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Take a bullet

Take a bullet and RUN WITH IT!!

Stretch it out as much as you can, turn it into a multi-chaptered story, write a poem about it, tell it from different perspectives, combine two different prompts into one, ANYTHING! Even if you have to squint to make the prompt make sense, DO IT! All in the name of creativity and inspiration!

Please just say which one(s) you're using, and donate a few bullets if you have the chance! :) 


Here's the first few for reference:

> Stolen identity

> 'Weren't we supposed to be friends?'

> 'It's like the whole world has gone mad. What do we do now?'

> Molten rock churned, burbling and pretending to breath fire itself, under the watchful eye of the ______. Nothing had happened. Yet.  

> A solemn toll struck into the grey mist. At first, it was just one, but soon the bells' tune had swelled to a chorus, riding the somber taste of the rain as if they were atop the black horses leading the funeral hearse.  

> 'That was in your past life, though. Neither of you are the same people you were in that life, nor do you have the same relationship or circumstances. Why take that chance now? What if it ruins everything we have here, in this life?" 

>  The tattered red-bound book lie slanted on the flaky, green lopsided shelf. It's pages were torn and yellowed, with dog-ears and ancient markings -- scars left behind by dribbled and smeared ink -- perhaps even with a coffee spill or two. But that didn't matter to ________.  


Good luck and happy writing! Ciao~

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This looks so cool! I am gonna use the last one. I will post some of what i write from it later (once i write it.) Here's some:

> The swamplands were bathed in mist, but a small yellow light could be seen, moving slowly through the fog.


> Once by the sea there lived a ________.


> "We're too late."


> "Who is that?!" I demanded to my best friend _______, pointing at the strange boy across the schoolyard.



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Ooh, I like your third bullet a lot... I think I'll use that one. (The first one too, but it has a different 'look' to it for me, so I think I'll save it for later!)

*cackles nefariously*

* slinks into the shadows* 

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Do we have to keep them exactly the same or can we change them around? This looks cool :D I'll try to think of some to add.

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You can switch things around, if you want! Being creative is the only goal! :)

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"We're too late."

Jorge stumbled back, nearly tripping over his own feet as he gaped.

That was impossible. They couldn't just be... Too late... What about their families, their homes, their livelihoods?

Elena's big brown eyes mirrored back a sad reflection as they swept over her friends. She kept quiet, head down, staring with newfound interest at the patterns on her leggings, pretending she couldn't see the fiery rage simmering and threatening to burst out of Hernando. He too, stood silently, rigid as a wooden statue. There was nothing she could do or say that would ease that tension.

Just then, a low, mournful whimper sounded from the corner, and Elena's head snapped up for a brief second. She gestured with a slight soft-whistle at the huddled figure. Pepito shakily looked up, eyes brimmed with tears, and scooted over to bury his face in her shoulder, sitting side-by-side.

Isabel's usual laughter was replaced by a heavy sigh. "It... It could be, a lot worse, everyone." She tried at a smile, but everyone could see through that gauze-thin façade.

Everyone's attention turned back to the mark of tragedy upon their land. The acrid stench of ash and fire-dust wafted over the torched scene; red-hot embers still weakly breathing their last, buried under black and crumbling decay. 

Elena's eyes drifted up to follow the smoke, gently curling up -- escaping to a better place -- and and only hoped everyone they knew and loved had been able to do the same.

But if she squinted against the dim glow of dusk, she could see them in the grey wisps -- the faces of her grandmother and parents, Hernando's three younger siblings, Isabel's blind father, Pepito's favourite nurse, and Jorge's boyfriend and kind older sister. All gone, slipping from sight.

Her lids fell closed, as too did the sky's eye. They all grimaced in pain, knowing full well the harsh truth that had befallen them this day. 

What were they to do now? 

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"We're to late," its one of Shining Star's prompts! :)

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just a little scene with OCs I'm writing on the spot-

"That was in your past life, though. Neither of you are the same people you were in that life, nor do you have the same relationship or circumstances. Why take that chance now? What if it ruins everything we have here, in this life?" 

Ever was silent with shock. After a minute, they asked, "Saorsie... when did you get so smart?"

Saorsie shrugged. "Maybe I licked something that was that smart."


