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Um I want

Um I want to start a RP, but I have never done it before. I will start with:


Please fill it out. It might be sort of big, but please, fill it out(If you're doing this). Also, can people give me some tips on roleplay?

Name (& pronunciation):
Date of Birth (& age):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Strange Behaviors:
Education/Special Training:

Additional Notes

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(October 12, 2021 - 6:39 am)

I am adding a little bit of detail. In the backstory, I didn't describe the room. I will describe it as how it was when Yuki first arrived.


The room was large enough to hold the amount of people that I had asked for. There was a dusty, old table in a corner. There was a window above the kitchen area and I could see all the dust in the air. There was about 5 beds, each one was covered in dust. The floor had a layer of dust as well. The wallpaper was faded white and pink stripes which now looked like light gray and tan stripes. The floorboards didn't creak, but the beds were quite comfy. The Kitchen area was made out of faded checker floor, a stove, a sink, a cabnet with dishes, and some shelves with dead plants. Beside each bed in the sleeping room, there was a table with an oil lamp. The sheets were white, but looked gray.

There was a closet with a broom, so I swept up all the dust from the floor. I then washed all the sheets on the bed. I opened the window, cleaned the glass, and dusted everything else. While the sheets were drying, I polished the kitchen area. I was very tired after all that, so I fell asleep on the floor. The only thing I had forgotten to do was dust the table. But there was no chairs for it. I would buy some when I had the chance.


This post is not exactly mportant to the story, I just want to describe the room.

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(October 29, 2021 - 7:22 am)


Yuki looked at me.  "Go on."

"I don't know if I told you this already, but I used to live in an orphanage.  The abandoned one I showed you.  Me and about fifty others lived there, the youngest maybe three years younger, the oldest around five years older.  We were mostly good, I guess.  We were fed, we had our own rooms.  The orphanage wasn't that big, though, so each room was the size of a closet, with three other rooms in the house as well.

"Anyway, back to the dragons.  Well, one of the other orphans was part dragon.  Not a lot, not as much as Shadow is.  Maybe, like, a grandparent was half-dragon.  His name was Taiyo, and from the time I was four and he was six- that's when I was admitted into the orphanage- he's been a problem for me.

"At first, the orphanage was filled to the brim, and Taiyo and I had to share a room.  He always took my toys from me and ate my cookies.  Not very nefarious, I know.  But remember, he was only six at the time.

"We grew older, he got worse.  He'd take me to school buildings during summer vacation, then lock me in there.  I don't even know how he got a key!  He wouldn't come back for me, either, I had to find my own way out.  Once, I was in there for five days.  No food, no nothing.

"Then, the orphanage fell into a state of disrepair.  Our caretaker could not pay for much.  Food was scarce.  I could say something like, 'and he always took my fair share of it, he was so mean, blah blah.'" I shift uneasily.  "That wouldn't've been the whole truth, though.  We did what we had to.  I took food from everyone.  So did he."

A pause.

"A year later, when I was nine, our caretaker decided even the littlest scraps of food were too much for her to feed us.  And it just... shut down.

"Fifty orphans, no home, no money, no food.  It wasn't as hard as it sounds, though.  For two years, we'd been taking what we wanted from each other.  We knew how to survive.  Coinshe, look out, I guess.

"I did okay for a few months.  I met Kumo, my best friend.  And then- Taiyo remembered me, I guess.  Until then, the whole dragon thing was just a rumor.  I didn't believe it, nor did most of the others.  But-"

I sigh.

"He showed me his fire." I roll up my pant leg.  Just below my knee, there's a splotchy gray scar.  

"I don't even know what he wanted," I say.  "Since the orphanage shut down, no one's ever been able to beat me in a fight, if it has to come to that.  Except him."

We've circled around the block, and are walking back into the inn.  "That's why I don't like dragons."  I attempt to shake off my misgivings about my teammate.  Taiyo was just evil.  That doesn't mean Shadow has to be. 

We open the door, and I decide not to be surprised by the cat creature sitting in the room.  After all, I've had enough surprises in the last three days to last a lifetime. 

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(October 29, 2021 - 12:53 pm)

Sorry for the long post!


I sat in a small, narrow alley, sharpening my knives by the moonlight. My staff leaned against the wall, the hood of my cloak down. A tendril from the vines on the wall crept toward me and snaked itself around my wrist. I jerked my hand free, and the vine shot back as if offended. I sighed, and leaned my head back against the wall. I slipped one knife into the inside pocket of my cloak and the other into the back of my dark combat boot. Reluctantly, I grabbed my staff and stood up. I'd been evading this for too long, but I didn't want to face another failure. 

