Annoy annoying characters

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Annoy annoying characters

Annoy annoying characters


So I had a story idea.

Two characters I very much dislike are Thanos and Elias Bouchard. They are from a movie and podcast respectively. I. Do. Not. Like. Either. One. Of. Them.

So what I'm going to do is write a fanfiction crossover where they are both in a room and they annoy each other. They will also die at the end. 

Do any of you want a custom story where characters (no real people, just fictional ones) annoy each other? Who do you know who deserves some annoyance?

If you'd like me to write one, please fill out a form for each character and one for the whole piece. Oh, I can put you in the story too. I'm only willing to do up to about one thousand words, so don't expect anything too long.


The role just means what they do in the story. Like, are they someone's work manager, the protagonist, or whatever. If you don't care, just put N/A. 

The origin is what they are from, e.g. Marvel, Harry Potter, Magnus Archives, etc. Also please specify whether it's a book, movie, etc.


You MUST have a form for EACH character AND a form for the story. 


Character form 





Thing that annoys them (optional for CBer people):





Story form: 

Beginning (optional):

Ending (optional):

Reason(s) for meeting: 


Theme (optional):


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