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Um I want

Um I want to start a RP, but I have never done it before. I will start with:


Please fill it out. It might be sort of big, but please, fill it out(If you're doing this). Also, can people give me some tips on roleplay?

Name (& pronunciation):
Date of Birth (& age):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Strange Behaviors:
Education/Special Training:

Additional Notes

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Please post something soon!!! And toppppppp!

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Yes, let's make some charries for Conner's side. That's sounds great!



"So, where do we go to research it?" I ask Yuki.

"There's a small town near here with a library." She consults the map. "I'm not sure they'll let me take the spell books. but we don't have to check them out. I can just read it there."

"It's settled then." I follow her down a rocky trail. The forest is full of ominous dripping sounds, and the hike is soggy with mud, but pretty soon we get to the town and set up a camp just outsides its borders. yuki takes me and Kusa, leaving the rest to prepare dinner.

At the library, Yuki dissapears into theback shelves. Leaving her to do her thing, I wander around searching for books about Efra's Diamond. There are none.

Just then, there's a noise at the front of the library. And that's when all my limbs freeze.


Don't know where im going with this. Do whatever you want with it!

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Uh, just a notice, Shining Star, but I may end up ending it really soon. Also, I was thinking we could make charries for Conner's side cause then we could post from either side.



I hear a noise from the library doors. I draw my sword. Then a chilling presence fills the air. It's like we are coated in a unnerving fog. I slice my sword and it disappears. However, now a person stands in front of the door.

"Hmph! Pretty good for a beginner!" says the person. "I expexted less of you, Yuki!"

"Who are you?" asks Ajax.

"I am someone who knew Yuki a loooooong time ago," she answers.

Suddenly, I remember.

"Seriana!" I exclaim.

"Correct!" Seriana says.

"How do you know her?" Jason asks.

"She's my sister. We haven't seen each other for a long time. Maybe 13 years." I say.

"Wait, you have a sister? I thought only..." Kusa trails off.

"I forgot about her and she never knew her mother. seriana was adopted right after she turned 2." I answered. "Where is Seriani?"

"She's around here. She has been mad at Conner ever since he killed our adopted parents," Seriana replied.

"you mean  you have two sisters?" asks Jiya.

"Yup. they are twins," I answer.

"well, we heard you were chasing Conner, so we thought that we should try to meet up and kill him together!" said Seriani, appearing out of nowhere.

"Then come along! More people are better!" Jiya says.


I am actually thinking of changing to all capitals becuase otherwise my capitalization is awful. also, here are Seriani and Seriana's charrie sheets:



Name (& pronunciation): Seriani (Ser-i-on-i)

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species/Racial Origin: Human

Social Class/Community Status: N/A

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: yuki, conner, Efra, Seriana

Height: 7' 9"

Hair: Short, blue, curly

Eyes: green

Typical Clothing/Equipment: adventure's outfit.

Personality/Attitude: Secretitive, quiet, nice 

Skills/Talents: writing, reading, fighting

Favourites/Likes: eating, reading, seriana

Most Hated/Dislikes: Seriana

Goals/Ambitions: killing Conner

Fears: Spiders

Hobbies/Interests: writing

Additional Notes

Seriana is Seriani's twin



Name (& pronunciation): Seriana (Ser-i-on-a)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Species/Racial Origin: human

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Seriani, Yuki, Conner, Efra

Height: 7' 5"

Hair: Blonde, long, wavy

Eyes: green

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Ninja outfit

Personality/Attitude: Rude, destructive, what-do-I-care

Skills/Talents: fighting, magic, ninja

Favourites/Likes: fighting

Most Hated/Dislikes: Water

Goals/Ambitions: Killing conner

Hobbies/Interests: Fighting, tricking people

Additional Notes

Seriani's twin





If anyone wants to RP one of them, I'll let you.

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YAY! Not sure why, but I felt like saying it. I will kinda introduce the twins in their POVs.


#Seriana's POV


I walk up to Jason. He looks pretty strong.

"Wanna fight me?" I ask him.

"Why?" he says, looking confused.

"Cause I want to," I answer.

"Well, no thanks. I don't feel right fighting my comrades," He says.



I find Yuki. She is researching something, so I leave her alone. Next I find Seriani. Seriani is reading her favorite book yet again. I walk over to her.

"Hey. Let's fight!" I say.

"Hmmm?" she answers, not listening.

"Ugh! Stop reading and fight me!" I say.
"Mm-hm," she says.

"Listen to me!" I exclaim.

finally she looks at me. "What?"

"Wanna fight me?" I ask. 

"Not really..." she answers. "I want to work on my book once I am done reading."

"Well, then, teach me to read!" I say.

"Fine. But be quiet," she says.




After teaching Seriana some reading, I decide to work on my book. I don't have much done, and I need to finish it soon. I am planning to be a scribe, since not many people can write. Either that, or someone who reads messages to people. Reading and writing are not very common in this world. That's why there are very few books.

I get up and walk over to a nicer spot. The sun is behind me, giving me enough liht to work, with soft grass beneath me. I lean against the tree and begin to write.





That's all! If any of you want to RP one of them, go ahead. Anyone can RP them. 

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"Where to now?" I asked Yuki.

She gave me an annoyed look, like I'm inturupting her or something. "I'm busy."

"Just tell me where you're going!" But she had gone back to reading.

Fuming, I found Seriani (or was is Seriana?). "Do YOU know where we're going?"

She ignores me.

I went to Seriana (or was it Seriani?). "What about you?"

"Wanna fight me?" she answered.

"NO! But do you know where we're going next?" 


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Seriana likes to fight. Seriani is quiet.


#Seriana's POV


"NO! But do you know where we're going next?" asks Mark.

