Tsuki downs the

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Tsuki downs the

Tsuki downs the Coke that she bought in one gulp, and is about to tear open the Milky Way, when a somnolent wave of something that feels green crashes over her, and she blinks.

She's back, just outside the store. It's raining. She's cold.


Periwinkle's head is spinning, as they open the polka-dotted umbrella to step outside. The rain feels like acid, but they're sure it's just water. Why are they getting so dizzy?

A car rushes by, the bright headlights catching on the spray of water it sends. Droplets fall on Periwinkle's skin, and suddenly something in their head snaps, and then they're back on the bench of the park, just a block away from the store.


Wren shivers under her trench coat. It's cold. Only a couple minutes earlier, she was in the convenience store, but she'd stepped outside to get some air for a moment. Something prickles in her skin, and all of a sudden, it's not raining, it's not cold, and there's a faint hum of air conditioning.

She's back in the store.


Pancake is warm, and dry, as they sit, curled up in the blankets of their couch. They feel as if they might fall asleep any second, but the movie is almost over.

Their head droops, and it's loud, the rain drumming down on the concrete. Pancake is staring at her own reflection in a puddle, the paper taunting her from inside the water. They're back.


Pitter-pattering raindrops are falling from the sky. The world outside Willow's room is dark, gloomy, cold. The blinking lights of the alarm clock read 3:30 A.M. Willow sighs, the blankets of her bed pooling around her knees. She's tired, but she can't sleep.

Left of her is an empty bottle of melon soda, last night's homework, and the peeled off nametag she's saved from the first day of school.

Empty melon soda. Huh. She gets up, and glances into the box under her desk. There aren't any more.

Actually, she's been meaning to buy some pencils anyways. She can go to the convenience store. Stepping out into the rain, she opens up an umbrella. It's green. As soon as she steps out, something cracks in her umbrella, and it flutters away in the biting wind and rain.

She doesn't have another one. She'll have to run.

You want to change it? Fine. Write yourself in. Change it somehow. Get creative.

I'm watching.

And waiting.

And it will not change, no matter what you do. I'll stop you.


[Heya! If it wasn't clear already, now that you've written yourself in, you've got to change the loop somehow. Get creative! I, or the italicized being, will try to stop you, until you do something interesting enough. Again, if you want to join still, you can!]

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Willow hurries to the convenience store.  She's carrying an umbrella, then looks at it quizzically.  She looks back up at the sun.

Not a cloud in the sky.  Why...?

She shakes her head, then runs faster.  She's passing the convenience store and...

"Three, two, one."

All together, we push her in. 

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Willow is falling. Faster and faster, she can feel the phantom handprints on her back, that pushed her into this alice-in-wonderland rabbit hole of darkness.

She lands, hearing a sickening crunch from one of her bones.

Footsteps, and whispering, as whoever pushed her in descends into the sewer–because surely that's where she is, a sewer.

And then a pinprick of light appears in the darkness.

You made a mistake. 


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