No, I have no context. Dang it, Saorsie, my little crackhead-

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That is superbly hilarious and confusing at the same time, and I'm kinda loving it! XD 

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I- I don't really know what this is, but do with it what you will, I guess :p It's the first thing Ive written in a while, so, you know, at least I wrote something...?


A solemn toll struck into the grey mist. At first, it was just one, but soon the bells' tune had swelled to a chorus, riding the somber taste of the rain as if they were atop the black horses leading the funeral hearse. 

The girl was curled up on the windowsill, cheek pressed against the window pane. The glass was cold and shook from the rattling winds and lashing rain from outside, and the girl found herself shivering like one of the leaves on the oak that partially obscured her vision of the street below. 

It really was a somber affair, she thought, looking down through strands of auburn hair. People packed the cobblestone street, dressed in black from head to toe, giving the impression of ghostly figures draped in shadow. The funeral procession inched down the center, the crowd parting for the coffin carried on the shoulders of servants dressed in slate gray with the golden royal insignia pinned on their chests. The coffin itself was midnight blue wood, painted meticulously with swirls of metallic color. 

The princess, the king’s only daughter, rode behind her father’s body, head bowed behind a lace veil and gloved hands clenched around the reins to her horse. There might have been tears running down her face, although the girl was too far away to tell if it was rainwater or not. 

The prince, the king’s only son, was nowhere to be found. He was on a mission, although the girl knows it’s more of a grief-filled rampage through the kingdom to find the person responsible for his father’s death. He’s not ready to be the new king yet. Perhaps the daughter will lead now, although at the moment she looked so very frail and pale, as though she was made of porcelain and one touch may break her. 

What a predicament; a kingdom without a king and two children unfit to rule.

The son will come through the city eventually, knocking down doors, demanding answers. He will drive himself mad trying to find those answers, although they will always remain elusive.

The girl watched silently as the procession passed out of her sight and she grinned a little bit, fingering the golden chain around her neck. It was heavy and inlaid with jewels. 

It had been quite the hassle to get all of the blood off of it after removing it from the dead king’s neck. 

She’s smiling fully now, stretching a little bit and tilting her head back, staring up into the blank grey sky. Let the prince tear himself apart, let the princess waste away into a pile of flesh and bones. No one will find her. There will be no consequences, not for her. 

The girl laughs.

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Mateeeeeeeee!!! That. Is. Amazing!!! 

The suspense and incredibly dark tone are so beautifully gloomy! Then the discreet admittal of regicide and throwing everything into chaos? I don't know who this perspective character is, but I love her as a dark, mysterious and lowkey-terrible figure! (Plus I really like exploring psychology/moral grey'ness, antagonism and people who are not fit for the position + their reaction.)

Ahhh I need more of thissss... TAT

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Aww thanksss!! I seem to only be able to write moral-grayness lol, maybe next time I'll try and write something happy just to see if I can :p I really haven't been writing at all lately, so this was really nice to hear <333 This thread is genius, btw- I'm going to try to keep writing these little snippets as often as I can! 

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Woah. This is so well written! The descriptions are so cool.

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I used Jaybell's prompt, Stolen Identity. Warning though: This is a first draft, and I know there are some unexplained things, so it isn't very good yet. Still, I though I should post it: 

I never wanted to take you away from the world, but I had no choice. They, the horrid, horrid creatures, were coming for me. If they saw me - who, or what, I truely was, they would have destroyed me. And now, they're after you. It's all my fault. 

You probably don't remember me, but I am, or was, your best friend. I remember when you first talked to me, that day in first grade, the way you looked at me. Your eyes had been full of curiosity, with a small tinge of mischief. I just knew we'd be together forever from that moment onward, yet I had to go and lock you away. Now, you can't summon me, can't remember my face. And for that, I will ever hate myself. 

I guess, now that in your mind I'm gone, I should begin my telling you my name. It's Gael. Gael Njapa. I'm 14, and I'm a refugee. Not in the usual sense though. I'm a dimension refugee, and so are you. I know you can't recall your true past, but you and I were both born in another world. No, not on another planet, but another version of the same planet. In our world, what you called Earth was Demeterus, and our people were…monsters. I don't know any other way to phrase it. The higher in status took advantage of those lower - they performed experiments on us, turning us into beasts. Tristan, your brother from Demeterus, was sent back to his form in the Neanderthals time. This destroyed you. I'm sorry, but it's true. You were broken after Tristan ran back to the woods. So, you locked yourself up in your room, and didn't come out until I broke you're door down. 

