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Auzrivlia RP



I am starting a role-play, finally!

Auzrivlia is a story I've been working on for some time, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and it's a wee bit too similiar to some of my other stories, so I figure I'll put it out on the CB and see what happens. No-one has to join, I just figured I'd try it out...

Okay then!

Auzrivlia is a city made of gems and enclosed by a magical mountain range, so no-one can get in. Long ago it was founded by two people, Gemani and Orion (yes, named after the constellations). Gemani accidentally woke an ancient spell which endowed all her descendents with magical powers, while Orion's descendants remained normal. 

Back then, Auzrivlia was a place of welcome, with merchants and travelers coming in and out. But then an evil lord rose to power, overthrew the leaders, and closed Auzrivlia's borders. His descendants rule Auzrivlia today and use its power to take other countries. 

Here are the descendants' possibe powers, but your character can be normal, too.

Manipulator--you can make anyone do what you want, but it takes a serious physical toll.

(Note: with all these elemental powers, you can semi-control the element--but only if it wants to listen.) 

Watercurver--you can speak to water. 

Firecurver--you can speak to fire.

Windcurver--you can speak to wind (although in this case it's called singing with the wind).

Earthcurver--you can speak to the earth, plants and stones especially.

Ethercurver--you can speak to the matter of the universe.

Animspeaker--you can speak to animals.

Emoreader--you can read emotions.

Telewave--you can hear thoughts.

Telekenetic--you can move things with your mind.

Futureseer--you can see the future.

Mage: you have all these powers.

Ok, that's it, but it's worth noting that, thought the characters don't know it yet, we should keep in mind that the rulers are lying and there is a way for "normal" people to have powers. I'm not actually sure what that way is yet. And mages are mysteriously vanishing… 

One last thing: no-one knows if they have a power or not until they turn 13. 


  Be respectful of others in this roleplay.

Don't role-play overly with other people's characters, no more than is necessary for the story.

But, also, introduce twists! Fun things! Unexpected turns! Secrets! Keep things moving forward!

Of course, no-one has to join. But, as I said, this is just a fun experiment on my part!

Ok. Charrie sheet! You can be as detailed or brief as you like.


Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 





Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage):





Ok! Here’s my character. There’s no limit to characters you can create so I’ll post a few more later.


 Name: Audrun

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): turning thirteen tomorrow when this role-play begins, which let’s say will be on the 16th of October or so.

Appearance: floppy brown-black hair; blue-green eyes; wears ragged clothing on purpose; pale skin

Personality: sometimes a little cocky, very brave; wishes he’d get a cool power 

Backround: He grew up with a normal family, going to the regular school, and has a crush on Stephanie (a character I’ll post later)

Gender/pronouns: He/him

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Well, nothing yet, but he’s going to be a mage. Don’t tell him!

Strengths: Very brave and protective; also agile. 

Flaws: Sometimes accidentally hurts people’s feelings 

Other: n/a


Alright, as mentioned, this roleplay will begin on the 16th of October, assuming, of course, that my family doesn’t have any plans for then! We can also push it back to the 19th depending on how many people join—if any….:) :| ;-

I am also open to suggestions for improvement of RP quality. 


—Shining Star




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I wait for Audrun. Suddenly, a person knocks into me. I turn and am about to say "hey!" when I notice who they are. I stare at them as they run off. Wasn't that...? I think. I shake my head. couldn't be him.


Sorry about the short post! But guys, HELP! My RP is falling down (I know yours is as well Shining Star, that's why I'm here) Inkwell! Post om it soon please!

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Sorry, I will post on it immedietly


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@Tsuki, please post!

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@Admins, can you change the name of this thread to "Auzrivlia RP"? I'm going to let more people join (if they want to, that is...), and maybe it would help if it didn't have one of the dreaded ellipses. Smile 

More people can join now. They'll have to be people we meet along the way. I don't know if anyone'll want to, but it's worth a try, since Brook and Ruby don't seem to be coming into it. 

I tried, but it didn't work. I forget why those . . . show up. It may have to do with copying and pasting. I'm not sure. I'll try asking our Webmaster about it.


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I run outside. The rain has just started to fall and i love the rain! It feels so nice. Someone runs past me. He slips and falls. I run over to help him, but stop. A faint memory tugs on the back of my mind. I feel like i know him...

"Who are you?" I ask.

