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Auzrivlia RP



I am starting a role-play, finally!

Auzrivlia is a story I've been working on for some time, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and it's a wee bit too similiar to some of my other stories, so I figure I'll put it out on the CB and see what happens. No-one has to join, I just figured I'd try it out...

Okay then!

Auzrivlia is a city made of gems and enclosed by a magical mountain range, so no-one can get in. Long ago it was founded by two people, Gemani and Orion (yes, named after the constellations). Gemani accidentally woke an ancient spell which endowed all her descendents with magical powers, while Orion's descendants remained normal. 

Back then, Auzrivlia was a place of welcome, with merchants and travelers coming in and out. But then an evil lord rose to power, overthrew the leaders, and closed Auzrivlia's borders. His descendants rule Auzrivlia today and use its power to take other countries. 

Here are the descendants' possibe powers, but your character can be normal, too.

Manipulator--you can make anyone do what you want, but it takes a serious physical toll.

(Note: with all these elemental powers, you can semi-control the element--but only if it wants to listen.) 

Watercurver--you can speak to water. 

Firecurver--you can speak to fire.

Windcurver--you can speak to wind (although in this case it's called singing with the wind).

Earthcurver--you can speak to the earth, plants and stones especially.

Ethercurver--you can speak to the matter of the universe.

Animspeaker--you can speak to animals.

Emoreader--you can read emotions.

Telewave--you can hear thoughts.

Telekenetic--you can move things with your mind.

Futureseer--you can see the future.

Mage: you have all these powers.

Ok, that's it, but it's worth noting that, thought the characters don't know it yet, we should keep in mind that the rulers are lying and there is a way for "normal" people to have powers. I'm not actually sure what that way is yet. And mages are mysteriously vanishing… 

One last thing: no-one knows if they have a power or not until they turn 13. 


  Be respectful of others in this roleplay.

Don't role-play overly with other people's characters, no more than is necessary for the story.

But, also, introduce twists! Fun things! Unexpected turns! Secrets! Keep things moving forward!

Of course, no-one has to join. But, as I said, this is just a fun experiment on my part!

Ok. Charrie sheet! You can be as detailed or brief as you like.


Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 





Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage):





Ok! Here’s my character. There’s no limit to characters you can create so I’ll post a few more later.


 Name: Audrun

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): turning thirteen tomorrow when this role-play begins, which let’s say will be on the 16th of October or so.

Appearance: floppy brown-black hair; blue-green eyes; wears ragged clothing on purpose; pale skin

Personality: sometimes a little cocky, very brave; wishes he’d get a cool power 

Backround: He grew up with a normal family, going to the regular school, and has a crush on Stephanie (a character I’ll post later)

Gender/pronouns: He/him

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Well, nothing yet, but he’s going to be a mage. Don’t tell him!

Strengths: Very brave and protective; also agile. 

Flaws: Sometimes accidentally hurts people’s feelings 

Other: n/a


Alright, as mentioned, this roleplay will begin on the 16th of October, assuming, of course, that my family doesn’t have any plans for then! We can also push it back to the 19th depending on how many people join—if any….:) :| ;-

I am also open to suggestions for improvement of RP quality. 


—Shining Star




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Sorry Shining Star, but I don't think I will use your charries you made for me! Sorry again!


I see some people standing not too far away. I attempt to read one of their minds, and find out that the boy is called Audrun and a mage. Like me. Well, that's great. He also knows I'M a mage. Ugh! I block them out of my mind and block my powers from being sensed. It works! Audrun is confused and the others can't read my mind. Wonderful! I walk over to the doors and wait there. I take out my notepad, and I start drawing.


Hope this is OK. Also, Hana says {oyaaa} What's wrong Hana? I think I can understand her for this. I mean, it's pretty clear.

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Spots are now closed to new participants. The people we have are: Celesti (emoreader); Tsume (telewave); Brooke (animspeaker); Ruby (mage); [although Brooke and Ruby have yet to reply]; Crystal (mage); Yuyua (ethercurver); Stanley (telewave); Audrun (mage); Haley (non-gifted…so far); Stephanie (manipulator); and Michael (telekinetic). That’s eleven characters.


Dismayed, I gazed after Crystal. What happened? She’s blocking me from her mind. I was confused. Maybe I imagined her thoughts? No, she’s definitely a mage. But was she trustworthy?

