Myrkuut flattened his

Chatterbox: Inkwell

Myrkuut flattened his

Myrkuut flattened his body against the craggy damp wall.

He couldn't see a thing, but he could've sworn he heard something slithering in the dark not far from him. Cold sweat scuttled down his back, but he firmly held absolutely still for fear of alerting whatever it was out there.

Suddenly, a deep, breathy rustle came from his left and he stiffened slightly, holding his breath. It slowly thrashed its way past, disappearing to his right. Myrkuut's muscles loosened, and he let that coiled-up breath finally escape, but he didn't let his guard down. He couldn't afford to.

He needed to move forward, after all.

Letting his fingers crawl sideways against the rough, slimy rocks slightly behind him, he slowly edged his way on; ever closer to some desperate, unseen goal. 



Nickname (optional): 


(^^^ Can have male, female, in-between/neither/unclear or just vaguely leaning towards one or the others, etc., but also consider how 'alien' species may function. Maybe they switch during certain periods, or are like fungus on Earth, where gender doesn't really apply in the same way, or perhaps they have a different method of procreating all together. Keep an open mind, and explain/experiment with that here!) 






(^^^optional, basically just clothes/equipment/enhancements your charrie needs/prefers)


(^^^ Optional, if not, just put 'N/A'; if yes please specific/list uses, limitations, complications, etc.)

Species type(be unique!): 


(^^^ Optional, keep it general/mysterious if possible since we'll only have specific names for regions/governments after we've fleshed out the story a bit more) 


(^^^ Optional, since there is an 'international/continental' language, this won't be a problem for general communication except in special cases, but it might play into the story to be able to speak many/very tribe-specific languages) 

Defining traits:

(^^^ Optional; do they have a particular birthmark or deformity or unique colouration that makes it easy to identify them? Perhaps their species has a very distinctive feature, like glowing eyes or skin, or something like that? How does this effect them? Are they praised as being a 'chosen one,' or shunned for their differences, or does it not matter that much at all? Maybe it doesn't matter in their native tribe, but when facing other species/groups, it does. Explain/experiment all that here!) 



Don't forget, you can adjust you sheet as the story continues and we all have a better understanding of this World at large. It's also alright if you create several more characters later on, but let's stick to 1-3 for the beginning part.

I plan on being the main writer/Dungeon Master, but I'll still create a few characters and encourage you to write little segments/chapters or even side/backstories, if you're comfortable with it! Thank you!

_-_-_ _-_-_ _-_-_

Sneak-peak/preview of the next part:

Fingers met cold metal, and stayed with excitement. Was this what he'd been looking for?! Before Myrkuut could celebrate or investigate further, a sharp scraping erupted above eye-level at his 2 o'clock. He froze.

All at once, Myrkuut's vision turned to stabbing white, body was bathed in a beam of light.

Expect to have a set of new charries introduced in the next segment! 

_-_-_ _-_-_ _-_-_


Heya, so, this is my first time starting an RP! Feel free to offer suggestions/improvements if you think there's anything that could use some work, especially if you're more experienced with this kind of thing! See ya' soon! 

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Example for your reference-- 

Name: Myrkuut (means "of shadows")

Nickname: N/A

Pronouns: He/him/his, (biologically leaning more "masculine," but not necessarily "male") 

Appearance: Humanoid; medium-brown skin, soft longish chestnut hair/fur on his body except for his face, palms and soles (imagine, like a human-wolf sort of hybrid, but not...)

Personality: Cautious but brave, determined but a little shy, and generally loyal and protective towards allies

Skills/strengths: Physically strong, caring, fast and persistent, careful, can walk upright/use weapons(prefers lighter daggers/knives)

Weakness/limitations: Can be a little overly-cautious with new people/creatures, might be a bit frightening at first, doesn't know when to give up and might be a tad oblivious sometimes, doesn't like water but can swim

Gear: N/A, does wear simple cloth clothes and can wield small weapons

Magic/type: Can possibly transform into a wolf? Maybe when he gets older. Otherwise N/A, probably

Species type: Humanoid, slightly wolf'ish thing

Habitat: Unclear

Language(s): Can speak to wolves and forest-dwellers

Defining traits: He has medium-brown symmetrical features, but has a white scar over his left eyebrow.

Other: N/A for now

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cool intro.