I gripped the staff in my hand so tight my knuckles turned white. It was made of smooth, sturdy wood, with a strip of fabric wrapped securely around the top where I would grab it. I stood the staff in a puddle left over from last night's rain. 

"I command you to make it rain," I said in a monotone. I expected nothing to happen, like all those other times I'd tried to use my powers. 

However, something did happen. Just not quite what I intended. 

A small funnel of wind extended from the sky, ripping the staff out of my hand. It whirled away through the alley and down the street. "No no no no!" I yelled. "Get back here!" But without the staff I was helpless to stop the small whirlwind. The only thing left to do was chase it down, because that staff had been my parent's and it was the only thing left of them I had to cling to. 

Finally, my legs were aching and my lungs were burning, and the whirlwind finally depreciated. The staff fell, clattering against the rough cobblestones. I rushed forward to pick it up, allowing myself a small moment of ease, and observed my surroundings. I was standing in front of a small inn, the Blackmill Inn. Tacked to a window was a messily hand scrawled sign, advertising a job for ten skilled people. Inquire inside, it said. 

Ten skilled people, huh? I thought while fingering the knife inside of my cloak. I pushed open the door, and was greeted by a woman working at the desk. If scowling in my general direction be considered a greeting. 

"Hello, I'm here to visit room 5? There's a sign outside and-" 

"Go ahead," she drawled, waving me down a hallway.

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I see the cat-human-thing sitting at my table and I hide my surprise. I introduce myself, explain that we are looking for a magical item, tell them that my "friend" Conner stole it, and then I hear a knock on the door. I see another teenager-aged person standing at my door.

"Hello, are you here for the journey?" I ask, accidentally sounding bored.

"Yeah. Um, can i come in?" she askes.

"Yeah, yeah. Come on in. What's your name. I'm Yuki," I say.

"I am Jiya," Jiya says.

Why are so many people teenagers? Only two of us are adults. We need more people if this is the group I am taking. I think to myself. Suddenly, I realize that I shouldn't be thinking all of these negative thoughts. I tell myself I am just tired. After we eat dinner, We go to bed.


I wake up and see Kusa sitting on the floor reading. The book was called Camsona. It's a book I brought with me. Actually, I wrote it in my free time. I always wanted it to be unfinished. Without end. I am not really sure why. It just seemed better without my ending. The ending was supposed to be that Camsona died during a battle, but I never liked it, no matter how I wrote it. So I gave up writing it.

"What are you doing?" I ask Kusa.

She glances at me and asks, "You wrote this?"

"Yeah. What do you think?" I ask.

"I think it's great. Why don't you make it a real book?" Kusa asks.

I hesitate, then say, "I can't publish an unfinished book."

"Unfinished?" Kusa asks.

"Yeah. I never wrote the ending. Actually, I did. Several times. But it never turned out how it was supposed to."

"How was it supposed to end?" Kusa asks, sonding curious.

"Well, she betrayed her friends and then they go into the final battle and Camsona watches them from a distance, regetting betraying them. Finally, she saves them. After the final boss is defeated, they forgive her. But then a lone warrior kills them, leaving them unknown to history," I say, unaware of the dreamy look on my face.

"Sounds like a great book. If you finished it," Kusa says as she turns back to the book.

"Yeah. anyways, I need to train. I need to get my powers up to speed. I'm not used to them yet," I say. After a pause, I say, "Wanna help?"

Kusa smiles and says, "Sure."


Hoping you all like it! 

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(October 29, 2021 - 6:13 pm)


I wake up and both Yuki and Kusa are gone. I don't wonder too much about where they went. I decide to go shopping for weapons and such. I find a blacksmith and order armor, swords, and bows. Also arrows. We mght need them. Suddenly, I notice Yuki and Kusa. They are far away, but my eye sight is extremely good. They are in the abandonede part of Coinshe. I hide in a building nearby and watch them. Yuki is concentrating on something. Then I notice the fire floating in front of her. Kusa is just watching her. What is going on? I didn't know Yuki had powers. She would've to- I stop myself from thinking that. She didn't tell us what we were looking for, why would she tell us this? Meanwhile, Yuki is creating things out of fire. She created rings, balls, animals, etc. I leave, not wanting them to notice me. I go back to shopping.


