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I am starting a role-play, finally!

Auzrivlia is a story I've been working on for some time, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and it's a wee bit too similiar to some of my other stories, so I figure I'll put it out on the CB and see what happens. No-one has to join, I just figured I'd try it out...

Okay then!

Auzrivlia is a city made of gems and enclosed by a magical mountain range, so no-one can get in. Long ago it was founded by two people, Gemani and Orion (yes, named after the constellations). Gemani accidentally woke an ancient spell which endowed all her descendents with magical powers, while Orion's descendants remained normal. 

Back then, Auzrivlia was a place of welcome, with merchants and travelers coming in and out. But then an evil lord rose to power, overthrew the leaders, and closed Auzrivlia's borders. His descendants rule Auzrivlia today and use its power to take other countries. 

Here are the descendants' possibe powers, but your character can be normal, too.

Manipulator--you can make anyone do what you want, but it takes a serious physical toll.

(Note: with all these elemental powers, you can semi-control the element--but only if it wants to listen.) 

Watercurver--you can speak to water. 

Firecurver--you can speak to fire.

Windcurver--you can speak to wind (although in this case it's called singing with the wind).

Earthcurver--you can speak to the earth, plants and stones especially.

Ethercurver--you can speak to the matter of the universe.

Animspeaker--you can speak to animals.

Emoreader--you can read emotions.

Telewave--you can hear thoughts.

Telekenetic--you can move things with your mind.

Futureseer--you can see the future.

Mage: you have all these powers.

Ok, that's it, but it's worth noting that, thought the characters don't know it yet, we should keep in mind that the rulers are lying and there is a way for "normal" people to have powers. I'm not actually sure what that way is yet. And mages are mysteriously vanishing… 

One last thing: no-one knows if they have a power or not until they turn 13. 


  Be respectful of others in this roleplay.

Don't role-play overly with other people's characters, no more than is necessary for the story.

But, also, introduce twists! Fun things! Unexpected turns! Secrets! Keep things moving forward!

Of course, no-one has to join. But, as I said, this is just a fun experiment on my part!

Ok. Charrie sheet! You can be as detailed or brief as you like.


Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): 





Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage):





Ok! Here’s my character. There’s no limit to characters you can create so I’ll post a few more later.


 Name: Audrun

Age (keep in mind that no-one has powers until they turn thirteen, and your character cannot be aged above 16): turning thirteen tomorrow when this role-play begins, which let’s say will be on the 16th of October or so.

Appearance: floppy brown-black hair; blue-green eyes; wears ragged clothing on purpose; pale skin

Personality: sometimes a little cocky, very brave; wishes he’d get a cool power 

Backround: He grew up with a normal family, going to the regular school, and has a crush on Stephanie (a character I’ll post later)

Gender/pronouns: He/him

Power (no more than one per character, unless they’re a mage): Well, nothing yet, but he’s going to be a mage. Don’t tell him!

Strengths: Very brave and protective; also agile. 

Flaws: Sometimes accidentally hurts people’s feelings 

Other: n/a


Alright, as mentioned, this roleplay will begin on the 16th of October, assuming, of course, that my family doesn’t have any plans for then! We can also push it back to the 19th depending on how many people join—if any….:) :| ;-

I am also open to suggestions for improvement of RP quality. 


—Shining Star




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Yayyyyyyyyy!!! Thank you guys So. MUCH! I love this!!!


My brain was basically stuck on repeat. I am in a camp for mages. I am in a camp for mages. I am in a camp for mages. Etc.

Only, now I was in a class for mages in a camp for mages. This was getting confusing. 

"First, we shall do a test to determine your power level," announced the teacher, a balding man in glasses. "You shall do an act with four of the powers: Manipulating, Watercurving, Mindreading, and Telekineticism."

"Why not all?" some kid asked.

The man did not seem bothered that he was being questioned. In fact, he seemed almost pleased. "Because each of these powers are about the same wavelength as their group--for an example, watercurving is a similar skill to Windcurving, or Earthcurving, or any other curving power. And mindreading is like animspeaking, or futureseeing, or anything like that. Etc."

The kid nodded, but I was even more confused. I didn't say so, though. Last thing I needed was to look like a fool on my first day of class.

