Hello everybody. How

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Hello everybody. How

Hello everybody. How is everybody doing today. If you have watched little witch academia you should. Anyway i was thinking i should make a RP. So basically its a magic school. you get a star letter ( A letter made out of stars). It says " You have been enrolled in to the Lunitaria School of magic" A bag with a wand and five spell books is with the letter.
You can have any familiar you want.
alright this is the charrie form.


Appearance (please add like her clothing as well.):








This is my charrie

Name:Reuby Moonnight

 Appearance (please add like her clothing as well.):Long wavy black hair that fades into red, black and gold eyes, Scar across nose, pale skin. CLOTHING Maroon fitted sweater, black corset, black mini skirt, gray knee high socks and black boots with heel.

Family: Sister, mom, dad and big brother.

Personality: Brave, strong, kind and shy (Sometimes).


Gender: female

Familiar: Wiccan. He is a big black wolf with gold eyes. She can also ride him.
Faults:Gets Mad easily and gets into fights a lot

Other: Her mom runs the school.

There will be dorms and also. can you number your character be cause i can just go to a random number generator. Then witch ever numbers come up those people will be doorm mates.
Reuby is number one.
I cant wait to do this. Also they will be going on like field trips and seeing magical creatures. So if you have suggestions i will gladly put them in the RP. But please add a picture of the animal if you can.
See you all at Lunitaria. PS you can play a teacher too.

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Name: Chaos

Appearance (please add like her clothing as well.): red hair, blue eyes, pale green skin, purple skirt, orange shirt, black shoes, wears her hair in a ponytail, white ribbon

Family: Rain (mother) Angel (sister) Storm (Father)

Personality: chaos

Age: 15

Gender: female

Familiar: snake

Faults: Never looks before she leaps

Other: n/a

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Thank you. Ok i was wondering if i you or i could draw the character that you made. Also i was wondering if you could show this to other people because i really want to do this RP

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I would be bad at drawing my charrie, but if you want to draw them, go ahead. I will post a link on some threads, so hopefully you will get more people to join.

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ok. will do

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The name Lunitaria is really pretty and cool...I'm in!

Name: Ascella Morais

Appearance: Ascella on the taller side of average height, with a light olive skin tone. Their freckle-splattered face is defined by light gray-purple eyes with silver eyeshadow framed by black-rimmed glasses, and a small, tipped nose. Soft brown hair falls in soft waves to their chin, with a streak dyed dark purple. They wear a purple yoke sweater, long black fingerless gloves, ripped black jeans, and black converse hightops. Their nails are painted black, with a sparkly purple accent nail on each hand. Gold dangly bracelets line their wrists, while diamond studs shimmer on their earlobes. They wear a choker necklace, the onyx pendant clasped in the hollow of their throat. 

Family: Mom (Elysian), dad (Kalani), older brother (currently 21) (Eos), older sister (currently 17) (Terrwyn)

Personality: They are quiet, reserved, and honestly kind of mysterious. Although they prefer books to people, they are talkative and fun to be around once you get to know them. They are smart and logical, but sometimes overthink small details and are very ambitious. As the youngest child, they constantly feel the need to prove themself, and are very determined and hardworking as a result. 

Age: 15

Gender: Nonbinary, they/them

Familiar: Makatza, a raven with pure white feathers, shocking blue eyes, and a silver star shining faintly on his forehead. He can change his size, so small that he can fit in the palm of Ascella's hand, or so big that they can ride him. Makatza uses he/it pronouns. 

Faults: They are very stubborn and will go great lengths to achieve their goals. (However, while this can be negative, it does have some benefits.)


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I think you made my description look so undescriptive. Whatever. Also, please post on Um I want... soon. I'm not sure if you forgot that you were part of it or you just didn't have any time, so this is just a reminder.

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Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! School is really demanding, but I'll post later today. I'm really sorry~

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is it ok if i draw your character. also have you read raven saga?

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is it ok if i draw your charrie

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This sounds like a really fun RP, I hope we get enough people to do it.


Name: Lumia 

Appearance (please add like her clothing as well.): Small girl with long white blonde hair and pale skin. Her eyes are usualy grey but ocasionaly people will say they see hints of purple and dark blue. She wears black legings, a navy blue tunic and a dark cloak with silvery moonlight patterns that can only be seen at night. She also has a long golden necklace with a small moon at the end of it.

Family: Gesuelle (Grandmother), Carmyan (Uncle)

Personality: She is a shy sweet girl who is very clingy to people she is close to. Her parents abandoned her when she was a baby and she wants people to love her and care for her. Her grandma always took good care of her, but she is getting frail and can not do much anymore. She is easlily angered and when she is mad she will turn red and stomp her feet alot. She hates daytime and rarley goes out except at night.

Age: 10

Gender: Female, she/her

Familiar: Puck, a baby silver owl who is quite feirce with her beak when she feels Lumnia is being threatend

Faults: Gets easily angered and is quite feirce when she is even with her little size. She is also cowardly and is terrified of anything bigger then her.


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OMG thank you * cries of happiness * I just need 2 more people to start dorms This is to everybody and all the charries will be chibis if i draw them. You can choose from thin body, medium body, lager lower and tall body.

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is it ok that i draw your charrie

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