"You don't remember? Great. It worked. Didn't work on that girl, Crystal," He said.

"crystal? Why her?" I ask, confused.

"Nevermind. do not think too hard about me. You will end up breaking your mind!" He says and runs off.

Wait. When did he get up? Had he even fallen? I run over to Stanley and ask him about it. He just looks confused. Had I imagined him? 

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Here I am, waiting. For some boy who just so happens to be a mage. Whatever. I'm going to leave. I turn around and I find someone right in front of my face. I jump, then realize it's Yuyua, stanley's very annoying friend.

"Hey! I need to talk to you!" He said, breathing hard.

"Fineeeeeee. Can we talk here?" I say.

"Yeah. OK! so I saw this guy. He fell down so went to help him, then I realized he looked kinda familiar, then he said something about something working on me but not you, then he just ran off," Yuyua said.

"Ummmm... Why is that important..?" I ask.

"Well, we must have known him if he knew us!" Yuyua said.

"Wow, you are so smart! I could never figure that out! I mean, if he knew us, we must of known him! It makes sense now!" I say with ten pounds of sarcasm.

"HMPH! Well, if I find anything out, I won't tell you!" He said.

"see if I care," I replied.


||The mysterious person who currently has no name but I am planning to and give him a sheet as well||

Shoot! If it didn't work on Crystal, she must be a mage! I run and run and run. Yuyua will get suspisious. The real problem would be if Audrun remembered me. Crystal doesn't completely remember me, but she definitly has NOT forgotten. That's bad. Very bad. If she finds out...


Now for his sheet!


Name: Vito Strangelove

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16):  16

Appearance: pale skin, auburn hair and blue eyes

Personality: secretive, quiet, grumpy

Backround: He knows Audrun, crystal, and Yuyua from some time ago.

Gender/pronouns: he/him

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage):Manipulator

Strengths: Secrets

Flaws: N/A

Other: N/A

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OOOh I like this

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I stepped back, heart thudding. “There’s been a mistake.”

“I don’t think so,” said the nearest guard with a smile. He stepped towards me, reaching for his pocket.

I didn’t wait to see what he’d pull out. I spun on my heel and ran.

“Hey!” The guard gave chase. I didn’t glance back. Crystal, I called with my mind, HELP!

            No response.

“HEY!” the guard yelled again.

I dashed through the hallways, but I just wasn’t fast enough. Mustache-brows was catching up! Swallowing panic, I spun to the left and kicked open and air-conditioning vent. Before I could talk myself out of it, I launched myself through the tiny hole, glad that the school had large air-conditioning tubes. The guard couldn’t fit, luckily, and though I couldn’t stay in here forever I might be able to find my way to the door.

I crawled as fast as I could, trying to mentally map the school and at the same time ignore the message blaring over the loudspeakers:


Crystal….I mentally called. |||||

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YAY! Also, if you didn't already, please post on Um I want soon!




I hear something. Almost a voice. I call out. Audrun? Is that you? A answer distorted by some sort of static comes back. I make out the word "help". I sigh and run towards it. When i leave the room, everything becomes very clear. but i can't hear anything in the room. I find Audrun and see the guards chasing him. I use my mind power that can move things (I forgot how to spell it) to throw them against the wall. I grab Audrun's arm and drag him down the hall. Suddenly, we run into one of Audrun's friends. I think her name was Stephanie. She is sitting against the wall, staring at us. 

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"What is it? What's goin' on?" I gasp. Just then two furious-looking guards burst around the corner. "WWWWWAAAAAGH--" crystal grabbed my arm. 

"The authorities are after me!" Audrun explained. "We have to leave, now." He turned to Crystal. "You too. You're a mage, and now that you've helped me, you're in danger too."

"Where are we going?" I panted to the strange girl...|||||


I'll be back tomorrow and post on your RP then. 

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*grins evily* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAaaaaa... Sorry, I just had to. It has nothing to do with this next part.




"Where are we going?" Stephanie asks.

"Away from here. Especally if you know that Audrun is a mage," I answered.

"But where? Once we are out of the school, where wil we go?" she asks.

"My house first. Mom already knows I am a mage, and dad is off on business, like always," I say.

"Oh, sor-" Audrun tries to say.

"Not like I care where he is. He calls every now and then. Now, let's get home!" I say.

