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Flip The Script!

Flip The Script!

This has probably been done or suggested or thought of before, but it's just a fun thing that popped into my head :D. Try taking a story you've already written, a story you like, a plot you have in mind, or a stereotype of a story, and write it from a different character's perspective, like not the main character's view. For example, the "chosen one" stereotypical plot. Maybe you write it from the villian's perspective, or maybe it's the friend's, or the mentor's. It's all up to you of course. You get to decide how they feel. Do they feel jealous, relieved, confused, or perhaps more capable than the main character? you tell me.

Yeah, so that's pretty much all. you can tell me about times you've done this, plots or movies or books you may want to do this to, or just tell me what you think. I'm personally thinking of writing a book right now, and I think it  would be very cool to write it from a different character's view, but I haven't hashed out all the plot, so I'm not sure yet.

Anyways, I hope you have an incredible, and enjoy my probably unoriginal idea!! 

<3 Spellbound 

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Sounds really fun! 

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Omg, I'm actually doing this with one of my stories! From 4 charrie's perspectives all in separate books!

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I'm so glad you guys liked this idea!! :D To the TOP it goes!!

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Cool! I'll try it sometime!

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Another idea would be to swich points of view every chapeter, so the reader could see what's happening in both charrie's minds... just an idea.

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Yeah, it sorta reminds me of A Long Walk to Water, although that was a little different.

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Sondra stood: chin up, arms crossed, legs slightly spread, brows furrowed, hoping he wouldn't show up. 'Please, Oh Great Primays, if there was a single request ever to be granted, please don't him come. Not now.' She thought, eyes closed for fear of seeing the one person she wished not to arrive.

But alas, his footsteps this time proceeded her sight. There was no doubt about it, that familiar gait and chinking of the cuffs of his boots, the same sheefing of rare Farsutian fabric as he moved. Farsutian goods were not hard to come by when you were the rumoured eleventh leg of the Schendayak, Empress of all of The Farsut-lund and its extended territories, after all. 

Sondra's lips were nearly colourless and seemingly ready to pop at any moment with how hard she was biting them. She opened her eyes and was hit with the scent of Poinga-Tree, making her mouth purse even tighter. Looking up she saw Chilton Zdravuk in all is magnificent glory... That was to say, he was indeed and Farsutian Aristocrat. Long chestnut hair tied back, with elegantly embroidered coats and top-parts in vibrant reds with dashes blues*, with plainer chisled-looking white red-frilled trousers, rather dark skin dark a Farsutian(yet still, by no means truly 'dark,' in any sense if the word) and alluring deep brown eyes. Surely, they wouldn't hold nothing but that faint yet ever-characteristic smile, mirrored by his lips, as if this is just like any day, would they?

"Ah, Chilton... So, you've finally arrived." Without budging an inch, Sandra 's eyes finally met his. Her blood ran cold despite the boy's friendly manner.

"You say that like you've been expecting me," He cocked his head to the side, grin deepening humourously.

The girl's twin broad-edged scimitars glinted ominously in the low, dusty, golden flames cast by the temple's internal chamber's braziers as they were slid, with a slight sting of airborn friction, out of their sheaths. 

Chilton's eyebrows arched at the sound. The Farsutian was not, of course, any stranger to threats and attempts on his life, but from this highly-respected lass? Interesting.

"And just what do you plan to do with those?" Chilton continued, his previous prodding-statement ignored by the young woman that stood before him, her stance appearing highly defensive, although it was likely she would strike first.

Now it was Sondra's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Did you seriously expect no repercussions for-" She seemed to choke on her own words before she could get them out, "For... Everything that you did." It wasn't truly a question, but a statement, the way she said it. That got a good sigh out of Chilton.

"Now, Sondra-" He was rudely interrupts by a brave to his throat. His eyes became a few degrees icier as he lifted his gaze to the person he had just addressed, better matching his homeland than this buried desert temple. The smile more-or-less dropped off his face. Still, the Sakhrani did not waver.

"Since you have come here, prepare... To pay for your sins in life, and repent in death." She grit her teeth, eyes burning with a fiery determination, even if it saddened her to follow through on her word to the Chief. 'I shall indeed carry out justice and avenge the evil-doer, even if it does require the payment of that one's life, and their repentance in death. I shall swear to do so by my own hand, should it be necessary.' she had said back then. There... Would be no turning back.

"Do you... Really want to do this? Sondra..." Once more, Sondra's blades flying towards him stole his chance of talking it out. Of manipulating her any further, she was sure. And yet, he spoke again.

"If that's how it's going to be..." his eyes reflected back the cold blue energy of his own mid-sword, which caught Sondra's blades mid-air with a sharp clang; voice losing all of its former warmth and truly dissolving into frost. "Then, fine!"

With that final exclamation, Chilton swung back hard enough into Sondra's curved daggers to send her sliding backwards, kicking up dust as she tried to stand her ground.

The desert-dweller smirked, retorting with a snarl, "So you finally reveal your true colours." Prodded on by her opponent's grimace, Sondra was emboldened and took the chance to dart and slash at the young man in front of her. He was armed? All she had to do was wear him down. Then it would be easy to right the wrongs he had done -- or least make him pay for them.

Sondra was narrowly missed by The Farsutian's next hulking swing. She leapt back, but was once again stung with the impact of Chilton's much heavy blade and was skiffed back. 'Curse this sandy "arena's" floor...' She grumbled to herself after sliding back for the second time. She quickly dodged around to her opponents unprotected side, and seemingly startled him, making him fumble back a few steps and nearly causing him trip. Taking advantage of this edge and her two scimitars, Sandra made a quick flurry of barraging slashes, before finally getting one, good stab in the direction of Chilton's face. He jerked away, just in the nick of time, but still got grazed lightly on the cheek.

This fresh scent of metal-drawn blood only exited the Sakhrani, and perhaps tossed away any of her last remaining slivers of inhibitions or reservations. Indeed, the first drops of blood had now been spilt. This was full-out war for her now


*"blues" include blues, greens, purples and all that in this setting


Hiya! I'm gonna do Chilton's perspective and some backstory next!

Whaddya'll think so far? Any suggestions/improvements? (Don't worry to much about the specific unfamiliar terms thrown around in there, they'll be explained in more detail later.)

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