Name: sonia

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Appearance: green eyes, light skin, orange yelloe hair (i geuss strawberry blond idk)

Personality: really bright and happy, energetic, friendly

Skills/strengths: very welcoming, pretty smart, positive

Weakness/limitations: shes too trusting usually, still a bit younger (unexperienced), is a very squishy and vulnerable humanish organism 

Gear: wears light colored robes and has vines or plants on her clothes, wears a cloak if shes tryin to be sneaky, usually has a staff or wand to direct magic more easy

Magic/type: yes, um. undefined? like she can cast spells and stuff idk

Species type: um i guess sorta elvish, like elegant and magicy but still pretty human

Habitat: im not sure yet

Language(s): ability to talk to birds maybe (like a disney princess not to be sexist or anything)

Defining traits: nope

Other: um she likes warm fuzzy or cute things and the sun and plants

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Thanks for your charrie sheet, sounds good!

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Name: Maelstrom


Pronouns: ae/aem/aer/aers/aerself (clarification: aer species has one biological gender. One person will find a suitable mate and they work together to produce an egg, which will hatch into a baby)


Appearance: see attached pic


Personality: manipulative, optimistic, peaceful, energetic, erratic


Skills: outdoor cooking, diplomacy (side effect of being manipulative AND peaceful :), weaving, flight, knives (like, general knife wielding stuff)

Strengths: night vision, heat/fire resistance


Weaknesses: running, hand to hand combat, claustrophobia, hearing, daytime vision, cold resistance


Gear: dagger, money, cloth wraps & leather straps (clothing), small cast iron pot


Magic: can breathe fire, summon fire

-if well fed, can breathe or summon fire balls in hand

-is immune to own fire

-if malnourished or too cold, then ae can't


Species: Serpenna


Habitat: rainforest/jungle



-Iaculus (Serpennas' language)

-Parseltongue (snake language)

-the international language (can we call it Allspeak or something?) 


Defining features:

-green&black (most Serpenna are red - yellow) ae is considered a little scary, but basically the same as everyone else. Serpenna are fairly isolated (on purpose), so outsiders wouldn't notice much

-almost completely deaf (idk if its really a defining feature but idc)



If anyone else wants to be Serpenna, that's fine with me! :) 

dragon person.jpg
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Thanks for your charrie sheet! Serpennae seem pretty cool.

And yeah, "Allspeak" is a good idea, we'll use that from now on! 

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:D thank you!

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*screeches in excitement*


Name: Jũkyũ

Nickname (optional): Ju

Pronouns: o/on/on(s)/onself

He/she/they his/her/their package inside =

O took on package inside.

He's/she's/they're the one in the blue dress.  That's him/her/them, right there. = 

O's the one in the blue dress.  That's on, right there.

That package is his/hers/theirs. = 

That package is ons.

On race has three genders.  The first is cari (used like girl, boy, man, woman, female, male) o/on/on(s)/onself and is performs the reproductive function of a human female.  The second is feri o/oto/oto(s)/otoself and performs the function of a human male.  The third is nrri o/owa/owa(s)/owaself and cannot be part of reproduction.

Appearance: Long brown hair, three green eyes, white skin (as in, the color of snow), light blue freckles, third eye changes color based on emotion

Personality: Anxious, smart

Skills/strengths: Smart, empathetic, doesn't sleep that much

Weakness/limitations: Anxious, thinks but never acts

Gear: n/a

Magic/type: n/a

Species type(be unique!): Ocuan.  These are human-like creatures; the differences between them and humans is the existence of the third biological gender, skin & hair & eye colors can be anything, they have three eyes and some have limited prophetic powers (those ones "whites" of their eyes are black). Ocuans require more energy than humans, also, meaning they eat & sleep much more.  Ju is an exception- she doesn't sleep that much, but she also seems to have less energy than others.

Habitat: Ocuans are found anywhere, but Jũkyũ lives on a very small planet as a slave with her mother's sibling San

Language(s): Allspeak 

Defining traits: Nothing out of the ordinary for on species, but in an environment where o's the only of on species on third eye and blue freckles set on apart


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It says "planet" i meant to say "city"

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Got it, thanks for your charrie sheets!

I'm intrigued by your species' details, too; especially the Ocuan! Sounds like it'll be fun to incorporate in the story! :)

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Thank youuu

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Name: Ameno Tora (Tora Ameno)

Nickname (optional): People call her Toto to annoy her

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Appearance: Longish black hair that can curl and straighten on its own for some reason, small tigerlike feline ears, long black tail with orange treelike patterns, skin tone is a light brownish color, eyes are green and brown (heterochromatic), short legs

Personality: Fiery, sort of in development

Skills/strengths: Very strong and agile, can hear, see, and smell extremely well

Weakness/limitations: Impulsive

Gear: Bow & arrow

Magic/type: n/a

Species type(be unique!):  Earthfolk- humanoids who have animal-like abilities, ears and tail.  They are not magic, they cannot have any animal-like parts besides very small details and ears/tail/abilities (e.g., they can't have wings) and their animal stuff is not dependant on bloodline and genes and has to be mammal.

