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I got the idea from my location! OK, so this is sort of a RP, but not exactly. Here, you can come and order, or you can see if i will hire you. If you order something, you kind of RP it. I.E. I sit down as I wait to order. A waiter comes over. I order the _____ pizza. While I wait, i watch everyone else. when my pizza gets here,  (enter description of your pizza and whatever else)

That's how it will work! Your pizza must be made by a worker. This place is usualy open 24 hours. However, if no one is working, you will have to wait for your pizza. Once i have a few workers, we will discuss the menu. Thank you for checking this out! Workers will be given free *virtual* pizza. we have frozen pizzas if you don't want to wait.

If you want to be a worker, I will accept 9 workers. Then there will be ten people in all. More details wil be given once we have workers and have done the first meeting. You are welcome to watch the meeting. With special permission, you will be allowed to cast an opinion. Thank you again!


Worker sheet and requirements:


CBer or AE:

Age(check the requirement):

Table or all(explained in requirements):




Age: you must be at least in 6th grade

Table: You serve one table.

All: You go around and serve everyone.

you must be here for every meeting unless you cannot (i.e. you are taking a vacation) 

That's all! 

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*smiles evilly* 



I know the perfect AE for this job...












Name: Indigo, goes by Indy




Age: 11, She can be in 6th grade


Table: she will serve any table you want her to, but preferably one that doesn't seat very many people.



/I wanna try too! *whines*\



Okay, okay Chai. Stop acting like a baby.



Name: Chai




Age: 13


Table: she doesn't care which table she serves, she'll do whatever you want her to.



*~But this sounds scary...~*



Try new things! 



/This sounds awesome!\



Don't blow anything up.



I'm not even going to bother volunteering my third AE, because I think that would go terribly. Anyways, hope this is okay :) my AEs can't wait!



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I'll sign up!


Name: Missing

CBer or AE: Uhhh, sort of both...?

Age: 7th grade.

Table or all(explained in requirements): all, I guess.

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If we don't have enough people before the 24th (when I'm hoping to start), my AEs will help.

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Actually, I'm gonna get our workers from 3 to 5.


Name: wyyiz

CBer or AE: AE

Age(check the requirement): 16

Table or all(explained in requirements): all



Name: StoryTeller

CBer or AE: Sort of both.

Age(check the requirement): 17

Table or all(explained in requirements): Table

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JOIN This soon please.

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