"Who would like to go first?" The man did not wait for an answer. He clapped his hands. "How about the boy in the red jacket?...Audrun Spikelet, you're up!!"

Wait. What?




I hated to admit it, but I was kinda glad it was Tsume and not Celesti coming with me. The darkhaired girl was so strong--and so smart--and so--I tried to shut down my thoughts. It wasn't that I didn't like Celesti, I'd just rather be with Tsume in a fight than her.

Tsume paced, glancing at the sky every now and then. "The question now is how to get there," she muttered.  

"Do you know how to drive?" I pointed at the policeman's car. "I doubt he'll be needing it."

Tsume glanced at me. "I like the way you think, Haley." 


Tsume, it turned out, did not know how to drive. Well, she could drive a car, but she'd never been on the street. "I used to practice with my family's car in our yard," she explained. "Never been on a road before though!"

Luckily, she knew how to work gas and brakes and whatnot. Soon, we were bumping along the streets. 

Suddenly the policeman's radio crackled. "Officer Spencely, come in, Officer Spencely..." 

I glanced at Tsume, who scowled. She seized the walkie-talkie and hissed into it--in an awesome impersonation of the policeman's voice. "False alarm. Nothing to worry about, search continueing. Out." She tossed the radio down. "I really hope they don't do that again!"

She hit the brakes and the car lurched to a halt. "We're here."

I stared at the empty forest, tangled with weeds. "Uh...what?"


We've been walking for what feels like and probably is hours. My legs are so scratched by all the weeds! I don't know how Tsume handles it! Suddenly we smelled smoke.

Tsume smiled. "That must be the camp."

I shivered. A camp for mages. 

Just then, two guys holding upside-down spears launched themselves from the trees. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!"

Tsume tossed her head and nudged me. "Haley, you're up."

"Um--hey-" I stammered. "I'm looking for a Mage named Audrun..."

"Audrun?" The guy frowned. "We were told that if anyone came looking for Audrun, we should get Crystal. CRYSTAL!" he hollered back into the camp. "Come deal with these intruders!"

"I'M BUSY, you pathetic guys!" a girl's voice yelled back.


"They're looking for Audrun!" says the guy.

"OH FINE I'M COMING," she yells.

I stepped a little closer to Tsume. I really hope I don't die before I see Audrun again.

"They won't kill us," tsume assured me. "Your friend the mage wouldn't let them. That's the point, isn't it?"


Have fun!

--Shining Star 


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Ink. She is drowning in ink. Smoldering, thick, choking…


Nightshade gasps awake. It takes her a minute to realize that she’s not trapped in a bottle slowly filling with ink. She glances at her hands—clean, not dripping black.

But she can still smell it—the heavy, suffocating scent of it, its unnatural smoothness against her skin. She shudders and leans her head against the bedframe. The ink is gone, but she can feel it.

She can always feel it.

All her life, she has had this nightmare. The impenetrable darkness of the ink, dragging her down.

She stands, glances over at her uncle. He’s still asleep, snores echoing through the room. She pushes into his mind. He’s having a dream about bunny slippers that try to eat him. She smiles and pushes open the door, then pads down the stairs, being careful to skip the creaky step.

Downstairs in the kitchen, she clicks on the television and retrieves two pieces of toast from the refrigerator. Dropping them into the toaster, she turns to flop into the couch—and gasps.

Normal morning news is interrupted by a blaring red headline: ESCAPED MAGE ON THE LOOSE IN AUZRIVLIA!” The headline slides back to reveal a newsman in a rumpled suit, looking like he’s been dragged out of bed at one in the morning.

“Sorry to interrupt your morning, citizens, but this is an important alert. A previously-undiscovered mage was detected by Government Officials in Auzrivlia Academy, yesterday evening! The mage evaded attempts to capture him and is on the run! If you sight this individual, do not attempt to approach him under any circumstances! Instead, alert a government official.” The newsman’s image switches to three still images—a brown-haired boy with a cocky grin, a nervous-looking girl hiding behind her blond hair, and a scowling older girl with short white hair.

“The mage’s name is Audrun Spikelet!” announces the newsman’s voice. A banner appears across the boy’s face, reading: AUDRUN SPIKELET. “Aiding him is a girl called Stephanie [insert Stephanie’s last name] and a girl called Crystal [insert Crystal’s last name].”  Banners appear.

