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Montana Movie-Magic Mystery - Solowrite

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After months of being locked away… Having uninteresting facts pounded into their heads… And sitting through hours and hours of torture…

School is out! Meaning the college students in the small town of Murittalayfield, Montana, USA are finally free! 

Everyone is buzzing with excitement as they put their plans into action, determined to make the summer one of the most memorable of their lives!

What will your character(s) do? End up in a fun summer camp? Venture out on a road trip? Go to the beaches in California, Florida, or Hawaii? Perhaps even leave the country and go to Europe? Africa!? Asia-!?!


Or they could just rent out a cabin or two in Samira Woods and make a series to upload online with a group of other young adults that are interested in film and/or looking for a way to pass the time.

That works too, I guess.

Sounds kind of boring, doesn’t it?

What interesting thing can possibly happen?

I guess that’s just the Murittalayfield college students for you.

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1. Sorry for the lazy summary.

2. I’m using an alias, so you may guess who I am! (Hint: This might be difficult, I haven’t been on here for awhile.)

3. Yes, even though they’re filming a series I called it ‘Montana Movie-Magic Mystery’ since it rolled off the tongue.

4. I start writing on the 10th of May! The first chapter will be posted shortly after!

5. I’m accepting any amount of characters!

6. Only one director please! If someone already made a character to be the director, please choose another job.

7. Your character can have more than one job! It’s totally fine if they want to act in addition to writing some scenes!

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Character Sheets



Age (At Least The Age of A Highschool Senior):




Job (Director, Actor/Actress, Screenwriter, Wardrobe, etc.):

Would It Be Okay If I Decided To Ship Your Character?:

What Genre Would You Like The Series To Be?:


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Ooo, this sounds fun! 

Name: Celestia

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (birthday: May 2)

Voice: Soprano, beautiful singer

Personality: Aloof, somewhat of a narcissist- thinks everyone should listen to her and everything should go her way

Appearance: Waist-long blonde hair, blue eyes, charming smile, wears lots of jewelry

Job: Actress, can do makeup too

Would It Be Okay If I Decided To Ship Your Character?: Sure

What Genre Would You Like The Series To Be?: Definitely something with a mystery, like a sci-fi or historical mystery.

Other: n/a



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Name: Astro Fillman

Gender: Genderfluid (either male, female or nonbinary; pronouns change daily, but sometimes multiple times a day)

Age: 19 (DOB: October 31st)

Voice: Feminine, a bit scratchy. A pretty good singer. Can use a few accents on-command. Maybe a bit like Michaela Deitz's voice??

Personality: outgoing, but not extroverted. Life of the party. Kinda flirtatious. A theatre kid at heart. Artistic, but not the best at drawing. Not scared to be themself. Runs from their mistakes. Punk rock, belives that if you want something to change, you gotta do it yourself. Pretty confedint, but not overly.

Appearance: Tan skin, androgynus biuld, grey eyes, light freckles, nails painted black. Short hair they cut and dyed orange themself. Often wears a green army jacket covered in pins and patches, and a shirt about outer space.

Job: Actor/Screenwriter

Shipping: Yeah, anyone!

Genre: MUSICAL Mystery/horror or MUSICAL fantasy.

Other: Fine with playing characters of any gender

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Also note that even though they flirt with everyone, the MOMENT someone flirts back, their brain is just error codes.

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Name: Serenity Chiba(goes by Serenity, Ren, or Serene) 

Gender: she/her

Age (At Least The Age of A Highschool Senior): 19

Voice: feminine, but not high pitched (though not super low either).   Has a bouncy and carefree tone.  If she sang (which she doesn't now, but she could) she'd want to sing Alto.

Personality: Takes next to nothing seriously.  Always laughing, socializing, having fun.  Living in the moment.

Appearance:  Longish black hair, hazel eyes (more green than brown) and a constant smile.  Pale skin.  Her eyes are sort of crinkly around the edges, and she wears loose, light sweaters with no patterns and leggings on a typical day.

