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Sometimes when I get a story idea, I fill out the plot first and then begin the actual writing stage.  Sometimes I work out the climax and build the characters and the setting around that.  Sometimes I build my story around my character.  And sometimes, I put my fingers to the keyboard and just roll with it.  This is one of those times.

But I am stuck!  For Sparkling Rainbow's writing thread thingy, I started writing, picture an old village in the fall with stone streets, small buildings and a market with tents and food all layed out.  A stranger walks by, nervous, cold. She wears a long, purple cloak and a bag with small items in it.  She holds a lantern to see in the twilight.  Looking at the moon, she imagines it is staring back at her, coldly, knowing she doesn't belong in this place.  And, oh, she's a witch, but at this point in the turning of the seasons she cannot rely on magic.  She finds a staircase and climbs down it, underground, below the street.

What is she looking for, that lurks at the bottom of the staircase?

If you'd like to give me an idea, I'd appreciate it!  (Keep it 1-3 words, though, I'd like to come up with most of the story.)


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Pretty much all of my ideas for stories come from movies and books. My suggustion is to read/watch stuff in the genre your story is and hope it gives you some ideas.

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How about a key to somewhere? Somewhere magical and mysterious?

P.S. And thank you for participating on my writing thread!  

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Um, some kind of magical creature, maybe? Or somebody who's locked up and she wants to free them?

Sounds like a story I'd love to read!! 

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