Nightshade leans on the counter. A mage? Like her?

Just then, her uncle shuffles downstairs. His eyes fall on the news and his eyes nearly pop out of his head. “Is that—”

“A runaway mage.” Nightshade musters a smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get to school.” She slides gracefully out the door, leaving her uncle with his jaw hanging open. But Nightshade has no intention of going to school.

No. She will find this mage.

And she will help him.





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I walk over and see some girls I kind of recognize. After some super fast mind reading, I find out that one of the girls is called Haley, and the other Tsumi.

"So you are here to see Audrun?" I ask.

"Y-yes," Haley says.

"Well, he's busy. You guys aren't mages, so maybe you can help Stephanie," I said.

"Stephanie's here too?" Haley asks.

"Uh-huh. She is cleaning up right now, so I'll talk to Master Voyti and see about you guys getting a job, if you want to stay here," I say.

"Do we get paid for it?" asks Tsumi.

"Yeah. I'll bring you to Voyti- Sorry, MASTER Voyti- and you can either stay here or leave, but there are certain conditions. He will dicuss with you. Oh, and don't talk to Seri," I say.

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I will post a little from Seri's POV. I got the idea for her from a book. I probably won't post for her POV again.


^Seri Rules^


Classes were sooooo boring. Why couldn't we do magic? Then I could impress everyone with my power. Well, except Crystal and when she did her magic. Crystal is an unnormally strong mage. Her magic is very strong. Soooooooooo I don't like her. She is the strongest mage here. Even stronger than Master Voyti. And Master Voyti is, well, extremely strong. But enough about Crystal. especially since classes are over and I don't have to see her.


I see Audrun and saunter over. It's fun to talk to people I don't know because then they get obsessed with me! And not Crystal.

"Hey Audrun!" I say.

"O-oh! Uh, hi Seri," he says.

"I was wondering if you wanted to be introduced to my friends! They are right over there! Want to come?" I say. "Since I'm already gonna talk to them."

"Uh, sure!" he says.

I introduce him to Elle, Roxanna, Shadow, Mia, and Chan. they ask him lots of questions. then they decide to let him in our friend group if he wants to. He says he'll think about it.

"Oh, and Audrun! Meet us at the fountain later!" I call. Shadow and Elle watch him. Those two are the only boys of our group currently.

Later, we walk to the fountain. Audrun is there. "Sooooo, why am I here?" he asks.

"We want to show you something!" I say.

We combine our element powers and they make a circle with elements fading in and out of each other.

"Wow..." he says.

"Someday, you might be able to do this. Master Voyti said that you were not one of the stronger mages, like me and Crystal," I say.

"crystal's a strong mage?" He asks

"Mmm-hmm!" I say.

"So anyways! want to take a walk, audrun?" asks Chan, linking their arms together.

I notice Stephanie glaring at her. Stephanie is not close, but not far. Just close enough to see what we're doing, but not close enough to hear. 

"Uh, sure," says Audrun.

Chan and Audrun walk off. Chan grins at Stephanie, who Audrun did not notice, and talks about something.





Luckily, Seri does not notice me, so i slip away. The element thing is not cool. I make a circle with ripples inside. It's soothing. I notice stephanie sulking. I walk over and show her. 

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I can't believe this. A couple hours in the Mage Camp and Audrun was already being basically attacked by girls that weren't me. I kinda got why he had trouble telling them to go away, but I didn't like how they shoved themselves in their face. I fumed.

Crystal comes over. "Hey, don't worry 'bout Seri," she says. "She's just a jerk. Audrun won't care about her or her stupid friends. Here, watch this," And she makes an amazing circle with ripples inside.

I closed my eyes. "It's beautiful," I told her.

"Thank you," Crystal says with the most understanding expression I'd ever seen on her face. Just then, a familiar figure bursts through the trees and wraps her arms around me.

"STEPHANIE! They weren't lying! You really are here! What happened are you ok where's Audrun?" shouts the bushy-haired newcomer.

"Haley!" I disentangled myself. "Is that--are you--I mean," I managed, "you're alright!"

"Thanks to Tsume and Celesti," Haley replied. "But I'll tell you after. Answer my questions first!"

