Solo-Write, sorta!

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Solo-Write, sorta!

Solo-Write, sorta!

Please come as yourselves, i.e, CBers. You can each bring one AE. (It's like. a ski-lodge, except...minus *most of* the murder-y stuff.) heh


You're just having a normal day biking along the street. It's sunny, leaves are falling in glorious colors from the trees, and there's not a cloud in the sky. You'll pedel down to the drugstore and get a snack, then--

Your thoughts are inturupted by a black cat racing in front of you. You yelp and hit the brakes while simultaneously swerving the handlebars. This is a bad combonation, and your bike flips over, sending you flying through the air to land on the sloped roof of your house. Key word: SLOPED. You roll off the roof, tumbled through the air, and smash into your mailbox, breaking the post in half and sending letters flying everywhere. Better the post than you; still, it hurt.

Sore, you scramble to your feet, fuming, and look for that cat. No sign of it. Sighing, you pick up your twisted bike and move it out of the road, then begin gathering up the mail. Bills, newsletters, and--you stop.

There's a letter! Right there, with your name on it!

You never get letters.

Peeling it open, other mail forgotten, you sit down on the curb and read:

Dear Cber,

You are invited to spend a month in North Mountain Pine Lodge! Bring your warmest clothes and your favorite AE and get ready for a winter of fun. Skiing, sledding, ice-skating, and other such awesome activities await! Be ready by December 6th, and you'll be picked up for this month of fun. Thanks!

--The Hosts, Ash and Aurora


DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any injury that occurrs while you are under our care.


This will start on December 7th, hopefully. See you all then!!


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Here is the form you must fill out:






CBer or AE:

Do you want to be friends with anyone in this Solo-Write?:

What's your greatest fear?: 


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Name: Pancake

Age: 10-14 (Not allowed my real age, sorry)

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, and ivory skin.

Personality: lazy, shy, chatty online, gets mad at among us peope a lot.

CBer or AE: CBEr

Do you want to be friends with anyone in this ski-lodge?: Well, it depends on who joins, so can I fill this out later?

What's your greatest fear?: Heights, spiders, insects, natrual disasters!
My second AE's form. 
Name: Wyyiz

Age: 12

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Red and blonde swirled wavy hair, green eyes, tan skin

Personality: bubbly, cheerful, strong, carefree when Mx and Yuki are not around.

CBer or AE: AE

Do you want to be friends with anyone in this ski-lodge?: Same as Pancake

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Wyyiz's fear is the Island of Dolls. Look it up. You'll see why. But you have to look at the images.

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Name: Phantasmagoria (Phantom)

Age: 16

Pronouns: e/en/es

E looks forward to this adventure.

Please hand en that cookie.

That's es book!

Appearance: gossamer hair swept into a ponytail, leather jacket, gold hoop earrings, violet eyes, is an elf and a ghost (can walk through minor things like furniture or partitions, can hold solid objects like normal people)

Personality: eccentric, peaceful

CBer or AE: AE

Do you want to be friends with anyone in this Solo-Write?: Sure, but idk who specifically

What's your greatest fear?: jejuneness (boredom, pretty much)

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Name: pangolin
Age: 12
Pronouns: I am genderfluid. You can alternate between she/her and they them, or just use fae/faer
Appearance: I am slightly taller than average and very skinny. I am genderfae, and have a fairly feminine appearance. Thick wavy mid-length red hair just past my collarbone, tanned skin and freckles, straight nose slightly tipped at the end and full lips. I have dark eyelashes that frame my slightly narrowed eyes. My eyes are strange- they can be different colors depending on the lighting. They are naturally a blue-green but can appear blue-gray, green, or even purple. For this I will be wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with stars on it that says "Cosmic Space Dust", dark skinny jeans with a brown belt, black hightop converse, and rainbow stripped socks. 
Personality: I am thoughtful, logical, and quiet, and a self-declared nerd. I am socially awkward, weird, and, admittedly, a bit eccentric. I am an outcast, and am often alone, but rarely lonely. I am often found daydreaming about going on an adventure, writing, drawing, reading, or spending way too much time on school assignments. My number 1 method of procrastination is looking through NASA's 3D exoplanet simulation. I am adventurous, mischevious at times, creative, quick-witted, and have a slighty dark sense of humor. 
CBer or AE: CBer
Do you want to be friends with anyone in this Solo-Write?: Sure, anyone. 
What's your greatest fear?: Floor hockey and drowing. (Please don't ask about the first one; the second is self-explanatory) 
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*floor hockey and drowning

Sorry about the spacing, that always seems to happen when I copy + paste.  

I'm very excited for this to start! 

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Name: Shining Star

Age: 13

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: light brown hair with blond tips, likes fitted clothing like tops, skirts, leggings, brown hair

Personality: friendly, cheerful, sometimes sarcastic, sassy 

CBer or AE: CBer

Do you want to be friends with anyone in this Solo-Write?: Yeah! Pancake!

What's your greatest fear?: Um...dunno


Name: Archie

Age: 13

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Brown hair with silver tips, silver eyes

Personality: witty

CBer or AE: AE

Do you want to be friends with anyone in this Solo-Write?: Wyyiz!

What's your greatest fear?: Being stuck in an elevator with cobalt and lynx 

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