I rubbed my forehead and prodded the ground with my foot. Stephanie was chatting with Celesti, who is staring at me. A quick glance into her mind told me she was wondering if I really am a mage. I smile at her, and she leaps back and looks away.

He caught me staring, she was thinking.

I glanced at the other girl-Tsume-and felt an odd wave pass between us. Our eyes met. I shivered and moved closer to Stephanie. I stared at Tsume. For some reason, I think she knows my secret…



Audrun was staring at Tsume. I wondered why, then realized he must be looking at her telewave pin. Is she hearing my thoughts right now? Go away! I thought at her. She jumped, then smirked. I turned back to Celesti.

“So, what do you think about mages?” I asked Celesti casually.



The secret library was small and spooky. The walls curved around me in a claustrophobic manner, and bookshelves sat in lines. On the walls, more gargoyles snarled from their perches, burning torches clamped in their jaws. I turned away and began walking along the shelves. The titles made me shiver.

A Thousand Ways to Make a Poison. I stare at it. There are a thousand ways to make a poison?

I keep walking and eventually come across the titles I’m looking for:

Mages; Power to those who Deserve it; the Rebellion; the Experiment. I slide these and several other books off the shelves, then tuck them into my bag. Then i head for the door, unwilling to remain in that room any longer.

On my way down the short hall to the door, I notice something I hadn’t before: a skeleton.

I yelp and leap back, my heart pounding. Surely it’s fake. a trick. But I don’t believe myself.

Steeling myself, I hurry past the skeleton and step up to the door. I swipe the librarian’s card again and punch in Mage.



Believing I’d misspelled it, I typed in Mage again.


I swallowed my fear. There was only one explanation: the password must be different.

“Very well,” I murmured. “All I can do is try.”

I typed in, Gargoyle.


With a terribly final click, the door sealed.

I turned around as a soft hum echoed through the room. The nearest gargoyle’s yellow eyes, glowing ominously,  seemed to follow me as I backed up.

I ran back to the door and slapped my hands against the cold metal. It didn’t open.

Behind me, there was a hiss, like that of a cat, only louder.

A low growl echoed through the shadows.



Can you guess what happened?


So where are we all going with this? What’s your ideas? All I know is the government is experimenting on mages to try and harness their power.


—Shining Star


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"M-Mages?" Red-faced, I harden my gaze to avoid staring at Audrun again.  "Well, they're really cool, I guess... but I don't really know anything about mages..."

Does Audrun know I know/think/doubt he's a mage?  Hah, of course he does, one of the mage powers is telewave.

If he really is one, which isn't guaranteed.

But if he is, he's listening to everYTHING GOING ON IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW AHHHHH

"ANYWAY," I say hurriedly to Stephanie.  "Uh.  Did you try any of the cupcakes yet?"

She raises an eyebrow at me.   


Agressive, I huff silently at Stephanie.  I walk away, trying to find a group of people more... calming.

A spike of fear hits me, and I clutch my head.  It's relatively far away, so that I can barely make out words.  B-but- the password was Mage!  What am I gonna do... am I gonna get arrested?  Are they going to expel me?  What will happen to Audrun?


What should the government's motive be?  World domination is a classic. 

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When is world domination not happening in things this? I will post some more from Stanley's POV.




I walk into the dance. I notice Crystal next to the door. I think about reading her mind, but as soon as I think it, she glares at me. I walk in and glance around. Some boy is acting really weird. I think his name was Audrun or Audrie or something. I don't really care. I grab a whole bunch of snacks and devour them. Yuyua comes in and waves to me. I wave back. He is here with some girl. Don't know her name. I watch everyone. It's one of my hobbies, actually. My attention is drawn to the boy again. I hear so many thoughts that I have to tune out. It was so loud in his head. The only words I could make out was "What if they know", "mage", and "they listening". I ponder these for a while before I can put them together. He is a mage. Now I wonder what I should I do. I could turn him in, or keep quiet. I decide to keep the secret for a little longer.

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Yes, world-domination it is! At any rate, I need one of your characters to rescue Haley since she's non-gifted, but first I need to have her fight the gargoyles a bit...oops, spoiler alert! And Pancake, it'd be good for your character to turn Audrun in if you like, (it'd be a good way for the story to begin moving) but they would need a bit of a better reason than spite or whatever... Not to dictate what you do. TO THE POINT--! 