"Ok," I said. "It'll probly take me till the next century, but ok. We were at the ball and Audrun got called to the principle's office and chased by guards. Crystal, this other mage, showed up--I don't know how she knew we were in trouble--and took us to her house, then told us her mom knew where there was a mage camp. So we came here, and now..." I gestured. "NOW TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU! I thought you were at home sick?"

"Oh yeah." Haley looked embarassed. "I did say that, didn't I?" She smiled apologetically. "Sorry I lied to you, but I didn't think you'd let me go if you knew what I was planning."

"Go?" I got an ominous feeling in my stomach. "Haley, what have you done?"

"I snuck into the library." Haley sat back and I realized she was covered in scratches, most of which were still bleeding.

"Snuck? Haley, you don't have to SNEAK into the library!"

"Oh yes I did, Stephanie." Haley shot me a very Haleyish grin. "I snuck into the FORBIDDEN section of the library."

"The forbidden section? You mean the one in the gifted library?" She nodded; I yelped. "HALEY! You--I mean--you'd better tell me all about it."

She nodded. "So, I found one of the librarian's old ID cards--"

"Wait. How'd you get into the gifted side of school?"

"Oh. I stole your ID card. Sorry." She sighed. "I had to. For Audrun. But anyways, I took the librarian's ID card and scanned it, then I guessed the password. After that, I got in, found the books I was looking for, and tried to get out again, but the password had changed and I set off the security measure."

Oh, Haley. "What happened?" I asked.

"A bunch of stone gargoyles came to life and tried to kill me," Haley replied matter-of-factly.

"HALEY!" I shrieked.

"Calm down, Stephanie. Tsume and Celesti found me, don't worry. Then we heard the announcement about Audrun and found our way to the mage camp through yours and Audrun's minds."

Whoah! "What a tale, Haley."

"Yes, it was quite the adventure," she answered with a smile. "Now I need to see Audrun. But first..." She pulled out my ID card. "I'm really sorry I stole it."

"It doesn't matter." I took the card, only to hear a shriek from Crystal.

"You brought an ID card into the camp?!" the older mage yelled. "Are you an idiot or a spy?"

"What?" I asked. "What's the problem."

"Those little chips don't just let you into places, Stephanie. They're trackers." Crystal seized the card and smashed it under her boot. "Master Voyti's gonna kill me."


"Yes." Crystal ran her hands through her short hair. 

((And if this were my book, the canopy would burst open with all the government's officers. But it's not my book, so I'll let you decide if that happens or not, Pancake, since it's your camp. But it'd be exciting! I don't care either way. --Star))



Ok, so what happens now? 

I got some ideas. In Cassiopeia's palace there's a cavern made out of crystals (not Crystal). In the cavern, there's a chair, and when a mage is caught the government puts them in the chair and somehow it sucks out most of their power and puts it into the crystals, which then store it in a tank from which Cassiopeia can retrieve it.

Mage power is like a liquid, flowing in the veins except inside the regular veins (which carry blood) there's a small vein that carries the mage's power (which is called ichor). 

Everyone has this ichor, but the government's found a way to isolate certain powers from it (or remove it completely)and they accomplish this by way of a mandatory vaccination or something. But some people have natural immunity to this "vaccination" and that's why they become mages. I don't know why they have the immunity yet.

So that's all I know for now. Ask me questions if you like and please share your ideas. And remember, the characters don't know anything about any of this so far. Later!!! 

--Shining Star 

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Again, no particular reason why.




Why would they bring a student ID card in here? that was one of the stupidest things they had ever done. I would kick them out somehow. But, I had to tell this to Voyti first.

He called in Haley and Stephanie.

"You brought an ID card here?" he asks, obvisously angry.

"U-uh yeah?" said Haley.

"Crystal. Did you destroy it?" He asks.

"Yup," I answer.

"If they find us because of you, and they don't capture me and you, I will destroy you," Voyti said.

He doesn't mean it literally, but I don't tell them that.

Then Seri runs in, sees Haley, and decides to get yet another friend.

Stephanie glares at her, but seri ignores it. "When you are done, Haley, want to hang out with us?"

"Uh, sure!" says Haley.

"Seri, please stop interuppting me," voyti sighed.