This concludes this part. 

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(October 30, 2021 - 8:29 am)

My Minecraft RP has started.

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Im so sorry Pancake, my mom and dad only give me two hours a week on the CB, that's why I haven't been posting here I will try to rememdy that next time...Cry In the meantime, please give me ideas for how to introduce my character?

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(October 29, 2021 - 5:07 pm)

Don't worry about posting, just post when you can. For introducing your character, bascally, just have yourself be somewhere near Coinshe (The forest [I forgot it's name] where Yuki lives, Katan [a small town near Coinshe], Rokina [a mountain range], or Seriano [a village] ) or in Coinshe. If you are not in Coinshe already, just come up with a reason why you are in Coinshe (i.e. You needed somewhere to stay for the night and Coinshe was the closest). If you are already in Coinshe, just figure out a way to see the poster (i.e. you are going shopping). I hope I was helpful!

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(October 30, 2021 - 2:37 pm)

Sorry! I have been forgeting to, um, say that it is Yuki's POV? I am not sure what it's called.


Kusa was watching me as I practiced. So far, I had tested out fire, water, air, invisiblity, and electricity. I was now practicing protection. I was protecting a blue stone. I put in the parts I wanted. The spell will last for five minutes, only I can touch it, and it will roll away from anyone else. After the spell was completed, Kusa tried to grab it. It rolled away from her. when she made it so it couldn't, she still couldn't pick it up. She was blocked by a forcefield.

"This is great! Now when you get the diamond, you can protect it!" Kusa exclaimed.

"Yeah! Now, I'm hungry. Wanna get some lunch?" I asked.

"Yeah. I know a really good place," Kusa said.

"Want to see if the others want to come?" I asked.

She hesitated but said, "Sure, but someone will have to stay back, won't they?"

"Yeah. Well, if anyone wants to stay, they can. We won't make anyone come," I said.

When we got there, we said our idea. Everyone wanted to come, except Jason (also known as Shadow Slayer). So Jason stayed behind while we went out to eat. We did have food at our room, so if he was hungry, there would be food. We did however borrow money from Jason. The restuant was called Waverly. It is on Wisten Street. The food there was wonderful. I ordered steak, Kusa ordered an herbal soup that I forgot the name of and some cherry-pecan cupcakes, Ajax ordered Berrybread and some salmon, and Jiya ordered some chicken soup. We all loved the food and chatted about random stuff.

"What do you think the weather will be?" Kusa asked.

I concentrated for a moment and said, "Sunny today, rainy tomorrow."

"Too bad. We'll have to spend this day to the fullest then. And hope we don't leave tomorrow," said Jiya.

"This salmon is delicious," said Ajax.

"I love the cupcakes! They're perfect!" said Kusa. "Wanna try one?"

"Sure," said Jiya.

"I want one!" I said.

"Go ahead," Kusa said with a laugh.

"Let's save one for Jason," said Ajax.

"Oh yeah! I'll order an extra meal for him," I said. "We'd like two salmon, some chicken legs, some honey bread, and some apple cake."

When we got it, we packed up all of our leftovers and headed out. We dropped off the food for Jason, who was cleaning up and volenteered to stay again. We then went to the community garden and helped plant some new plants. We also went watching, as I call it. Bascically, we look at things like clothes as if we are going to buy it, but we don't buy it. We did buy some stuff however, like clothes for the journey, tents, that sort of thing. We got back at dusk and filled Jason in.

"Sounds like fun," Jason said with a grin.

"Yeah! Now I wish you had come! You would of had so much fun!" said Jiya.

We went to bed shortly after, but I couldn't fall asleep. Instead, I began to write a new story. The words seemed to spring out of the paper. When I finally got tired, I went to bed.


I hope you all post soon!

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Actually, everyone, you can create one side character. If they have powers, choose one of the ones I list.


Side-Charrie Sheet






Short Description:













Here is my side character:


Side-Charrie Sheet

Name: Lord Kazuo Windsor

Age: 14

Power: Void

Likes: Horseback Riding, Swordsmanship, Being in charge

Dislikes: Being commanded, losing

Short Description: White hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Personality: Bossy, kind, strong, inteligent

Gender: Male

Backstory: He was born into a family of nobles. His family expects him to take over the family business, but he doesn't want to.


I hope to see some side characters! 

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Please post soon! Also, create a side-character as well! I want more side-characters!

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