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Magical School RP!

Magical School RP!

Petrichor Academy sits high on a cliff somewhere in an undiscovered part of Scotland, on the border between the mediocore and the magical.  The Academy has been an institute of education and magic for ages.  Here students learn things like alchemy and rune-magic alongside math and literature.  Petrichor Academy's student body and faculty are made up of both humans and magical beings.

The school has three Houses- House Kelpie, House Leprechaun, and House Roc.  Unlike other house system such as the Hogwarts Houses, Petrichor's houses do not determine dorm arrangements, sports teams, or tight social structures, and the Houses do not compete exept during the school's annual Midsummer Festival games.  Instead, these Houses represent their students' unique pursuit of knowledge and exploration, and the path they will take after graduation.  Each House has a designated faculty leader, one or two specialized classes, and at the end of the year partakes a Crusade- a House-wide quest that may be something such as finding an ancient relic or solving a mystery plauging the land.

House Kelpie represents those who seek mystery and discovery, House Leprechaun represents those who seek innovation and imagination, and House Roc represents those who seek glory and adventure.


This is the first RP I've ever made, so I'm excited!  Feel free to help shape the world of Petrichor Academy and let me know if you have any questions!  Here's the form for students-


Age (13-18):




Skills/Abilities (magical or not, please avoid making magical skills OP):



Here's the form for teachers, if someone wants to be a teacher or just come up with some teachers we can use-








You can have up to two characters, and the prinicpal will be one of my charries.  Have fun, and I'll post my charries after this goes up!

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Shannon trugded down the steps from the astronomy class, her bag of school supplies slung over her shoulder. She hadn't been paying too much attention during class, mostly because the plants kept trying to speak to her. She had mananged to jot down a few notes. 
But now she was bothered. The plants loud murmuring had no dulled down to quiet, near-silent whispers. Like they had given up talking to Shannon. It bothered her, which was silly since she had been bothered when they were still trying to talk to her. She tried to push away the nagging worry, but still it was there. It was as though she had forgotten something important. 
Suddenly, Shannon's foot slipped and a scream caught in her throat. She stumbled forward, falling towards the stairs. She felt a jerk on the back of her shirt and someone yanked her upright. She gasped with relief. "Thanks," she said to the stranger. He had brown skin and black hair that had been dyed green in places. He was a lot taller than her. He must be sixteen at least. He glared nervously at her.
"Be careful!" he warned. "You could've fallen and broken all the bones in your body!" 
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After thanking the tall boy and hurrying down the long winding staircase that led to the astronomy tower, Shannon consulted her timetable. Magical creatures and cultures next, Shannon saw. She hurried down a long wooden hallway lined with pictures of various things including a dragon, a banshee, a staff, a tea set, a garden party and many other things. 
At the end of the corridor there were two rooms, one on either side of the hallway. One was arched with stones all around the arch, the actual door was wooden. That one was on the left. The one on the right was made mostly of blue glass and intricate ironwork. It was in a rectangle and was taller than the other door. 
Shannon, without stopping to really think about it, breezed through the right door, the glass one. She was busy studying her timetable and hadn't really been thinking about where she was going. She looked up and gave a small gasp of surprise. There were no windows in this room. It was all dark stone walls and dark stone floors. In the center of the room there were a bunch of large, long rectangular blue-glass plant boxes. Inside the boxes, weeds and soft purple pink and white flowers surrounded a statue that stood in the center of the box. Vines climbed over it, clinging gently. One of the statues was a graceful looking woman with long hair that fell in tangles to her waist. There was a cord around her waist, as a sort of makeshift sash for her dress. One of her arms was raised above her head, fingers spread wide. Another statue was of a young man. He wore a jacket with buttons and fancy looking shoes. His head was turned to the left. He clutched a spyglass close to his chest with one hand. Another statue was a of a samll girl. She was on the ground, in a sleeping position. Her pigtailed hair behind her. She was wearing a skirt, and a shirt .There were twelve boxes in rows of three across and four long ways. Each one had a statue in it. They were spaced about five feet apart from the other statues. There was a door in the far right corner of the room. As Shannon walked slowly farther into the room, she realized that the wall of the room jutted out, hiding her view on the right of what lay beyound. There was a small alcove with a three steps leading up to a blue glass table, which had several instruments on it. Shannon studied the instruments with interest. There was a thing that looked like pincers, one that looked vaguely like a hammer, and two that looked like candle snuffers, except one was abnormally large and the other strangely small. Shannon didn't know how to describe the others very well, except that they looked like doctors tools. 
A note tucked slightly beneath one of the tools caught Shannon's eye. She carefully pulled it out and started reading. So you've finally got here! the note began. Chills crept up Shannon's spine, but she read on. You've found the Frozen Guardians and the tools you'll need are on this table. More people will arrive shortly. There should be four others coming, I believe. You'll each need all the courage, strength and dexterity you possess, so find it quick, then move on to the next door. With any luck, you'll have five Guardians to help you by then. This is extremely important: DO NOT MOVE ON UNTIL AT LEAST FIVE GUARDIANS ARE RELEASED!!! All the best, 
P.S. You'd better hope the others get here soon. Look, the waters already rising! Best of luck! G.F. 
Shannon turned away from the creepy note, fear flooding her. She looked down on the floor and saw a trickle of water was coming out from under the last stair of the raised dais thing-y. Shannon cowered next to the table and let out a small whimiper.  
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Hi there everyone! I have had a bit of an idea shortage lately, and now I'm going on this 3-week trip, so I won't be here for a while, but I'm coming back in a bit, hopefully with a few ideas. Bye!!