I felt a slice of fear stab through my head. It felt far away, the thoughts hard to pick up. However, I recognized the feeling of the mind and shivered with dread. It was Haley.

But before I could alert Stephanie, the feeling moved too far away for me to hear it and I wondered if I’d heard it at all.

Nonetheless, I felt nervous. The twinkling lights seemed to me like glowing eyes in the shadows. I turned away nervously, just in time to hear Stephanie’s reckless question and Celesti’s nervous answer. I stomped over.

“No, we did NOT try the cupcakes,” I announced loud enough for Celesti to hear. “In fact, I think we’ll go try them now.” I grabbed Stephanie’s arm and dragged her towards the table.

“I’ll come!” Celesti chirped. I groaned inwardly. What does she want? She smiled demurely at me. I hustled Stephanie away and whispered in her ear, “Don’t ask people what they think about mages! They might wonder why you’re asking, or worse, suspect you.”

“You’re right,” she said. “It was stupid of me, but I hopes we might have an ally in her if I could only find where she stood on the issue.”

I hesitated, then nodded. “Very well, just tread carefully.”

“I always tread carefully, Audrun,” she said softly. “Always.”



The lights went out, but I was spooked to discover an ominous glow still illuminated the tiny room. The growl rumbled again, followed by the screech of talons on stone. A dark shape appeared in my vision, blocking out the glow, and hurled itself at me.

With a sharp exclamation, I flung my hand up to block it. It smashed into me, making pain stab through my wrist, and I found to my shock that it was stone. A boulder, then? But the shaped looked so much like…

The light behind it flared, illuminating the face of the snarling creature.

It was, without a doubt, a gargoyle.

I bit back a cry and dodged away from it, swinging my book bag at it. It promptly dug its very impressive teeth into the fabric and pulled.

The bag split straight down the center.

I swallowed my fear and backed towards the door, fumbling wildly through the bag for something to defend myself with. There was nothing. I tripped over something—the skeleton—and crashed back against the wall.

I felt something sharp slash along my leg and glanced over at it. It was a ruby-hilted dagger. I scooped it up and slashed it at the gargoyle, chipping the stone on its nose. “Take that!”

It just growled.

I glared right back and stabbed the dagger, shattering its thin talons. It simply spread its horrendous wings and flapped at me, eyes flaring sharply in the light.

I gulped. Apparently, it didn’t feel pain. I’ll have to kill it, then. Would that even work?

I had to try. I grabbed the biggest book and swung it at the gargoyle. It promptly shattered into a thousand pieces. I had a brief moment to grin in satisfaction before ten more gargoyles launched themselves from the shadows and descended on me with shrieks of rage.



Well, that's that! See you all later. Much later.*


*Back to the Future reference. 

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Sorry if this offends anyone, but I don't like Back To The Future. I don't hate it, but I definitly don't like it.



To be honest, I couldn't think of a good reason to turn Audrun in. The only reason I could find was because that's what your supposed to do. I don't think I know any mages... Suddenly, Crystal pops into my head. She had acted really weird when I asked her about her powers. She said, "Nothing good comes of my powers, so just forget it." She had sounded bitter. Maybe she was a mage! But I couldn't be sure.

Then I noticed Audrun heading towards the snack table practically dragging a girl behind him. I don't know what to do, so I zone in on the girl's mind. I found out that she is Audrun's friend, so I didn't need to worry. Then I decide to try something. I would have tried it with Yuyua, but he isn't here. So I try it. Using as much energy as I can put into my power, I attempt to send a message to Audrun:

If you can hear this, I want you to know something. I know you're a mage.


That's all for now. Basically (I use this term a lot!), Stanley sent a message to Audrun's brain. You decide if it works. 

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I’m glaring at Stephanie when I hear it.

If you can hear this, I want you to know something. I know you’re a mage.

            My pulse jumps to twice its normal level and I swallow back a scream. Forgetting Stephani for a minute, I scan the room, my eyes leaping from one Telewave to the next. I swallow hard, wondering if the message was a subtle threat.

Who are you? I think back.

