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Auzrivlia RP



I am starting a role-play, finally!

Auzrivlia is a story I've been working on for some time, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and it's a wee bit too similiar to some of my other stories, so I figure I'll put it out on the CB and see what happens. No-one has to join, I just figured I'd try it out...

Okay then!

Auzrivlia is a city made of gems and enclosed by a magical mountain range, so no-one can get in. Long ago it was founded by two people, Gemani and Orion (yes, named after the constellations). Gemani accidentally woke an ancient spell which endowed all her descendents with magical powers, while Orion's descendants remained normal. 

Back then, Auzrivlia was a place of welcome, with merchants and travelers coming in and out. But then an evil lord rose to power, overthrew the leaders, and closed Auzrivlia's borders. His descendants rule Auzrivlia today and use its power to take other countries. 

Here are the descendants' possibe powers, but your character can be normal, too.

Manipulator--you can make anyone do what you want, but it takes a serious physical toll.

(Note: with all these elemental powers, you can semi-control the element--but only if it wants to listen.) 

Watercurver--you can speak to water. 

Firecurver--you can speak to fire.

Windcurver--you can speak to wind (although in this case it's called singing with the wind).

Earthcurver--you can speak to the earth, plants and stones especially.

Ethercurver--you can speak to the matter of the universe.

Animspeaker--you can speak to animals.

Emoreader--you can read emotions.

Telewave--you can hear thoughts.

Telekenetic--you can move things with your mind.

Futureseer--you can see the future.

Mage: you have all these powers.

Ok, that's it, but it's worth noting that, thought the characters don't know it yet, we should keep in mind that the rulers are lying and there is a way for "normal" people to have powers. I'm not actually sure what that way is yet. And mages are mysteriously vanishing… 

One last thing: no-one knows if they have a power or not until they turn 13. 


  Be respectful of others in this roleplay.

Don't role-play overly with other people's characters, no more than is necessary for the story.

But, also, introduce twists! Fun things! Unexpected turns! Secrets! Keep things moving forward!

Of course, no-one has to join. But, as I said, this is just a fun experiment on my part!

Ok. Charrie sheet! You can be as detailed or brief as you like.


Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 





Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage):





Ok! Here’s my character. There’s no limit to characters you can create so I’ll post a few more later.


 Name: Audrun

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): turning thirteen tomorrow when this role-play begins, which let’s say will be on the 16th of October or so.

Appearance: floppy brown-black hair; blue-green eyes; wears ragged clothing on purpose; pale skin

Personality: sometimes a little cocky, very brave; wishes he’d get a cool power 

Backround: He grew up with a normal family, going to the regular school, and has a crush on Stephanie (a character I’ll post later)

Gender/pronouns: He/him

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Well, nothing yet, but he’s going to be a mage. Don’t tell him!

Strengths: Very brave and protective; also agile. 

Flaws: Sometimes accidentally hurts people’s feelings 

Other: n/a


Alright, as mentioned, this roleplay will begin on the 16th of October, assuming, of course, that my family doesn’t have any plans for then! We can also push it back to the 19th depending on how many people join—if any….:) :| ;-

I am also open to suggestions for improvement of RP quality. 


—Shining Star




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Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 14

Appearance: shaggy, dark brown hair, blue eyes, Lightly tanned skin

Personality: Quiet, rude (but not on purpose), sorta secretive

Backround: He grew up near the school, he started going to the school 2 years ago.

Gender/pronouns: he/him

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage):Telewave--you can hear thoughts.

Strengths: friends

Flaws: n/a

Other: friends with Yuyua
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I really didn't want to tell Yuyua my power because he might not have been happy that I read his mind.

I hope Stanley tells me his power soon! It's probably something really cool! I hear Yuyua think.

"I'll tell you my power, but you aren't allowed to be mad," I say to him.

"Promise!" Yuyua said.

I take a deep breath and say, "My power is Telewave."

"COOL!" Yuyua almost shouts.

I can't beleive Stanley has such a cool power! Hey, Stanley! Want to get a snack? Wait, are you listening? Yuyua thinks.

I laugh and say, "I'm listening. That sounds great."


The next day, I walk into school. It really doesn't feel like a school to me. More like a prison disguised as a palace. It's weird! I block out everyone's thoughts and sit in class. 