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| Rallie |


I ran down the hallway, trying to get away.

Ten minutes earlier, I was thinking about the rune-magic exam while walking to math, when I heard a voice. The next thing I knew was lying on the ground, feeling slightly woozy, and very confused. Then I began to run.

The hallway had come to an end, and there was a large wooden door. I turned the handle and went through. Why was it unlocked? I think it led to the woods outside the school. Exploring the area, I came to a deep, mossy ravine, which looked eerily familiar.

I turned around, and I could see the door when I heard strange voices. I walked closer, hoping to hear more. I heard the voice that I heard before I went unconscious. Running away, I kept my eyes on the trees ahead of me. My foot caught a root, and I fell into the ravine. Before falling, though, someone had caught me. I didn't know who. I'd scrambled down and out, and ran towards the school before seeing them, despite their calls for me to wait.


Sorry for not posting a part in a while!

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Alchemy continues to be my favorite class for the rest of the week. It's interesting, I like it, and I happen to be good at it. Also, it comes first, so that means I can enjoy myself until history, which can be dull, or casting-magic, which isn't really looking up.

On Friday, as I am heading to breakfast, I can sense some kind of change in the air. The thing is, I don't know what it is, not until I turn around from the serving table to face the majority of Aspen Hall. And then I see it. 

For the first time this school year, Aspen Hall contains chairs. However, they are not matched chairs, because in the row closest to me I can see an office chair, a rickety little garden chair, an armchair ragged enough to be surviving from the founding date of Petrichor, a very tall rocking chair, a milking stool, a sit-down stick, and a crate. As well, the chairs all face one way, and there are no tables, which strikes me as strange. Knowing it'll be difficult to find someone in this mess of people, I sit down in the office chair to eat. The sounds, almost piano-ish, of the magic at Petrichor wind their way through my head, which I've gotten used to, and then there is something else. Instead of the customary quiet, pleasing chiming of the wands, Philosopher's Stone, enchantments, and paving stones, there is the noise that I attribute to trains flying through my head. Not an electric train, mind you--one that is seeming to run on magic? 

Confused, I rush up the stairs to the turret where astronomy classes take place. The teacher, who I haven't really met, is standing there with a book. 

"Hello, can I use your telescope?" I ask. 

"Sure," says the teacher, surprised. "Don't point it at the sun." I find one of the smallish telescopes that resemble spyglasses from pirate stories and walk to the window. Outside, trees and a river. And a train...a train with the crest of Petrichor Academy on it. What? The train is very soothing, winding between trees at a comfortable pace.

I remember my first train journey, which happened when I was three, when my parents drove the car from our little house in a village called Wirksworth to the train station in a nearby town. Then we took a train to a different station, and then another one, and then we were in London. We crossed the street to the right train station and stood in a line for a very long time, and then we were on another train that went through a tunnel, and when it came out we were in France.

Still. A nice memory, but an irrelevant one. I continue to peer through the spyglass. There are no people inside the train, but there is a huge selection of folding chairs inside, as in folding chairs that are commonly found in school lunchrooms...

I think I know where the chairs are.



1. Does Petrichor have a uniform?  

2. How did the students get there? It can be by the train or I can think of some other excuse for the train.

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Shannon walked around the strange room, panicking. She had spent about ten minutes, searching for plant connections to help her, but the plants growing around the statues were of no use. The water had completely covered the floor by this time in a thin layer. 
Shannon dragged a hand through her hair as she tried desperately to think of a way out of this. The note had say others would come and that the instruments on the table could help her. But who or what were the guardians? Could they be the statues? Shannon raced back to the table and frantically dug through the mess. She snatched the candle snuffer thing and ran over to the statues. She ran up to the one of the young man and studied it. He was holding a spyglass to his chest in the right hand, while his left had hung loosely clenched at his side. Shannon sloshed over to his left hand and studied it. There was a small space between his fingers. It looked as if he was supposed to be gripping something. She slid the candle snuffer in between his fingers and waited. Nothing happened.
She sloshed to the table and snatched up the hammer. She turned back to the statue, took out the candle snuffer and slid in the hammer. Then she stepped back and stared. For a minute, nothing happened, and Shannon's shoulders slumped. Then, a tiny ripple crept over his whole body. Next thing she knew, his hand was breaking away from his side. He reached up to the top of his head and banged it with the hammer. Cracks ran all over him, then the stone cracked away and fell among the flowers. He gasped and fell to his knees, breathing deeply as if he had just run a race. Shannon nearly cried in relief. "S-sir?" she stammered. "Are you alright?" He looked up at her dazedly with bright green eyes. His hair was dark red and messy and his suit was red too with gold buttons.
"Oh!" he seemed surprised to see her. "Really? I thought it would been adlut that freed me," he murmured. "But- where are my manners?" he stood up and stretched out his hand. "Oliver," he told her good naturedly. "Pleased to meet you."  
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(July 6, 2022 - 2:32 pm)