The answer comes immediately, though it’s preceded by a Wow that worked! Then, Stanley. My name is Stanley.

            I notice a boy watching me weirdly and home in on him, then send the person a message with the picture of the boy. Is this you? I feel compelled to add, If it is, your shirt’s untucked.



Haha. Didn’t I say Audrun sometimes accidently hurt people’s feelings? he’s very blunt! CAPTCHA says Ewndz

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I think at Audrun, Yup! That's me! Great! Okay. Let me think. I need to learn how to fully use this. Like how to close it and open it.

The reply is quick: Yeah, otherwise this will be open full time. You basically opened a path between our minds. Hang on.


Kay. I just said "can you hear me?" Did you?

I answer, Nope, nothing. I have to go.

I leave the dance and wonder what other secret abilities I have. 


Sorry for the short post! I have to go to bed! 

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Why does every single telewave want to read my mind? Every time one of them passes me, they try to read my mind. WHY? I annoys me so much! I decide to talk to Audrun. No point in avoiding him anymore. I walk over to him and say, "I'm Crystal. You're Audrun right? The one everyone is suspecting?"

"What are you talking about?" He asks.

"Well, rumor has it that your a mage. Also, if you want to try the cupcakes, take the ones wtih confetti cake and raspberry frosting," i say.

"Okayyyyyyy..." He says looking at me weirdly.

I open my mind for a moment to him and think, Don't ever think about reading my mind!

He glances at me, and I know he heard it. He tries the cupcakes I suggusted.

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I’m bemused and somewhat alarmed. Does everyone know, think, and believe I’m a Mage?

            I made my way over to Stephanie and whispered in her ear: “Stanley and Crystal both know what I am.” Alarm jumped into her expression.

“ah, no,” she muttered. “You need to hide!”

“That’ll look even more suspicious. Besides, I don’t think either of them are going to turn me in.” I tilted my head and gazed at Crystal, who stared back defiantly. “In fact…” I lowered my voice. “I’m pretty sure Crystal is a mage too.”

Her eyebrows jump. “What? How did she escape detection?”

I smiled at Crystal. “I don’t know, but I intend to find out.”

I tried to do what Stanley did—reach out with my mind. As strongly as I could, I thought at Crystal, It’s me, Audrun…can you hear me?



“Whoah!” I leaped away from the snarling gargoyles, swinging the dagger. It struck the one in the lead, and the blade splintered on the stone. I was defenseless.

With nothing else to do, I raced through the gargoyles, shouting defiantly, and plunged into the shelves, where there were shadows to hide me. I heard the squeal of claws on stone as the gargoyles took flight and shot towards me.

Moving as quickly as I could while still being quiet, I picked up a bundle of books and flung them over the shelf, making a heavy thunk a few isles away. the gargoyles all veered towards it, and I crammed myself into the space where the books had been. There I lay, my heart pounding, hoping against hope that I looked like a row of books.




I need one of your characters to rescue Haley! Please!!! (But if no-one has by this Saturday, the 20th, I’ll have her rescue herself—somehow.)

Btw, Pancake, I haven't watched Back to the Future, it's just that my dad says the quote all the time so I've picked up on it.

CAPTCHA says: drpuf. Dear Puff? 

--Shining Star 

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I hear Audrun's voice.  It’s me, Audrun…can you hear me? I think, Yes, but I don't care. Yes, i know you're a mage. If you want, i can teach you to keep people out of your mind!

I would love that! Where should we meet? comes the reply.

I think back The woods every saturday we can. How's that?


I walk towards the door. I am so done with this party. Everything I worked to keep secret is falling apart! Well, they were bound to find out eventually.

I walk outside and take a deep breath. The air is bitter and sweet at the same time. I walk ome and enjoy the air.


By the way, I don't mind that you had Audrun find out that Crystal is a mage. And before I finish: TOPTPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOP

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P-Password?  What password?

I look further into the terrified mind.  Her name's Haley, and she's nongifted.

Actually, she- she-

What?  No, that didn't make any sense.  That would mean that anybody could be gifted.  Anybody at all.

That would also mean that the government chose us.  How?  No, I know how.  At random, wasn't it?  Or maybe for a price, or good friends' relatives.  Typical.  Just typical. 

