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Dear Recipient,
The boat to Marityme Islands leaves the port at 3:00 pm on next Saturday. If you get on, the adventure of a lifetime will wait. If you fail to arrive, you can enjoy living a normal life. I know that's not enough for you, but you have a choice. Of course, one of you will be late, and of course, that one of you will take the small motorboat and enter the hatch by pressing the big red button. You'll see it. I know you're skeptical, but please, calm down. All will be swell when you arrive on Saturday.
Sincerely, Menicia Camile
Your character gets this letter in the mail. The first five people to choose main character on the sheet have the five main spots. The next eight get secondary spots. The ten characters after that get minor spots. But you get to specify which you want, unless slots for the first ones aren't open. One character each. Please make your characters normal-er people, so no powers or magic. I'm sorry I wasn't able to finish my last solo write, but this I will keep up. I will post chapters as quickly as possible, but it might be a month between when I'm busy. You can remind me politely if I'm taking extra long, though. 
This story will (hopefully) be an action/mystery genre, but suggestions are welcome.
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Name: Meredith Glass

Pronouns: she/her

Best character trait: Generous

Worst character trait: doesn't mind lying a little to make things easier

Appearance: dyed violet hair (natural: light brown), gold hoop earrings, warm brown eyes, almost always wears jeans, pointed ears, kind of short

Belongings: small backpack, pocketknife, strawberry candies, duct tape, safety pins, water bottle, change of clothes, and alternate music note earrings

I would like a main character spot, please. 



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Quriks: cannot stand pizza (not allergic or anything)

Interests: likes knitting, LEGOs, swimming


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Thank you, Wildfire. I am sorry to admit that I forgot to say I am a CBer using an anon name. I also neglected a character sheet. My, am I forgetful. Here's the sheet-




Personality-(good and bad traits)




Where do they live?-

Anything else of importance?- 

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Name- Hazel Hallowswift 
Pronouns/Gender- Genderfluid, she/they
Personality- Most of the time, Hazel is antisocial to the point of being rude. She is very independent and gets annoyed at people who try and help her or assist her, even if they have a good reason for doing so. She gets frustrated very easily, and if someone does something that annoys or frustrates her, whether it's helping her, disagreeing with her, or making fun of her or someone she cares about, she'll snap at them. Usually, Hazel will do what she wants to do and won't listen to anyone else, however, if she really gets to know someone and likes them, she's loyal and won't boss them around. She very rarely shares her feelings and tries not to show what she's thinking. Hazel is very protective of those she cares about, and she gets defensive if someone insults or speaks badly of them. Even so, if she has to put herself in actual physical danger, she would rather save herself than them. 
Appearance- About average height, 5'2", and thin. Their dirty blonde (almost brown) hair has a neon green streak in it on the left side, and is just long enough to be pulled back into a tight ponytail. They have an angular face with gray eyes framed by long dark lashes. Their arched eyebrows are fairly thick and can be very expressive, which is somewhat annoying because Hazel isn't very open about their feelings. Spanning across their cheeks and splattering their shoulders is a constellation of freckles. They like to wear black leggings and comfortable blouses in natural shades of blue or green, as well as black converse. 
Quirks- She actually loves writing, and she keeps a journal with her thoughts and stories, but she would never ever show or tell anybody about the journal; she finds it embarrassing. 
Interests- As I said in the previous question, they love writing. They're also very logical and enjoy solving puzzles or riddles. 
Where do they live?- Do you mean, city, suburbs, etc., or a more specific place like New York City? 
Anything else of importance?- No, but I'm excited to read this story! It sounds very interesting!
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For the Where do they live question, put more of an area, like city or country.

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Thanks for clarifying! 

She lives in a city.  

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I forgot to add - If possible, I would like a main character spot!

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Personality-(good and bad traits) Hot-headed, almost insane, loves weapons and using them, rude

Appearance- Blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, usually wears a short dress with leggings

Quirks-Loves to use weapons

Interests- Fighting, negotiating

Where do they live?-Dosen't really have a home, just wanders wherever

Anything else of importance?- She is almost insane?

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By the way, this character is not based on Alice in Alice in Wonderland. She is based off of another book that probably no one has read.

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Also!!! I would like a main character spot if possible.

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Name-Jillian Ko


Personality-(good and bad traits) she's a former thief, although one of her friends convinced her to stop, so kinda shifty. But also very smart and quick-minded.

Appearance-Hair dyed blue and purple and very short; chilly green eyes. Pale skin

Quirks-Cannot resist picking peoples pockets occasionally.

Interests-learning how to weld.

Where do they live?-in a cheap apartment with her cousin

Anything else of importance?-has trouble making friends (for obvious reasons! See quirks.) You can use her for whatever you like; main or secondary character

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