back. I reach Coinshe as the moon starts to rise. I pull up my hood and look around. There's a bakery called the Sugar Express nearby, but I'm not hungry. As I'm walking around, looking for an inn, a poster catches my eye. Ten skilled people? I may be awful at talking to people, but I'm still good at other things-hunting, climbing trees, surviving in the wilderness. Why not? I might as well. It's not like I have much else to do. Hopefully it's not too dangerous. I find the inn mentioned on the poster and enter. 
"C-can I v-visit room f-five?" I ask the lady at the counter. She leads me to the door. Here goes nothing. I knock on the door.
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I open the door and see some weird human-cat thing standing there.

"Um, you weren't who I expected? I wish to come on your journey," Ajax says.

"I'm not the one in charge. She's taking a walk," I say.


"Yeah. Yuki is the one who is in charge. Also, Kusa is with her. Kusa will accopany us," I explain. "Come on in."

Ajax walks in and glances around.

"Are you hungry? We have a bunch of meat," I say.

Ajax nods and I get out some of the meat. Ajax sits down at the table and I give him a bit of the meat. We both eat in silence.

Finally, I say, "So, do you know what were we are retreving?"

Ajax shakes his head.

"Hmm. I wonder what it is..." I say to myself.

" don't know?" Ajax askes.

"Nope. Wish I did though," I reply.

"Hmmmm..." Ajax says. "It must be really important."

We clean up the room and wait for Yuki to come back.


I hope I did your character right pangolian.

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@Pancake, I'm good with that part being in!  (I can't post a part right now since I'm supposed to be doing homework so I have to make it quiiiiick)

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