Hide from the gargoyles- hide from the gargoyles-


She could be stark raving mad, as well.  Either her world was turned upside down or Haley was insane.

Tsume needed to find out more, however.  She wanted to find this girl.

H-hey.  The- the chilly one?

Who was that?

Hi, it's me, Celesti.  Ah.  Of course.  The thought was woven into excited anxiousness, Celesti's default emotion.

What's going on?  I heard the panic and I heard your confusion and shock and stuff- a little bit of glee about knowing the chilly smart girl's emotions.  A sharp flicker of annoyance passed through Tsume.  But- but I don't know what's going on.  Are they okay?  Whoever it was?

"I have to go," I say to no one in particular, rushing out of the room.

Hey, I'm coming with you!

A pause.  Okay?

Inexperienced Celesti.  Underconfident as well.

"I got it," I say nonchalantly.

Before the next stream of thoughts can even begin, I say, "and I'm not putting up a cool girl act or feel the need to be alone or whatever else you think I am.  You'll just interfere, Celesti."

A bunch of angry, apologetic and embarassed thoughts, all woven into a ball.  Plus a humiliatig childhood memory while Celesti worried about me hearing all her private thoughts.

"Relax.  I'm not interested in your thoughts.  Just let me go figure it out."

Oh. Okay.

She wants to come with me, but she's staying behind.

Exasperated, I whip around.

"Celesti!  You realize you're always doing that?  Selling yourself short, never interacting with others, one dismissive word, one mistake and you shrink away?  It's getting on my nerves.  STOP."


B-but everybody- I'm so clumsy and I can hear people f- stop, Celesti.  She can hear you, Celesti.  She can here you TALKING RIGHT NOW AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

So I can come with you?

"NO!" I realize what I've done.  Now she's going to come.

Okay. She follows behind me at a quick pace, and trips on her dress.

More waves of anxiety.



Tsume's whisking me down passages and hallways and corridors, entering passwords into locks I didn't know existed, turning corners as if she grew up here. ((She's pulling the directions out of Haley's mind!))  "We're here," she finally says. 

She yeets open the door.

A girl I've never seen before turns and looks at us.

"Oh, um, hi."

Several stone monsters descend from the ceiling.

"THE WHO WHAT NOW-" I shriek. 

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I could hear my own ragged breathing as I crouch behind the shelves. Suddenly, a gargoyle shrieked above me, triumphant. It was only after I was running that I realized it was a fake signal to get me to run. I’d walked right into it!

Too late to fix the mistake. I bolted down the hall, smacking my hands against the door. It doesn’t open. the error message flashed over and over. Then bright green text rolled across the screen.


I jumped back, surprised. then I realized someone must be coming through from the other side. If it was a teacher or the librarian, I decided, I’d knock them out. I seized my heaviest book and raised it over my head.

The door creaked open. Two girls stood framed in the doorway. One had silvery hair and purple eyes, a nervous expression on her pale face. The other is more rough-looking, her dark hair shadowing her gray-blue eyes. She was tall, taller than me, with sharp eyebrows. I backed up.

“Oh,” I said. “Um…hi?”

With snarls, the gargoyles descended from the ceiling.

“THE WHO WHAT NOW?” the purple-eyed girl yelped.

“Gargoyles,” I answered grimly. “They’re trying to eat me. Hold on. I need to get the books.”

“Books? Are you crazy?” the dark-haired girl said archly. “We need to get out of here.”

“They’re evidence. I need them to save Audrun.” I didn’t care that they’d find out the secrets. “Just—y’know—hold them off. Distract them. Whatever.” Before they could protest, I raised the heavy book and smashed the nearest gargoyle, shattering it into a million pieces. “Do it like that.” Then I raced into the recesses of the library.

“Come on, come on,” I whispered, searching for the books I’d dropped. behind me, I heard purple-eyes shriek, “AAAGH IS THAT A SKELETON?!”

“Shut up and fight!” came the dark-haired girl’s answer.

I gathered up the books and crammed them into my bag. Speeding down the hall, I saw the girls back to back, swinging at the furious gargoyles with heavy-looking books. I whipped by, seized the books, stuffed them away, and kicked open the door. “RUN FOR IT!”