"Yes Master. Now is haley free to go?" Seri asks.

"Yes, go," Voyti replies.

Seri practically drags Haley away. 

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||Tsume (watching Crystal smash the ID from afar)||


I feel around in my pocket.  Please say I didn't bring it...

No such luck.  I pull out the ID, cold and small in my hands, and stare at it for a second before crushing it.  There.  No one will ever know, and if it's already been tracked, this is a camp full of mages.  We can handle it.

Three mages looked at me, frightened.

Oh yeah, they can all read my mind.  And I CAN'T READ ANY OF THEIRS.


((Okay this is really short but I have to go) 

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I practically dragged myself out of the class, certain I'd failed miserably. I'd barely managed to scrape through each of the tests. The teacher had told me this was normal, that I shouldn't worry about it--after all, I'd manifested only a couple days ago. I was unconvinced.

However, I was jerked from my thoughts by the sight of Seri dragging my friend Haley across the turf.

"HALEY?!" I yelled, yanking her from Seri's grasp. "Is that really you?"

"Audrun!" she shouted, falling against me. "Thank goodness."

"How did you get here?" I exclaimed.

"I had help." Haley gestured at a tall dark-haired girl whom I'd seen at the ball. "That's Tsume."

"But--how did you even--what--"

"I'll tell you all about it," she promised me. "Just--we made a really big mistake."

"What d'you mean?"

"We brought our ID cards into the camp. Apparently they can be tracked."

"WHAT?!" I whipped my own ID card out of my pocket and stared at it.

"NOT YOU TOO!" Crystal came out of nowhere, snatched the card out of my hand, and stomped on it as hard as she could. It turned to powder. "DO YOU GUYS NOT HAVE BRAINS?! WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE ID CARDS?!"

"Uh..." I said blankly. "So they can recognize us?"

"NO! it's so you can be found if you ever run away! Did any of you bring any more in?!" Crystal scanned the crowd. "You?" she demanded, staring at Tsume.

The darkhaired girl lifted her chin. "I have no ID card now."

Crystal's eyes flashed dangerously, but she looked away. "Very well. But keep in mind that if the government find our camp because of you, you'll be taken too." With that, she turned on her heel and stormed out.

"She's pretty fiery," Haley commented. 

I agreed, but didn't say so, fearing Crystal would crystalize me. 



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How could they be so stupid? Why would you bring your id anywhere but school? I spotted Seri who was walking over towards Master Voyti's tent. I tuned in on their conversation.

"Master Voyti, the new girls, stephanie, Haley, and tsume, brought their id cards. you should do something about it," she said.

"Well, did they destroy them?" Voyti asked.

"I think so, but who knows?" she said.

"Well, I can't do too much if they already brought them," Voyti said.

"you could throw them out."

"I could, but I won't. Now please leave," Voyti says.

"come on. You know you-" said Seri

"Leave. Now." Interuppted voyti.

"HMPH!" said Seri


So, trying to get rid of them, eh? Well, you will only succeed if th officals come.




At dinner, voyti made an announcement.

"due to some sehr unfortunate events, we will be moving camp to one of the older mage camp. Used vor dem Krieg. We leave after everyone is packed up. It is two days walk, so we will be camping. Make groups to stay together. We will all be taking different paths with a teacher with each group. Then if ine grouop is caught, not everyone is caught," Voyti announced.

Immediately, everyone began making groups. Seri and her friends went straight to Audrun.

"you should be in our group!" said Chan. "We can show you the basic magic tips!"

"Uh, sure?" Audrun said, not looking sure at all.

Well, it didn't bother me. ME and my friends were in a group, and the non-mages were all automatically together, decided by Voyti. 

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I sat alone by the river, feeling incredibly guilty. All of this was my fault. Ok, and Haley’s and Tsume’s, but I was the one who’d brought them here! Now we had to move camps. Just a day after I’d arrived.

I sighed. Dang, I’m jinxed.

I didn’t really want to go with Chan and the others but I’m not allowed with Haley, Stephanie and co. They aren’t mages.

I studied my hands thoughtfully. Hands that could do things greater than 99% of Auzrivlia’s population could do…

I wondered if this was where all the disappearing mages had come to or if some had been caught by the government. 