Habitat: Jungles & forests, Tora happens to be the neice of the ruler in her particular area which is not limited to earthfolk 

Language(s): Allspeak, Tsuchigo (the language of her area), trying to learn the ancient language of that region

Defining traits: See "Appearance"


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Name: Mnemonic Guru
Nickname (optional): Emon
Pronouns: ze, zir, zirs (they, them, their/theirs)

Appearance: Ze has chin length white hair that fades into air at the bottom, very deep blue eyes, very pale skin, very tall.
Personality: Ze is a spirit guardian who helps his guarded person with anything they need, especially memory and protection, silent, protective, never speaks, uses his powers to communicate, will die when the person ze is guarding dies, cannot die before that.
Skills/strengths: fighting, cooking, baking, cleaning, reading, writing
Weakness/limitations: When the person that ze is guarding dies
Gear: Blue flame orb, crystalized blue flame earings, a white robe with a blue flame mark on it's back, no shoes

Blue Flame- A unique power that no one else can wield, no one knows what it truely does
Spiritual Powers- Used for helping who ze is guarding 
Connection- Connected to who ze is guarding so they can feel zirs emotions and visions (how Gurus think) 

Species type(be unique!): Guru (Spirit Guardians, very few still alive)
Habitat: When they are in Spirit form, before they get reborn and protect someone new, the Forest of Magic, a forest full of white trees that have no leaves, mist covering the ground almost thick enough to stand on, and mountains rising up beyond the horizion, but can never be reached.

Language(s): N/A does not speak or think in any language

Defining traits: A black flower mark on zirs left hand

Other: Anyone can be who he is protecting. I will post my other charries later, but I have to do school, sorry!
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Name: Michael

Nickname: Mike

Pronouns: Male, he/him/his

Appearance: He has light tan skin, black wavy hair, in a hairstyle that looks like the LEGO Short Glamour hairstyle, and brown eyes. He wears casual, but functional clothin'.

Personality: Calm, he DOES get irratated, but he'll give a warnin', like "Ok, no more Mr. Nice Guy" kinda calmly, which is his "I'm gettin' mad here!!" voice. Otherwise, he's intellegent, and knows his way around strange places.

Skills/Strengths: He's pretty athletic, and strong, too. He can breathe underwater, since he's a humanoid Aquarious.

Weaknesses/limitations: He's kinda sensitive to cold, and he's REALLY sensitive to light.

Gear: Warm clothes, money, books with history stuff in 'em, food.

Magic/Type: He can control other beings, but usin' it takes most of his energy, and after usin' it, he HAS to rest for 2 hours, until he can walk again. He can't use it on beings that are stronger than him, or more advanced, 'cause he tried that once. It didn't go too well...

Species Type: Aquarious. They're a humanoid type of creature that can breathe underwater, and are VERY atheletic on land and in water.

Habitat: In a tropic ocean-like place.

Languages: Aquarion, All-Speak, and Parseltongue.

Defining Traits: He has 2 sets of gills on each side of his neck, but it's hidden by his hair. He also has a birthmark on his palm, that looks like a dolphin.

Other: He's open to girls around his age, and he can tame sea creatures.

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Name: Forrest

Nickname (optional): 

Pronouns: he/him/his

Appearance: Dark brown hair, mossy-green eyes, dark skin. Calloused hands, a birthmark on his left hand shaped like a tree, woven slothing, barefoot

Personality: Quiet, determined, stoic, strong

Skills/strengths: Carving, archery, stealth

Weakness/limitations: Distrusting. Also very bad at interactions with people

Gear: Bow and arrow; and he likes weaving his own clothes

Magic/type: N/A

Species type(be unique!): Ah...elven shapeshifter who can turn into a cat. How's that?

Habitat: Lives alone in a cave in the forest

Language(s): Elf, dwarf, fairy, troll, gnome, goblin, mermaid, ogre, nymph, unicorn, international language (the reason he knows so many languages is because he was raised by various species and has dealt with various species and so learned their languages. He also met a unicorn, I will explain in the "other" section, but that's why he knows that language. Also, elf shapeshifters are very fast language learners

Defining traits: Pointy ears, aforementioned tree-shaped birthmark on left-hand. Lives alone, but sometimes doubts if this is a good idea. Gets all his own food from the forest.

Other: When gathering berries one day in a clearing by a stream he found an injured unicorn with the tip of its horn missing. It was just a baby. He brought it back with him, nursed it back to health and helped its horn grow back, then released it. During that time he learned to speak its language. Now every full moon it returns to the clearing to visit him.


Yay, this should be fun!


--Shining Star 

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