Name: salem viotto

age: 14

gender/Pronouns: female she/Her

appearance: flaming red Hair, blue eyes, about 5'7,pale Skin with an Abundance of Freckles, and    very Very thin

personality: very honest But Most take that as her Just being rude, a bit judgy, And a little Bit mad 

Skills/abilities: seems very adept in the classes Typical for humans but struggles in the more magical       subjects (her teacher blame a Lack of confidence but her peers just Call her stupid)

house: house kelpie

other: salem is taken By most students to be a dumb bully with A little bit Of mental Instability but       her few friends know that She is was just raised to be This way.

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I am offically dropping out of this RP as I have not been keeping up.

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After breakfast, I head off to alchemy, which is enjoyable, and then there is The Time Of Day When I Have No Classes. After I have written down the chair incident and the train, I write down, and promptly cross off, several speculations: 
Does the train actually belong to Petrichor? Well, it should, because it has not only the name but the crest.
Are the chairs from Aspen Hall actually in the train? It looks like it. 
Is the train actually running on magic? Stop actually-ing yourself, you sensed it
Where on earth are the present Aspen Hall chairs from? Now that’s a valid question. 
Then the bell rings for Literature, and then there is lunch. The Aspen Hall situation hasn’t changed, but as I am trying to eat, I can swear that out of the corner of my eye, I have seen a chair rise out of the ground…
Healing goes by very quickly and nicely. Then it’s time for Double Period. I glance at the piece of paper that I have scribbled on to make into a schedule. Dorrie, don’t think about it, I tell myself. Do not think about going to rune-magic. Today is Thursday and whether you want to or not you have to go to casting-magic. I glare at the sheet of paper, shake it to make my displeasure known, and then trundle off to Casting-Magic, doing a complicated rune-magic spell on the corner of the schedule in order to use up some magic for an easier time controlling myself. I enter and sit down. As usual I am early, but the teacher, whose name I still haven’t learned (and for the record it’s been three weeks) doesn’t like me, so I find it best to be early. 
“Doran, how are you today?” says the teacher in a poisoned-honey voice. Hmm. Has he forgotten my name or is he being friendly? I put it down to name-forgetting because I am not anything of his friend. The rest of the class comes in and I get my wand out of my bag. 
“Welcome,” says the teacher. “We will now be doing a Watering Spell, so please fill the glasses in front of you with water. The word to say is on the chalkboard. Try not to flood the whole classroom.” The teacher looks right at me on the last sentence and I am already blushing. Stay calm, I try to reprimand myself, and I kick the floor, squeeze my fists, and make a terrible face at the desk before trying to do the spell. Most people’s glasses are already full, and then I mutter the appropriate magic word and stab the wand at the glass. 
“Doran, what did I just say?” says the teacher. The rest of the class turns to look at me—nice, they know me by my unabbreviated first name now too. I look down at the desk; sure enough, there’s water spilling from the glass onto the desk. Oops. 
“You just said, Professor, that I should try not to flood the whole classroom,” I tell the teacher, balling my hands into fists and gritting my teeth.
“And it looks like you have, Doran,” the teacher tells me in the poisoned-honey voice. 
“I’d hardly say that this is the whole classroom,” I say back. “Look. It’s just my desk.” The whole class is looking at us now.
“And the water is spilling off of ‘just your desk’ into the whole classroom,” says the teacher. Slowly and carefully, I lower my gaze from the teacher to inside my head, searching through the familiar magic noises until I reach…aha. The teacher’s wand. Sail out of your owner’s pocket and wipe up the water, I tell it. 
“What, Doran? What did you just say? Did you just tell me to sail out of my owner’s pocket and wipe up the water? I am a human being! I have no owner! This will lead to your…ohh, I see. That’s sailing out of its owner’s pocket and wiping up the water? I had no idea you were a… Nope. Never mind. Get out of this classroom right this second!” Argh, I’ve said the request out loud. And what am I? What was the teacher going to call me? Orders, as I do know, are orders, so I gather my belongings and walk out the door. However, I am pleased that the last thing I see is the teacher’s wand sweeping about, and that the last thing I hear is the teacher telling the rest of the students to leave. 
Okay. Sorry it's so long. And no, I'm sorry to say that that teacher is up to (mostly) no good...

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I'm sorry, Phoebe. I tried two times to get rid of that text code before Dorrie, but it's not working.


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