"I'll tell you if you fight me!" I say.

"Fineeeee," he agrees.

We fight for a bit. I win of course.

"Now I'll tell you. I have no idea," I say.

"WHAT? YOU SAID YOU KNEW!" he exclaims.

"No, I said I would tell you whether I knew or not!" I say, smirking.

"UGH!" Mark storms off. 




Reason for no one knowing where we are going next: I have no idea where we are going next! 

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Snowbush. That's where we are going next. I contacted Conner, but he only said "go away". Snowbush was not warm at all. It was a frozen wasteland. We would need coats. I slipped away and went into the clothing shop.

"Can I have 9 winter coats?" I asked.

"Sure. It's 5 silver. Or you can buy gloves, boots, and hats as well for the same price," The salesperson said.

"You mean I get 9 hats, 9 pairs of gloves, 9 pairs of boots, and 9 coats all for 5 silver?" I ask. 

"Correct! Would you like to take that deal, or leave it?" they ask.

"Taking," says a voice behind me.

I spin around. Kusa is there.

"Oh, hey," I say.

"Hey. Why are we getting this stuff anyways?" Kusa asks.

"We are going to Snowbush," I answer.

Kusa looks suprised. "Conner set up camp there?" she asks incrediously.

"Possibly. All I know is that he is currently there. Either traveling through, or building a base," I answer.

"I doubt he's setting up base since they would all freeze before long, and I doubt he traveling because he's alone. Is there any other reason he'd be there?" Kusa asks. 

There was one other reason, but I pretended to not know. "Why because he's alone?" I ask.

She rolls her eyes. "Because you never travel alone. You sleep all huddled up so that you don't freeze," Kusa says.

"Ah. well, there would be no other reasons," I say quickly.

I turn to the salesperson and pay.

"There is, isn't there?" Kusa asks, narrowing her eyes.

"I'd rather not speak about it," I say.

"Why not?" Kusa demands.

"Fine! I'l tell you somewhere else!" I say.

We go outside and find a quiet spot with no people around.

"There are magical crystals that form in snowbush. Conner may be collecting them. I would recommed collecting them if we see them, but you have to be careful. Monsters live near the crystals as the crystals give them strength. In order to kill them, we have to draw them away from the crystals," I say.

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"Ah," I say.  "What kind of magic?  Could they be used for anything, or just specific types of magic?"

((This is really short...)) 

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It's fine.



"It depends on the crystal. Some grant strength, others can grant the power to see into the future. Some crystals are so powerful that they can grant multiple powers. The crystals are usually called Quartzthau. They can only grant powers to people who have magic already," I explain.

"Wait. You said they are usually called Quartzthau, so are they sometimes called something else?" Kusa asked.

"Yes. They are sometimes called Cryserde which is when the crystal's magic can only be used once it's magic extracted and turned into pure magic. It's called SionCrys when it can give magic to anyone extracted or not. Conner is most likely after those," I say.

"So they could give magic to someone like me?" asks Kusa.

"Yup. Which is why we need to get them beFore Conner," I say.

"Alright. Let's tell everyone else," Kusa says.


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We set out, because only Jason was opposed to the journey. everyone else wanted to go, mainly because they might find a crystal that will give you magic. When we got close, we put our gear on and began trudging through the snow. I noticed a gleam of light and bent over. A Quartzthau ... Using my idenification magic, I found out that it was a concentration and control crystal. I handed it to Jiya.

"What's this for?" she asked.

"It is a concentration and control crystal. it might help your magic," i said.

Jiya glanced at it. She put it in her pocket.

"I'll test it out later," she said.

Suddenly, a hiss wafted through the air.

"A snake creature?" I said, confused. Most creatures are animals with fur.

A huge snake approched us. It stared at us for a moment. Then Mark walks towards it. I am about to tell him to get back, when the snake shrinks into a smaller snake. One small enough to hold. Mark picks it up. It definitely is Mark's pet now. Mark carries it as we go along. Then I see it. a huge crystal. Almost like a spike sticking in the ground. A creature is on it, but it is more of a shadow than a creature. We hide in a nearby cave and start a small fire deeper in.

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Apparently, I now have a pet snake.

That was pretty odd, what had happened. It was like I had willed the snake to get smaller--and it had. I'd never forget the look in its reptilian eyes as it curled around my hand. A rather disturbing thought struck me. What if I had somehow given it human characteristics?

Nah, couldn't be! I thought. Then I saw Yuki making a fire. I yelped. "Yuki! It's dangerous to make fires underground?"

"Why?" she says, annoyed. 

"They..can suck up the oxygen in inclosed spaces.." I glanced up the tunnel. It wasn't exactly inclosed but I didn't think it was a good idea. "Could you do...some kinda magic thingie? Like...make it so we always have air?"

She shrugs and does the magic thingie. It's so odd. I'll never get magic. I sit down on a boulder. "So, what now?" I ask. "Are we going to try and get that crystal? What was that shadow thing? And also, is there a way you could do a spell to track Conner?"


Sorry I haven't posted in so long!!! Also, I will not be on the CB until January. Although I may post at the odd time or two!


Star (& Mark) 

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I cannot believe this! This whole time I thought my charrie's name was Yuki. I just realized that her name is YukA!!!!!



"Well, we should try to get some crystals. But that creature out there... I have no idea what it is. however, I have an idea for your pet snake Mark," I said.

"What is your idea?" Mark asked.

"Try to make it bigger. Outside of course," I said.

"Uh, OK!" Mark said.

"Here. You can borrow my crystal," Jiya said.

"Thanks," Mark said as he took it.



I still can't believe that this whole time I had Yuka's name wrong! 

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