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Tag Game!    


Has anyone heard of a tag game? It's when someone starts a story and then tags someone else to continue the story. It's really fun! Also, please note that we don't start a new story every time a person gets tagged. 

Can you please sign up, too? It will help so we can get people in the tag game. I'll write everyone down in the order they sign up in. No personal information is required except your name on Chatterbox.

Here are the rules:

#1. If you go by two or more names on Chatterbox, please pick one so that we don't have one person having double turns or more.

#2. If you sign up, please make sure that you participate.

#3. No negative comments are allowed, but I'm pretty sure the admins will take care of that. :)

#4. When you tag someone, make sure that you are not tagging the same person over and over unfairly.



Feel free to comment on people's work, and you can join whenever you want! :)

Have fun!

Nut Le Squirrel 

submitted by Nut Le Squirrel, age 10, Cloud Zone, Dreamalina
(March 14, 2022 - 1:42 pm)

“And how did you come around here?” Akhalia asked Crieff, turning her full attention to him for the first time. He noticed that her eyes were the darkest brown swirled with deep, black ink.

“I found Gerald at the Ordinary Brotherhood,” he managed, hoping that he wasn’t fidgeting, “and then we traveled here to tell you about how the structure is collapsing.” Close enough to the truth. But then to explain the full story and how he had met Ardie on his mission to kidnap Akhalia? It was too risky.

 Why am I here? he almost screamed at himself. Why did I even decide to go with Gruff in the first place?

Crieff tried to trace back to the very beginning.

He had been the befuddled apprentice of Gruff. It was he who had snatched the circlet from the Forest Witch, too blinded by a new want for power to think about the consequences. He had found himself hesitating more and more often as they got closer and closer to their destination. He had thought himself too soft-hearted to be in Gruff’s company.

But now, looking into the cheerful, unknowing eyes at the very queen he had tried to do harm to, he felt that he must be a monster.

Thankfully, the queen accepted the answer with a mere nod and bridged directly into a new topic.

“I suppose I should give you a tour of the palace?” Akhalia said. She rose from her seat, her dark crimson dress trailing after her, and beckoned for her guests and Xavier before stepping into a long corridor.

Ardie trailed directly behind, far too caught up in déjà vu and memories to notice the rest of the group. Laughter echoed, skidding off of the delicate vases and oil paintings as the two of them reminisced and chattered.

Gerald and Xavier hurriedly ran after them, but Crieff lagged behind.

Ardie circled back for him while Gerald was informing Akhalia and Xavier on various weaknesses of the Ordinary Brotherhood. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” she whispered, glancing at Crieff. She was clearly concerned why her friend was acting so strange. “Do you need to rest?”

“Yes, it’s very beautiful,” he answered, lowering his eyes. He couldn’t tell her why he was uncomfortable. “It’s very elegant and refined.”

“Thank you!” Akhalia said graciously, the dark ink in her eyes glittering with a gold tint. It was clear that she did not suspect him. Yet. She tugged open a door. “And these are the gardens…”

Crieff followed reluctantly into the long lanes of roses and marble statues that all seemed to despise him, scowling at him with their dark hollows of eyes.

He studied a statue of a smiling fire elemental with her hand poised in midair as if she was creating fire, the only statue that seemed to have warmth in its eye, rather than a dark hollow. With the sun wrapping it in radiant light, the statue looked like gold. Pure gold, in fact. Ardie, he realized.

And then all of the sudden, it all came flooding back. That firelit night, the day after Ardie had left. The warm glow of the fire.

I woke up one night, and she was sitting at in the window seat…She told me she had had a terrible dream about a woman in a dark forest, and two men who spoke to her. She said the woman was angry, because the men had taken something precious of hers. Anyway, rather than having them return it, she told them to kidnap the queen, and they agreed, and that was when she woke up.

He had been wrong.

The queen was simply being civil. She knew perfectly well who he was and what he had done.

His heart shaking his entire soul with every beat, he fled, over the garden wall and into the wilderness.


After about–13 days?! Sorry this took so long–I finally got over my writer’s block and figured out how to build on material and information we already had, instead of creating more. Thank you, Hex, for writing that part about Akhalia’s “awareness of the world”! I wouldn’t have been able to end this part without it.

Tag: @Artemis

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(April 23, 2023 - 6:03 pm)

I made a mistake. I meant to say Artemis, not Hex. Sorry about that, @Artemis.

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Would you mind choosing the next person? I scrolled back a page or two and it turns out Artemis is actually on a hiatus and to remove them from the list



Tsuki the Skywolf




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(April 30, 2023 - 10:32 am)

Oh, ok.

I think Rora and Hex got skipped, so I'll tag Alex.  

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(April 30, 2023 - 7:00 pm)

yes, they did! sorry, i copy/pasted it so the italics don't show up

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New round starting!

Would you mind picking someone else?  Since it is a new round you can choose anyone.



Tsuki the Skywolf




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(May 7, 2023 - 11:42 am)

Tag: @Tsuki, if you don't mind. It looks like we're some of the only CBers still checking this thread at this point...nobody else is responding...

I have an idea. Can everyone post if they're still playing? I'm still here and checking this at least once a week. 


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(May 8, 2023 - 12:57 pm)

You got it!

In the meantime, could everyone still participating post something, just so we know who we're working with? 

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(May 11, 2023 - 3:19 pm)

I'm here.

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I'm also here.

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@Everyone who has not posted yet, please post if you're still interested in participating in the Tag Game and will check this thread at least once a week to see if you were tagged, or would like to join. Right now there are only three people who have responded, including myself. I'm not sure if there are enough people to play.

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(May 16, 2023 - 2:47 pm)

...Okay, I guess it's only us three. Our rounds will be much shorter now.

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Ill get my part out by tomorrow 

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(May 18, 2023 - 8:29 am)