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My name is Captain
Von Sniglebotume.
my be thinking “wait
is a woman's name and woman are not al
to captain a boat?” and in fact I am a woman
to my crew I am a man because I cut my hair and bound my chest so I
look like a man. But enough about me.
am aboard
my ship
with my
crew hoisting
the sails;
and loading
food, drink and other necessity. I have some ne
Musicians and I am very happy that I finely have some
musicians but these musicians are a little fishy. At
sun rise we set sail to Dungeon

set sail today I am very exited to go to Dungeon Island. I am at helm
of my ship on the move “all hands on deck!” I shout, all the
hands are on deck and I go thru the role call “Bob, One Eye Billy,
Dean, Cook Jim, and Sabrina we have a mission and we have to finish
it OK?!!” “yes mam” shouts everybody so we get back to work. It
is now 1:30 am time to hit the bunk.

just ate my brunch and I go back to work. While at the helm of the
ship I see a man on a raft I think he is unconscious so I get him on
board and it seems his just asleep so I wake him up and he said “ah
you scalawag you woke me up ah mate your one eye billy” “no I am
rose Von Sniglebotume you old man” he told me he was marooned on
Dungeon island so I told him that we are going to that island he said
he would show us the way to the island tomorrow.

are off to Dungeon island and someone screams loudly down in the bunks
one eye billy was in his bunk so I thought it was him. So I went down
to his bunk and their he was bleeding badly and I asked him what
happen he said “I broke me leg oh goshdarnit I broke me leg!!!”
and we had to go to the nearest town and go to a doctor in town his
name is Dr. vander Bumps he told me one eye billy lost a lot of blood
he would need to stay in the hospital and I would need to come to
visit him every week. So I told my crew the news and every one was
very disappointed but then the man that I saved from the raft said
“you go, I well visit one eye billy” and with that he gave me the
map to dungeon island and left and I said “well that was odd” and
then my crew started to cheer! I started researching on the man he
said his name was Jackson Osman so I found him and I asked him what
his relationship with one eye billy is he said “well he IS my
brother” “WHAT” I said “HE IS?” “yes we had a big fight a
while ago and he didn’t want to talk to me anymore so I went to sea
and then I got marooned, so ya” “HOLY CODFISH YOU’RE HIS
BROTHER” “yes I am……...but not a very good one” he said
with a big sigh “so that's why!” “so that's why what?” “you
always avoided him so I assumed you were related” “oh I did not
now that it was that obvious?” so with that he said good bye and
walked off and then I said “HOLY MOTHER OF THE KRAKEN……….that
was a lot to take in!” and then I went to bed.                                                                                     



also admin why does my name only come up as Norie T insted of Norie Torent ??

Because the label beneath the Name line says first name, last initial.


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Hi Norie! I like your story, especially when Capt'n Rose says "HOLY MOTHER OF THE KRAKEN!" That made me laugh! And I like Rose's last name. I was wondering, can I give you a few suggestions?

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(March 5, 2022 - 1:45 pm)
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Hey how is everyone .......That inclthes the admin(s) but i can give you some tips #1 they don't have to be long they can be short if u want but .......and that's about it!

I'm fine.


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(March 11, 2022 - 6:35 pm)