Why, hi-dee-ho there

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Why, hi-dee-ho there

Why, hi-dee-ho there guys, gals, and any other pals! How are you, my fellow homosapiens (or if you're an alien, or some other form of animal, or a ghost, or just a plain entity, that's fine, too!) It is indeed me, Spellbound! Now, last time I was on inkwell I was pretty burnt out, and my mental health is still definitely strained, and is in fact, getting worse, buuuuttt, I would love to bring back my solowrite from what seems like, well, forever ago! let's see it was January of 2021 since the last part. Wow that's a long time... And I'm not even sure that a lot of the people in the solowrite are still active on the CB, but I would still love to continue it! If you weren't here when I first did this solowrite but would like to read along, that's totally fine! You are welcome to join the ride!! Here's a link to the thread, and just to jog your memory really quick, this story is about Tayah, the youngest girl in the dystopian world of Tel'lain, quardrant c, to be tested by the testing system of her home! So yeah! I hope some of you remember this and would like to continue reading!


Also, I will only be aiming to post once a week, probably on the weekends (friday through sunday) or Monday, but I'm pretty busy throughout the schoolweek, so yeah! I hope everyone's doing well and will enjoy my solowrite, part 2!

~Spellbound <3 

(my captcha, Phoxx, who is, indeed, part fox, just said ifoxi. I Foxy? Yes I know Phoxx <3)

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I am so glad you have come back!  I look forward to the continuation of your solowrite!

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