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WELCOME TO STORYBOOK!!!!!!!!!!! I am The Story Teller, or at least that's what I'm gonna call myself. Y'all can try to guess who I am!

This is where you can put a your very own twist on a clasic fairy tale, like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, OR you can make one of your own! You can replace the characters with you, and your friends, if you want!

Here's mine:


Once Upon a Time, there were 4 young men: Micky, Mike, Davy, and Peter. Peter was a cobbler, Micky was a tailor, and Davy was an innkeeper. Mike, Peasant of Nesmith, didn't have a job. He was so in love with Princess Lizzie, he couldn't concentrate on getting a job.

"Mike, you gotta stop thinking about the princess, man! She's a high-born monarch, and you're not!" Peter said to him one day.

"I can't help it, Peter, for I love her so deeply, I'd cut my sideburns to please her." Mike calmly replied.

Suddently, they heard the Royal Carriage pull into the muddy streets of Avon-On-Calling.

"HARK!" Peter, Micky, and Davy said in unison, putting their hands to their ears like people did in those days (Micky accidentaly poked himself with the pair of scissors he was holding, so, OUCH).

"The Princess!" Mike said, as he looked at the carriage.

A knight in black armor was commanding the horses to pull the carriage out of the mud. All the way over there, the pesants could hear him barking out orders: "Quickly, heave ho!"

"Heeelp! Heeelp! Here we are, stuck in the mud! Heeelp! With a bunch of incomputents (?)! Heeelp!" Princess Lizzie said.


"She's beautiful!" Mike agreed.

"Harold, get me outta the mud, will ya, please?!" Lizzie screamed.

Then, Mike went and got some TNT and blew up the carriage after yeetin' her out of it, and then took her to the inn and yeeted her out the window THE END!!!!!!!

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~HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY NAME~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StoryTeller, he did not steal your name.

~YES HE DID~! No, he has a similar name. ~IT"S NOT FAIR~!!!!!!!!!! Actually, it is. ~SHUT UP~!

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@The Story Teller Emekittycon Kitten?

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How. Did. You. Know?!

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Maybe it was this part: Mike, Peasant of Nesmith  

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(December 19, 2021 - 5:26 pm)

Also, you're gonna make me laugh out loud in class when I'm supposed to be doing my work~

Seriously though that was hilarious. 

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"and he yeeted her out the window~"


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