“Have you packed yet?” Seri asked me with a giggle. I really wasn’t sure whether to like her or not. She was sweet to me and her friends were powerful—it was always good to have powerful friends—but I didn’t like how she behaved towards Crystal. Besides, I got the feeling hanging out with her would lose me a friend pretty fast—Stephanie.

nevertheless, I didn’t want to be rude. So I replied, “No. I haven’t exactly got anything. I ran away from civilization with nothing but the clothes on my back!” I had always found this an odd phrase. 

Seri, however, giggled like it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard, then grew serious again. “Well, that’s just sad. You need something to take with you. Hold on, I’ll find you some little thing!” And with that she raced away.

I was left alone again. My thoughts turned to my parents. Would they be safe? I should find a way to let them know I was OK. They’d have seen my face all over the news by now. 

Seri came huffing back. She proceeded to hand me…a small vial of perfume.

“There,” she said. “You can take that, from me.” She smiled sweetly. 

“Um, right.” I was sure my face was the color of a tomato. What the heck would I do with perfume?! “Thank you, Seri. Is that your full name?”

“Yes?” She said, not sounding sure. Just then Chan started calling us.

I reluctantly followed Seri back to the camp. The tents were rapidly being packed up, while mages hosed down the entire camp with water. Other mages used their earthcurver powers to make the tree limbs—which had been cut to make room for the camp—grow back. I was amazed.

“Um, is there some way I can help?” I asked Voyti.




Me, Stephanie, Tsume, and a few other people were put into a group with one mage as the leader. I was a bit anxious about the walk and how we wouldn’t be there to protect Audrun if he was attacked. Stephanie just seemed sour about the whole Audrun-and-Seri’s-Group thing.

I didn’t have anything to take with me except the necklace of fake pearls I always wore, a family heirloom, and of course what had been in my schoolbag. Stephanie was equally sparse. She only had a small pack full of essential items. One of the girls our age had lended her some more practical clothes—jeans and a grayish parka — than the ones she’d worn to the ball.

“Well,” Stephanie said softly to me, “this is quite the adventure, isn’t it?”

I nodded. 

“Did you hear what Voyti said?” Stephanie cocked my head. “Used vor dem Krieg? Before the war? What war is this?”

“Well I’m sure I don’t know,” I replied. “But if I had to guess, I’d say there was a war between the mages and the government or something.”

Stephanie tipped her head. “Hmm.” She glanced across the camp. “Maybe Crystal would know.”

So we went across to ask her what Master Voyti had meant.



So as mentioned in my DtE post, I will not be posting on the CB until January. My mom has a holiday from work so we're all going to spend time together. 


But, please please please keep topping this thread and posting on it. I will post now and then if i can! Thank you!



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"m, is there any way i can help?" asked audrun.

"Sorry, but the only thing you can really do is stay out of trouble."
I replied. 





"What did Master Voyti mean by 'Before the war'"? stephanie asked me.

"master voyti means that there used to be a war. Before mages disappeared. Audrun will learn about it soon. but the war was between mages and the government. the government wanted to test things on mages to see if they were different from other humans. They wanted to do experements. They also wanted to use the mages power for themselves. to take over the world, or as Master Voyti would say, 'die Welt erobern'." i explained.

"So that's what he meant," haley said.

"He'll explain more if you talk to him, but he is gonna use the old language, so I recommend not talking to him," i said.

"OK," said haley and stephanie.




What audrun didn't know was that the perfume I gave him was magical. It would be useful. at least, I thought it would. After all, mages' lives were quite dangerous. I knew audrun wouldn't understand, so I didn't tell him what it really was. It used to be crystal's actually. I took it from her and she thought she lost it.

When we started on the hike to the old camp, we were all together. Audrun tried to talk to crystal a couple times, but she was obvisously annoyed at something. Audrun talked to Stephanie for a bit before Chan pulled him back to us. Audrun and Shadow got along pretty well, actually. Chan kept holding onto his arm the entire time we were all together. after that, she let go. We were taking the jungle path, which I had prepared for.




END. I know I said I wouldn't post again from Seri's point of view, but I think i will be doing it a bit more. Also, I posted from Voyti's POV because i wanted to give audrun an answer.