"Alright everyone! Settle down!" The teacher says.

"Today, we will be working a project. You will create a mini eco-system. Research the eco-system I give you. We will test them out in two weeks. You will do this in pairs."

I am paired up with Crystal. She always seemed smart, so I decided to read her mind. Then I realized I couldn't read her mind. She glared at me, as if she knew what I was thinking. I muttered a sorry and we headed to the library.

We were supposed to create a river eco-system, so Crystal started to research river plants.

"You research the animals and how they live," Crystal said.

She's so bossy. Now I wish I wasn't her partner. I thought.

Crystal glared at me again and said, "Get to work."

So I researched as much as I could take. Then I told her I was going home. She just shook her hand as if to say "go". So I did.

I ran into Yuyua on the way out.

Hey! Wanna come over? We're having pizza! Yuyua thought at me.

"Sure. Let me tell my mom." I said back to him.


Hope everyone likes it. 

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Name: Tsume

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 13

Appearance: Raven-black hair, longish, piercing grayish blue eyes, tall and lanky, pale, sharp eyebrows.  When she looks directly at you, it feels like she pierces your soul (which is not entirely innacurate as her power improves through eye contact.)

Personality: Cold and distant, curious, manipulative.  Very, very smart, especially when it comes to observations and memory.

Backround: An only child

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Telewave

Strengths: Smart, observant, good memory, quick thinker, perceptive

Flaws: Manipulative, cold, distant, nosy, distrustful

Other: Sometimes calls herself Kiki.

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The girl with brown hair turns and catches me staring. Must she read my mind like that? I smirk.  The girl- as our eyes meet, I procure her name (Celesti)- is quite nervous about what's going on in the ungifted wing.  She's jumpy, I note. Did someone die?  There, and jumps to the most drastic conclusions.  I flip through a few of her memories- yup, it seems to match.  The real answer is much less dramatic- as I tip my head, I can hear just a dramatic roar of thoughts and feelings and words, so I push everything into white noise and just focus on one mind, which comes across crystal clear.  Apparently there's been a telekinetic act in the ungifted lunch room.  I jump from mind to mind 'till I come across the kid who did it. We're not close enough for me to procure their name or pronouns, only their immediate thoughts and emotions, which are of general horror and entrapment.

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Not Kiki, Yuki

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By the way, my first RP has started. You will want to read what has happened so far.

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I woke up at home, tangled in my blankets. For a minute, just a minute, I thought it had been a dream.

But then my lamp drifted casually into the air.

I glared at it, willing it back down. It clunked to the table just as my door opened.

It was mom. “Oh, Audrun, you’re up! How do you feel? Stephanie said you fainted at school.”

I blinked, realizing that she didn’t know. I forced a laugh. “Guess I shouldn’t have skipped breakfast.”

She smiled at me. “Yes, that’s never a good idea. Shall I get you something to eat?”

I shook my head. I felt a little ill. “No. Is Stephanie still here?”

“No, dear. She went home a little while ago.”

I swung my legs out of bed and stared out the window, my heart pounding frantically.

So I’m a Mage. What was I going to do? How was I going to hide this?

Why had I ever wished for a power?



It was cool and quiet in the elevator as it carried me towards the governor’s office. I had been surprised to find the letter summoning me there, and very nervous. Why was this happening?

The elevator came to a halt, but it was only letting a few people on—including Haley! I was very surprised to see her. She, too, knew that Audrun was a Mage (along with most of the school). This intensified my concern.

The elevator finally stopped, and we stepped off together. According to Haley, she’d received the same letter summoning her to the office. “I’m worried,” she confided in me. “What if someone reported on Audrun?”

“Then why would he be summoning us?”

“We’re his friends.” Haley glanced at the doors as we walked, our footsteps thumping softly on the carpeted floor. “The Governor thinks he can get at Audrun through us, maybe.”

“Well he can’t,” I said uneasily. I didn’t like this at all.

We arrived at the door and knocked. A male voice called, “Come in.” We pushed open the door, and the governor glanced up at us. “One at a time,” he said in a clipped tone. “Haley, wasn’t it? You first.”

Haley glanced at me, fear obvious in her eyes as she stepped over the threshold. The door thunked shut behind her, and I was left standing in the empty hallway, my heart pounding so loud it imitated an earthquake.