The gargoyles shrieked as we ran and swooped out after us. “Oh no,” I muttered. Now there was only one option if we didn’t want to be responsible for the destruction of the school. I dropped my bag, turned to the wall, and wrenched one of the decorative spears that ringed the doorway off its hook.

“We have to kill them.”



I'll be back on Saturday! --Shining Star 

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I leaned against the wall, feeling a little dizzy. Maybe I danced too much. Closing my eyes, I release the iron grip I’d placed on my powers. Other people’s emotions roared through me, along with hundreds of angry, happy, flirtatious, sad, and gleeful thoughts. Crystal’s leaving. I felt a flash of uncertainty. She wasn’t going to betray me, was she—?

My thoughts were cut off by the crackly of the loudspeaker.


My heartbeat jumped to twice its normal speed. Everyone in the immediate vicinity turned to stare at me. I gulped and looked at Stephanie. Her eyes were wide with horror.

Someone turned you in. I could hear her thoughts from all the way across the room.

I looked around as casually as I could manage (which frankly wasn’t very casually), searching for an escape route. The room was thick with people. I couldn’t get through them fast enough. I bit my lip as Stephanie approached.

“You need to hide,” she whispered.

I shook my head. “How? I could never leave without being seen!”

She gave a low breath. Her hands were shaking. I sighed.

“Stephanie, go home.”

She looked up, shock on her face. “Wha—”

“Go home,” I repeated. “I won’t have you caught up in all this.”

“What? No!”

I sighed. “Don’t make me make you!”

She stopped, realization in her eyes. “You wouldn’t—”

“If it means keeping you safe I would. If you won’t leave, at least go to the other side of the room. Don’t let anyone see you with me. Please. I don’t know what I’ll have to do to get out of here.” Without waiting for an argument, I spun on my heel and sprinted towards the door. Crystal! I projected my panicked thoughts into her mind.

She was halfway across the bridge when she stopped. Audrun?

            Yes. I’m about to get caught. Can you wait outside? I might need your help.

            I could feel her reluctance. I guess I could…

            Please, I said, hating to beg. You’ve been a mage longer than I…I still don’t have full control over my powers.

            Fine, she mentally huffed. I’ll wait. But I’m not getting myself caught for you.

            Fair enough.

            Breaking the connection, I turned and walked at what I hoped was a normal pace to the door, past the bored guards, and into the hallway beyond. It was lit with sparkling lights, but I didn’t really care.

The walk was long and silent. I had plenty of time to run through and toss all possible plans. I’ll just have to use my powers.

            The stairs to the Principal’s office had never felt longer. Sure, I’d been there before—I’d never been the strictest rule follower.  But this time I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong.

It’s not fair, I fumed inwardly. I didn’t want to become a Mage!

            But I was.

It’s not my fault.

            My steps slowed as I reached the top of the stairs. The Principal’s office was, of course, emblazoned with the phrase, “Power to those who deserve it.” I stared at the words for so long they shimmered before my eyes.

Do I deserve it?

            Sighing, I raised my hand to knock on the door. Before I could, it swung softly open.

Inside the office, as I’d feared, was not the Principal, but several guards.

“Audrun Spikelet,” said one flatly, “you have been accused of secretly harboring the power labeled ‘Mage’.”

I leaned on the door frame. The nightmare was coming true.




Idiot. I stared after Audrun. He was a nice boy, very cute, but he was the opposite of bright when it came to his powers. He’ll get caught for sure!

            I glanced around the room. Everyone was dancing except me. I turned and slipped past the guards, wishing I was a Telewave and could hear what was happening to Audrun. But no. I was only Stephanie, a Manipulator.

Out of all the powers, why did it have to be that one?

            I slid down the wall and stared into space. What will I do if something happens to Audrun?



So, I figured some stuff out. It’s a bit different from my original backstory, but oh well. There were actually three original leaders. Orion, Gemini, and Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia was jealous of Gemini and decided to claim Auzrivlia for herself. She did, and using many dark arts discovered a way to extract power from Mages and distribute it among those she wished. Using this power as well, she is still alive today, governing Auzrivlia through her son. Every time a new Mage is discovered, they’re captured and put into a trancelike state, then their power is harnessed and used 1) to keep Cassiopeia alive and powerful and 2) to distribute power to “those who deserve it.”

Of course, none of the characters know any of this yet.


—Shining Star

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