I take them to my house and they hid in the basement. I make some cookies and bring them down.

"Now, let's figure out where we WILL go," i say.

"But aren't we safe here?" Audrun asks.

"For now. But sooner or later the government will be searching homes. Mom knows where a training camp for mages is. she is planning to have us go there. Stepanie will not be trained in magic. She will probably just be there. What do you say?" I ask. 

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oops! I thought Audrun was stil in the hallway! Um, forget about the guard part and just have it so i ran into him in the hals because he got out of them. Unless you don't want that.

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Your post was fine!!

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Finally, the spear detaches itself from the wall.  I swing at the gargoyles, missing most of the time, but I manage to decimate two or three.  I'm covered in scratches from head to toe.  Tsume, on the other hand,  has only one bruise, located just above her right cheekbone.  It reminds me of heroes you see in action movies- just the right placement to inspire both pity and attraction.

I sigh.  Why can't my bruises ever look like that?

On my left, Haley's fighting harder than the two of us combined.  It shocks me that she's one of the nongifted- such grit and determination and a centuries-old power would be an admirable combination.

A familiar saying pops into my head, one every Auzrivlian has heard since they were babies: Power to those who deserve it.

What about Haley?  Didn't Haley deserve it?

"Yeah, probably," Tsume says.  "It's just that the government doesn't make many good descisions."

"Government?  What are we talking about?"

"Of course," says Tsume, ignoring me and answering one of Haley's unspoken questions.  "I'm a Telewave, aren't I?  That's how we got here in the first place.  No, the secret's safe, there aren't too many telewaves at this school and most don't care about anything but procuring the answers for our next quiz.  Besides, your friend the mage wouldn't let the government carry out whatever punishment they had in mind if you told."



Haley's eyes widen.

"We have to get out of here," she gasped. "We have to help."  I run to the nearest exit and punch in the password.  The door opens.  "Go."  They both hesitate, but run through.

I slam the door behind us, chopping off a gargoyle's head.  "He's not alone," I update them.  "He has another Mage and a Manipulator helping him.  One reluctantly, but he'll take what he can get."

"Another Mage?" Haley and Celesti gasp at the same time.

"YES, another mage!" I shout exasperatedly.

Celesti looks at me, and then at Haley.


I sigh.  "It's getting worse for Audrun, but I think the three of them have a plan in mind.  We'll just have to hold the guards off."

"But we- won't we get expelled?  Or arrested?"


I still don't know what the heck is going on, Celesti's brain mutters.

"Ugh, alright.  According to Haley, or her mind, apparently it's not fate or genetics or whatever that gives us our powers.  Everyone has them.  The government just chooses to "activate" them in certain people."

"I- what?  But- but how-"

"I don't know," Haley broke in, fear easing its way into her voice.  "All I know is it happens, and this whole 'gifted' thing is completely bogus.  And if the government knows you know, me and Stephanie are in serious trouble..."

"Audrun's in serious trouble right now, so let's focus on that," I whisper as we come close to a group of guards.  "Hey!  Hey, sirs- have you seen my little sister?" My voice is high and squeaky, like I'm trying not to cry.  "S-she went into the Nongifted wing when the- the alarm went off, and now the mage is gonna get her, and-" I bury my head in my hands. 

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Hope this is better. read the page before I deleted the other one.




These girls are incredible.

Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone so…heroic?

Tsume is rocking the actress vibe, all simpering and sweet. “Please, sirs, won’t you go looks for—” her voice caught. Even I have to remind myself it’s an act. “—my sister?”

“Young lady, we have to work on catching this mage.”

Tsume bursts into tears. “Noooooooooooooooo! My poor sister!! I’ll never seeee her again…and here Auzrivlia is supposed to be safe…”

The guards looked trapped.

“You guys are supposed to protect all citizens equally!”

“And we can do that by catching this mage.”

Tsume sobs harder. “Please. It’ll only take a minute.”

“Oh, alright,” the guard relented. “We’ll look, but if we don’t find her in ten minutes we’ll have to give up the search.” Then they run off.

“Ten minutes is all we need.” Tsume seized my wrist. “C’mon, Celesti!”

We run after the guards. I don’t know why, but she obviously has a plan!




"Are you sure it's safe?" I asked Crystal.

"Safer than anywhere else."

"Very well," I said. "We'll go."


Hope that clears it up.  

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