I stood with my back against the door, staring at the governor. For such a powerful man, he was very short, with a bald head, cold eyes, and a meaningless smile.

“Hello,” he said to me. “You may be wondering why you were summoned here.”

“Yes,” I said, “I was wondering that, actually.”

“It is because of an incident observed on the school security cameras,” he intoned.

My heart almost stopped. I forced myself not to flee. The security cameras. We forgot.

            “After the drinking of the mandated mage-potion, magical activity was detected at your table, and shortly afterward Audrun Spikelet, a 13-year-old whom the records show is a friend of yours, left the table in a hurry. Later he was observed collapsing after commanding the authorities to leave. These actions seem to tell us that he is a mage, as per the potion; however, there is no proof of this. So, tell me—” He leaned towards me. “Is Audrun a mage?”

I glared at him. “No, he’s a nongifted; not that I would tell you if he was! We all know that every mage in recorded history has disappeared.”

He glared, but then his expression softened. “What if I told you that I could give you a magical ability?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Nonetheless, my heart sped up. “No-one can give magic to a non-gifted.”

“That’s not true,” he said. “It is a closely-guarded secret, but everyone is born with a magical power. We just activate it in certain people.”

My mouth fell slightly open. The revelations were spinning wildly through my mind. I stumbled back. “But that’s not fair!” I didn’t care that I was being very rude to the authorities. “Not fair at all!”

He smiled. “Life is never fair.”

Hot anger was shooting through my veins. “No. No way. Audrun is a non-gifted. And people are going to know about this!” I turned and stormed towards the door, but his voice slithered after me.

“I hope you know to stay silent, miss Haley. Because if you don’t, it would be very bad for you…and your family.”

Too furious to respond, I ran out past Stephanie and into the elevator. Auzrivlia wasn’t what I’d thought it was. Not at all.



Thank you, everyone! Your characters are so well-written. How shall we meet eachother?


Shining Star


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I think there should be a dance and we have to ask other people to be our partner to the dance.


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||((momentarily forgets my character's name)) Celesti||

After a lot of gossip and a little emoreading, I find out more about the Nongifted Incident.  Apparently, a boy named Audrun caused a commotion in the lunchroom when he supposedly lifted a tray telekinetically.  Lots of people are claiming they saw him growing plants, reading minds, and lots if other fun stuff.  In short, word on the street is he's a mage.

I'm betting the whole thing's fake.  I know the Nongifted Incident was definitely real, I heard it happen.  But, it being Audrun, a Nongifted?  Unlikely enough- but with so many claims to his multiple powers, I'm more convinced it must've been one of the Gifted pranking someone.  It sounds like one of those rumors backed up by a seedling of truth and a whole lot of lies.  A Nongifted, suddenly developing powers, and those powers being a mage, after all of them disappeared?  Ridiculous.

Still, it was right after the poison juice...

Though that'd make it more fun to be a prank.  Though, I couldn't hear any mischeif or laughter coming from anyone's mind.


Celesti's mind is whirling in circles, I can hear it a few blocks away if I focus.  It's a little blurry, like radio static, but comprehensible enough.  She thinks the whole thing's fake.  I snort.  If this was normal gossip, like who kissed who and who's getting expelled, chances are, it would only be a silly rumor.  But this was no normal gossip.  This was potentially world-changing.  I'd seen into the one- Audrun's- mind, anyway; he was definitely a mage. 

Where to go from here, hm, that's a different story.  Keep an eye Audrun, find out anything I can from him.   Track the rumors, like usual; they give insight to the situation, social structure and personalities of everyone partaking, since with my gift I can see right through to the truth.  I'll need to listen to the guards, teachers, and any other authority figures, too.  They'll be given more information from a legal standpoint than the students.  Though, the higher-ups in the city have been taught some sort of mental blocking.  I can puncture it, sometimes, but it takes a lot of concentration, time, and level-headedness.  It won't be easy, though I typically tell strangers I'm an Emoreader, or if it's someone I'll never be around for years and years at least I'm Nongifted, so they might be more relaxed around me.


Thanks, Shining Star!  We could probably do something where over the course of a few days there's a scene at lunch, where our characters get to know one another.  That'd only be Gifted meeting Gifted and (not-so-)Nongifted meeting Nongifted, so we'd have to figure something else out too... 

