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Element Rulers RP

Element Rulers RP

Alright! I will make one more RP (this one) and if this one fails, oh well. I won't make another. OK, here's the backstory:


 A long, long, long, long, LONG time ago, the four rulers were created. Krystalyn was the ruler of the Elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Lightning). Atropos was the ruler of the Universe. Chrysanthe was the ruler of time. Arcadia was the ruler of Magic. Krystalyn kept all of the elements alive. Atropos was in charge of moving the planets and keeping the universe together. Chrysanthe kept time moving so no one would get stuck. Arcadia was the most powerful. She was the ruler of magic, which made her the ruler of the other rulers. However, she let them do what they wished, instead of her telling them what to do.


After a long time, they created people. Three of the rules gave the people of their clan the powers that they had. However, Arcadia decide to give only 3 people the power of the rulers. The 6 people would be chosen carefully. So, they all disappeared into the stars so no one would find them. They watched over their people well though. If danger was too great, they would save them. It was simple. The other Rulers had decide to give only a few people powers as well, that way not everyone had the powers. IT worked quite well.


Until now. Princess Chalee was a princess, but no one thought she would be a good queen. Luckily, she had older sisters. She was in the Arca Clan, ruled by Arcadia. The Atro CLan was ruled by Atropos. The Kryst Clan was ruled by Krystalyn. The Chrysan Clan is ruled by Chrysanthe. No one knew it, but Chalee was a chosen one. She knew she was, but she never told anyone. No one knows why. Even me. Only she knows (Because I can't think of a reason why). She had an older brother as well, but he would never be fit to rule. He acted like a child.


OK! So, after my character, there are 8 spots left. I will start onnnn....the tenth. OF November. There are three spots for each clan, except the Arca Clan, which there is two. IF you want a power, you have to have the power of your clan. You do not have to have a power. Now for the:


Charrie Sheet




Age (12-18):



Race (Human, elf, or Shape-shifter):









My Charrie:


Name: Princess Chalee

Clan: Arca

Age (12-18): 15

Description: Long, wavy, golden hair, blue eyes, fair skin

Family/Pets/Friends: two sisters, one brother, the queen, the king

Race (Human, elf, or Shape-shifter): Shape-shifter

Power: Arcadia's

Class: Sorcerer (wants to be)

Likes: kind, caring people, frost, winter, magic

Dislikes: rude people, summer

Personality: absentminded, kind, gentle, inteligent, poetic.

Skills: MAgic, sewing, weaving.


I hope at least some people join. 

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Name: Hoshi Shirotora

Clan: Arca

Age (12-18): 14

Description: Her hair actually has two different colors, light sandy brown and dark chocolate brown, but the strands mix together so it appears one solid color.  It appears silver in the moonlight.  Her eyes are a greenish blue, her skin is pale and with a light sprinkling of freckles.

Family/Pets/Friends: Parents: Sora and Hikari Shirotora, both deceased (died when Hoshi was five, she bounced around foster homes until she was twelve.) Adopted mother: Emily Jade Sponta, servant of the royal Arca family.  Adopted siblings: Mink Sponta, 15 Other family: Anna Ryoro, 14; daughter of another servant.  Illis Mia, a rich aunt who has disassociated with Emily, Mink and Hoshi.  Jacob Smyall, 14, a shape-shifter friend who likes to play pranks on Hoshi.  Jia Smyall, 13, Jacob's cousin.  A stray dog Hoshi named Mori.  Lark Skylar, a cousin of the royal family who lives in the palace (Hoshi despises him.)

Race (Human, elf, or Shape-shifter): Human

Power: She's a chosen one!  (She doesn't know it yet, though.)

Class: Servant

Likes: Sugar, adventure, her friends, stargazing, reading, writing, learning

Dislikes: Bananas, Lark, being patronized, cleaning

Personality: Very intelligent, somewhat shy, can be crazy, talented, observant, overthinks things

Skills:  Writing, drawing, learning, cooking, running, reading

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*Mia Illis not Illis Mia 

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YES! Seven more characters slots! Also, reserved spots will be held for one week! You can join after it's started, but only if there is a slot left.

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There can only be one royalty per clan, so make sure that no one else is the Prince or Princess of a clan before you decide to be one. No one has to be royalty. 

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TOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOPTOP And, Hana (my CAPTCHA) says {otwar} If she really does have an accent, is she at war?

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