hayo i really

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hayo i really

hayo i really love to sew. is sewing a form of art? i am new to cricket but i all ready love it i really want to talk about sewing so if you love sewing this is the chat for youSmile!

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Well, first of all, WELCOME!!!! I am Pancake, I have 9 AEs (StoryTeller, Wyyiz, Mx Out, Yuki, Aysha, Zosia, Waffle, French toast, Crepes), post super often, and have won LAST TO POST... twice! I have a RP which is no longer accepting charries unless Kitty Cat is planning to join.


Second of all, I like sewing! I haven't done it in a while, but it was fun. I don't do it anymore seeing as I have no patience for it. 

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Hi pancake thank you for joining me chat i am SUPER new to this but my sis is on here to so i know someone on here. her name is reuby moonnight.Cool

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If you want to join a RP, I have a few suggustions.


Also, once I sewed a bear stuffed animal. It was really fun!

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Hi! I like to sew too! I have a sewing machine but it always breaks so I find it easier (and faster, in some cases) to hand sew. Mostly, I like to embroider though. I am not very good as I was just taught dolphin and backstitch and like 2 knots from my mom and second grade teacher, and read some packets that came with my embroidery hoop. But I really like to embroider because it is really relaxing. But I never have free time so I only

do it if it is a useful project like a gift. Also I'd say sewing itself probably isn't a form of art, but the things you do with it like the stuff you make is, so yeah it is I guess. 

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