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NOOOOOOOOOO! There should be a dannnnnnnnnnncccccceeeeeee. Sorry, I just really want a dance.


Stanley is such a jerk. How dare he try to read my mind! I think as I leave the school. Luckily, I have had practice, so no one can read my mind. It's great.


The Next Day

I walk into the school and see Stanley and some 13 year old talking together. I have figured out from their thoughts that the strange one is Yuyua. I don't like him already.

I do a whole lot of tests, then finally, it's lunch. I sit alone, as usual. I don't care that I sit alone. I find sitting with people annoying. I block out everyones thoughts and eat lunch in peace.


I still think we should do a dance. It will be ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn! I don't mean to say that your idea won't be fun, I just really really really want to do a dance.

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The dance idea sounds good!  


I wake up early next morning- too early-- and still end up getting to school late.  I can feel the frustration steaming off my mother-  a telekinetic- as she pushes my backpack and lunch with me.  I'm pretty irritated myself.  Why can't I just sleeeeep todaaaaay...

Hard as it is, I finally get to school ten minutes after the bell rings and slide into my seat.  The room is strangely chatty today. I sense excitement coming off most of the students.  A lot of flirtatiousness, too, and nervous anticipation. 

My stomach growls- I never did get to eat breakfast today.  I lean over to ask the person next to me what the buzz is all about when the teacher hushes us.


Celesti's late.


My skin pricks with irritation at how a person could be so unpunctual.  Late again, late again, Celesti's brain squawks.  Ugh, everybody's- I can feel her mind stop and correct itself.  She was thinking, Everybody's looking at me again... but few people were.  Today, the room was all chatter.  I step away from her mind (which was embarrassed further at assuming she was the center of attention) and take a look at the others.  About half of them were talking about the Mage.  The other half, I note as I listen to the bubbly mind of a girl with a serious crush, are talking about something new.


Class is over, and nobody paid any attention.

There was the normal suffocating cloud of boredom that lay around the room, but the other emotions remained, more prominent than usual.  I noticed more whispers and more notes.  Finally, going to lunch, I see a poster on the wall, decorated in colorful oranges and browns, pictures of pumpkins and apples and mugs and a couple kissing enthusiastically, which- if you ask me- is a bit much, considering it was placed in the hallway of classes for 12-13 year olds.

Fall Dance!

Come join us for our school's Co-Ed Annual Autumn Auzrivlia Academy Dance!  (I snort.). Bring your prettiest duds and an additude of fun- and maybe even a fellow student along...

Admission is three (insert Auzrivlian currency roughly equivalent to a dollar).  You may not bring your own snacks, unless you have an allergy, because food and drink will be provided there.  We will be serving apple cider, punch, water, chips, pumpkin pie and an assortment of candy.  Make sure to eat healthy after the party is over.  Power use is strictly prohibited for students who have the choice.  The dance will be located outside on school grounds.

The theme is Nature!  We hope to see you there!

Co-Ed cofused me for a minute, since why would it be necessary to specify that?  Then I realize Co-Ed usually means Gifted and Nongifted alike here at the school.

It sounds fun to me, though I won't bring a date.  I decide to come.


All this excitement over a dance?  I roll my eyes. The normal relationship gossip is fueled double-time, and the constant buzzing is annoying my mind.  To minimize it, I bring only one mind to the foreground- someone sleeping a few doors down.  It's relaxing for a moment, until the person starts having a nightmare.  I pull away and magnify my own mind, but that's the hardest. and I don't like being alone with my own thoughts.  I sigh, focusing at last on the mind of someone telling a story to his friends.  I listen for awhile, then let it be backround noise like soft music or someone reading their kids a bedtime story from the next room.

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Sorry for not responding sooner Shining Star. I didn't see your comment. Okay! Do you remember the story I posted under StoryTeller? It's now called S.M.S.E and I believe (very sadly) that it is on the second page of inkwell! I need lots more ideas! Tons of ideas! My friends' original plan was just to think of scary stuff and turn it in to a story, but so far, we haven't been able to get past chapter one. Actually, part one of chapter one. Please post ideas on it, and you can even post ideas for the rest of the chapter!