Now I have to tell you something extremely important: I was experimented on too, though what happened to me was…unexpected. I turned into an Influencer. What they did to me, it changed my brain so that I could infiltrate others fault and…alter them. I could make, with enough power, people bend to my will. 

The Higher Powers, as they called themselves, knew what an Influencer was, but there were none in current existence. Why? Because the Higher Power exterminated them all. If they found out about me, I would have been dead meat. And, well, they found out about me. They tested me until I spiked a certain line on a certain chart, and their faces turned to me with shock and fury. They didn't know that I knew. So, what did they do? They sent me to my room and told me to come back first thing the next day. Then, they would surely have a brand new bacteria ready to devour my brain. I had no choice but to run, or turn into a completely different person. So, I decided to turn into a different person: You. 

Your name was Brayson Hawthorne, and you were amazing. The moment I broke into your room, you tried to calm yourself from the fit of tears you were in, for me. You smiled, even though I could see it wasn't real. Never did you put yourself first.

"Gael?" You had asked, your voice cracking. Your hair then was shoulder length, and you brushed a strand of it out of your hair. You really were beautiful. Nothing like me - I'm just a criminal. 

"Bray, I think I need to tell you something." I said. You scooted aside, and I told you about what I had discovered about myself. I told you I was an Influencer, and that I had an idea. 

You nodded, and I revealed the secrets I had discovered in the short time I was around the Higher Powers. I had found out that there was another dimension - a better dimension. There was a place where all humans were equal, where no one 'studied' others the way they did here. I told you that I thought I could let you go to that world. 

I remember your face; you were scared. But, I saw you were tempted. There was nothing here, yet in the new world, actual opportunities would be available to you. An actual family could take you in, and care for you. Give you something I could never give. 

"Will you come too?" You asked, and I froze. No, I couldn't come. Because my idea wasn't to send us to the euphoria of Earth, but for me to send you, take your identity, and tare down the Higher Powers from the inside. But, how could I tell you that? You were so fragile then - I couldn't bring you down again. 

"Yes." I lied. "We can go together." 

So that night, we snuck down to the D Room. It stood for 'Dimension', as I had just learned recently. 

The door was locked, but you, being your brainy self, had a hairpin. You picked that lock like a pro, I wondered if you had done that before. I guess I'll never know, now. 

The door swung open, and we went in together. At the end of the room, there was a strangely science-fiction like spiral on a control panel in front of a large screen. The spiral was moving. 

"This is it, then." You said, walking toward the spiral with the tiniest of glimmers of hope in your eyes. 

"Yep," I grimaced, hoping you couldn't see me flinch in the light. "All you have to do is touch that spiral, and your off to Earth." 

"Earth?" You asked.

"That's the name of this planet in the other world." I answered

"Oh! I like it! Sounds homey." You said. 

"It really does." I answered. 

You moved toward the spiral, your hand just above the button. "You are coming too, right?" You asked. 

"Of course, just after you." I said. At last, your face actually smiled, and you pressed the spiral. 

"See you soon then!" You added, and then were gone. That was the last thing you ever said to me. And that is when I noticed the blinking red light next to the spiral. I bent down to read it, and I can't believe to this day what it said. 

Memory Erased. 

So that, my former friend, is how I betrayed you, stole yout identity, and changed your life forever. And now, I'm back, transmitting this through the fabrics of dimensions, confessing. You will hate me, I understand. I'm an awful creature, and I know it. But really, I need to tell you something else. Something other than all of my rotten deeds. I need to tell you that they are coming. The Higher Powers. No, I haven't been able to stop them yet, though I have tried. I have eliminated some of their forces, but not enough to make a dent. That dent though, must have affected the Higher Powers thoughts, though, because just today I overheard one of them make the order. 

"In approximately 2 weeks, we will be taking over the next nearest dimension: Earth!" Theie leader proclaimed. 

Bray, I tried, but they are coming. They all say it's impossible to regain your memory after it's been stolen, but I beg of you, try. It's the only way you can save yourself from the oncoming storm.

-Yours, Only a World Away, 


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