Job (Director, Actor/Actress, Screenwriter, Wardrobe, etc.): Actress

Would It Be Okay If I Decided To Ship Your Character?: No thanks!

What Genre Would You Like The Series To Be?:  Dramatic comedy-- like comedy disguised as drama.  Like they're sort of trying to make drama, but it comes out comedy.

Other: Her parents are from Japan, but she was born in America.

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Name: Aliria Kates

Gender: demigirl, she/they

Age (At Least The Age of A Highschool Senior): 18

Voice: very clear and it is feminine, amazing singer and can voice act and imitate anyone perfectly on command

Personality: playful, fun, can be mysterious, seems more confident than they are, she does flirt but when she does she plays hard to get, she's also sarcastic, will do literally anything if you tell her to just to see what happens, sparks up arguments sometimes, fierce, is oddly amazing at giving advice

Appearance: dark buzzcut, pale skin, ice blue eyes, average weight and tall in height, dresses very casual

Job (Director, Actor/Actress, Screenwriter, Wardrobe, etc.): Actor

Would It Be Okay If I Decided To Ship Your Character?: Absolutely; anyone

What Genre Would You Like The Series To Be?: dramatic musical- thing

Other: nope

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(March 3, 2022 - 11:39 pm)

Soo this character is originally a fantasy character but i can make this work ( her name is kinda weird)
Name: Hour Nyx ( Technically Hour Night but she is Greek- American, and Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night)
Age (At Least The Age of A Highschool Senior):15
Voice:Smooth and shocking ( i don't know, she is kinda mysterious so i choose these)
Personality:Brave, confident, straight forward and chaotic
Appearance:Tan skin, Black hair shaved on one side goes down to mid back, gold eyes, She is most likely to ware black red silver and mindnight blue. She has a edgy, punk clothing style
Job (Director, Actor/Actress, Screenwriter, Wardrobe, etc.):Actress all the way.
Would It Be Okay If I Decided To Ship Your Character?:Preferably with a male character
What Genre Would You Like The Series To Be?:Mystery/Horror
Other:She owns three dogs. She likes to bring them every ware. She owns a corgi named bat ( idk), a German shepherd named Night and a Caucasian ovcharka named Cani.

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Name: Max Cyprus

Gender: demiboy, he/they

Age (At Least The Age of A Highschool Senior): 19

Voice: Smooth, singsong, a bit lower than average, has a slight accent, good at imitating other voices

Personality: Clever, friendly, creative, resourceful, witty, very emotional and can sometimes be unhinged emotionally, action-oriented.  

Appearance: Light brown skin, curly chin-length hair dyed purple, brown eyes, thin and on the short side.  He usually wears ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and colorful eyeliner.

Job (Director, Actor/Actress, Screenwriter, Wardrobe, etc.): Actor/costume designer

Would It Be Okay If I Decided To Ship Your Character?: Sure, open to shipping with anyone!

What Genre Would You Like The Series To Be?: A mystery musical!

Other: N/A9

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I'm in!


Name: Michael "Mike" Nesmith

Gender: Male, he/him/his

Age: 23

Voice: Deep, Texan accent, and VERY masculine *Sighs in a dreamy way*

Personality: He's kinda on the "do NOT mess with me" side, but he's nice, and likes dogs. And he's also kind, too.

Appearance: He has a light red shirt, a denim jeans jacket, jeans, and cowboy boots on. He has light tan skin (Kinda pale lookin'...), milk-chocolate brown eyes, and REALLY dark, dark, DARK brown hair, so brown, it looks BLACK!! His hairstyle looks like the LEGO Short Glamour hairstyle, except the wavy part is to the left-hand side.

Job: Actor.

Would it be ok if I decided to ship your character: Sure! Girls around his age only, please.

What genre would you like the series to be: Horror, with a bit of comedy in it, like jokes at the WORST possible times.

Other: Mike can play the guitar, and sing.

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Writing in progress! You can still join whenever, even if I have a couple chapters posted!

Also, I'm making some of my own characters to throw into the mix since we need more people with other jobs. 

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