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I tugged up one of my heavy boots (one of the other mages had loaned me a pair). This mud was really thick and once or twice it actually sucked my boot off my foot! I was feeling pretty annoyed because Chan wouldn't let go of my arm. It wasn't that she wasn't nice, but I couldn't shake her off.

Crystal kept sending me pitying glances as I tried to get away from Seri's crowd. Eventually I gave up and walked with them.

I was still miffed that Voyti hadn't let me help. I bet I could be really helpful, if only he would give me a chance!

Sighing, I climbed a little furthur. The rain was pouring down and thick, thorny vines scratched my legs. I noticed Crystal with a little worried frown on her face.

I broke away from Chan and went over to talk to her.

"Crystal, what's wrong?"

"There's a river nearby, and if it keeps raining like this it'll flood," she said. "We have a fallen tree we use as a bridge, but..." She trailed off, shaking her head. "Whatever. Go back to the group."

I fell into step next to Chan again and let my mind wander. Just then Crystal paused, her head raised.

"Do you hear something?" she asked Seri.

Seri sniffed. "You're SUCH a worrywort, Crystal."

"Wait," I said. "I hear it too."

Seri fell silent.

"Footsteps," Crystal muttered. "It could be another group of mages, but..."

"Better safe than sorry, right?" I said.

"Exactly. I'll go check." She crept away through the trees and returned a few moments later, looking tense.

"We're pretty close to the edge of the wood and there's some government officials out there," she informed us. "We need to hide. I don't think they'll come very far into the woods, but..."

"How many are there?" asked Seri.


"Three?" Seri tossed her head. "We can handle them. I'm not hiding like a coward in the brush."

"But--" Crystal protested.

"Seri, it's not safe," I said. "We could jeopardize the entire camp."

"There's a reason we're split into groups," she snapped back. "Even if they find us, they won't find the others."

Just then voices came through the trees.

"Are you sure the ID signal came from these woods?"

"No. But you heard Cassiopeia."

Who? I mouthed to Crystal. She shrugged at me.

"She said it came from here, and we don't want to disobey her," continued the voice.

"I know, but why would the Mage be HERE?" demanded the first voice. Then a new voice, gruff and low-pitched, broke in.

"Don't question her, just spread out and search the perimeter. We don't have to go deep into the woods, we just need to look for any evidence that the mage entered this forest."

Crystl motioned for us to hide as the three officers came into view, wearing camoflauge and looking very wet.

"It's pouring! Couldn't we have stayed in the car?" demanded one.

"Shut up and search!" came the answer.

Seri grinned. "Let's get them," she whispered. Chan dropped my arm and stepped through the trees.




I pulled up the hood of my dark green raincoat and glanced back through the trees at the camp we were abandoning. I couldn't help but worry about Audrun, even if I knew that, if it came to a fight, we'd just slow him down.

Stephanie was very quiet.

"What's wrong, Stephanie?" I asked her, although I could guess."

She shook her head and kept walking.

She doesn't like how much Seri and the others are hanging around Audrun, I guessed. Sorry, Stephie.

We walked a bit furthur and suddenly heard a roaring noise. We came over the hill and looked down on a gushing river, churning with muddy whitewater.

"Yikes," Stephanie said. She turned to Tsume. "Look at that!"

I glanced around and noticed that Voyti's group (the most powerful mages) were standing there too, staring down. I dashed through the trees, slipping on the mud, and ran up to them. Tugging on Voyti's arm, I asked, "How do we cross?"

He sighed. "We usually have a bridge. But it looks like it was washed away."

"Why don't you just use magic?"

"I could, of course," he replied. "And mages like Crystal and Seri could do it too. But not everyone is powerful enough. Your friend, Audrun, for instance, would collapse before he got halfway across the ravine." he frowned. "And of course, at our camp, we leave none behind..."

Well, this was QUITE a dilemma.


So, Pancake, if 'the old language' is German, then maybe that means that Orion and Gemani and co. all came from Germany? That'd be interesting. I can work that into the backstory.

So, any ideas as for how I can get Audrun to the Government's palace? The obvious, of course, would be for him to get captured OR for one of his friends to get captured so that he has to go rescue them. But I'm open to suggestions. In fact I'd LOVE them.

@Tsuki please post soon.

Thanks, bye!


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