Also I have noticed that Yuyua, Audrun, and Stanley are the only boys in this RP.

A dance? Well, I will wait for someone to ask me to the dance. I will go to the dance anyway, but I will only go with someone if they ask me. I will not go with Stanley however. I am still quite mad that he tried to read my mind.


I really want someone to ask me to the dance. 

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@Pancake I said the thing about meeting each other at lunch 'cause your post hadn't gone through 'til I had already posted mine.

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Yeah, I noticed that way after I had posted it. your idea was cool though!

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The next day, I loitered in the hallway, hoping nobody would notice me.

I was in luck. The poster had just gone up declaring the upcoming ball, and the buzz of excited chatter echoed over the school. I could still see curiosity about the mysterious mage in the backs of people’s minds, but the ball had pushed to the forefront.

I leaned on the doorway of the lunchroom, searching for Haley. Alas, I saw her nowhere, nor Stephanie. I stretched out my mind in search of them—their thoughts, I was learning, had a distinctive feel—and eventually came across them in a corner of the room. They seemed to be arguing.

As I approached, they fell silent.

I frowned. “What’s up?”

“Audrun!” squeaked Haley. “You shouldn’t have come.”

“What on earth do you mean?”

“They scanned the security feeds. They think it’s you but they need conformation! They asked us to confirm it! Of course we didn’t. But..” She trailed off, glancing up at a rotating security camera, and bit her lip.

“Not here.”

“Later,” I muttered. “At home.”

We quickly switched to talking about the ball. “Who are you going to ask?” I inquired of Haley.

Her eyes sparkled.

“I’m more interested in your answer to that question,” she informed me.

I shrugged. “Stephanie?”

Stephanie jumped. “You really buy into this ball stuff?”

Glaring at her, I dragged a piece of paper out of my pocket while saying loudly, “Of course I do! It’s a way to connect with gifted people.” Pulling out a pencil nub, I swiftly scrawled, We are trying to act take suspicion off us, guys.

            Her eyebrows jumped. “Oh. Ohhhhhhhhh. In that case, I would LOVE to go to the ball with you. TOTALLY.”

I rolled my eyes. Too obvious. Just then, the bell rang, trilling out loudly, and Stephanie broke away and hurried towards the other bridge. I watched her show her ID to the guards, then disappear through the doors.



I had never been inside the nongifted side of the school, but I guessed it was a lot less grand than this side.

White pillars rose up from each side of the hall way, and stone gargoyles crouched on marble platforms.  The floor beneath my feet was carved with intricate patterns, no doubt done by magic. My footsteps clacked on the stone as I walked.

My thoughts drifted to the autumn ball. Even though it had been an act for the cameras, my heart fluttered when I thought of going with Audrun. Could it mean that he—I shut off my thoughts as I noticed one of the Telewaves snickering at me.

Gritting my teeth, I turned away. Then panic shot up my spine. Telewaves. They could hear my thoughts about Audrun and his—

I turned and began to run, as if that would do anything. I twisted my thoughts to, bizarrely, fluttering green grass, and kept them there until I was in my classroom.

I slammed the door and slumped to the desk. My heart was pounding absurdly loud. I would need to figure this out, and fast.



I leaned against the doorway of the history classroom, staring at the back of Mike’s head. I wondered if he would ever take me to the ball. Probably not.

Turning away, I walked slowly down the hall, my head spinning. The whole world was a lie. Every one of the children in this school could have a power if they wanted to. But why? Why did only some of the families get chosen? It wasn’t fair.

I wandered into the library and stood at the base of the chipped stairs. There were some history books here, of course;  they stuck to the lies. But nothing about Gemini and Orion, nothing more than a few sentences about tyranny and how the government had ‘saved’ us.

A thought quickened my heartbeat.

Stephanie had mentioned the forbidden section in the library on her side of school. She said that once some people had tried to sneak into it and had never been seen again. My fingers twitched with excitement.

The answers must be there.

The true history of Auzrivlia.

It was decided. I would sneak in there on the night of the Ball, when everyone was distracted, and I would find out what our world was hiding, once and for all.



Eek! Be careful, Haley!


Audrun was always my main character, but Haley ended up being my favorite. She’s so bouncy and determined. I enjoy writing from her perspective.

Ok, now time for Wings of Fire…




—Shining Star

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