New Solo Write!~~~~~~~~~~

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New Solo Write!~~~~~~~~~~

New Solo Write!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I thought of a new Solo write


Seasonist Roleplay.

In times of old, the four goddesses of the seasons decided to creat a twon for their children. The seasonists. The twon has now particular name, but the sections do. The spring seaction is named Tulipist, the summer one is Mielenona, the fall is named Birchanta and the winter seacton is named Iceicalane. The resadents are all desendents of the goddesses of the seasons. They are called "The etherels". Their apppearence is based on their seson. (I'll explain in the form).

This is the starting form.

Name (Full, including middle):

Age(Up to 17 Please):


Appearence (Add clothing as well) {Each of the decendents have different looks based on their goddess. The spring Etherels have yellow, green or purple hair, Either gray or green eyes, pale skin and light, but layred cloths. The summer Etherels have blonde, blue or pink hair, blue or white eyes and tan skin, they wear flowy, colorfull cloths. The fall Etherls have Orange, red or brown hair, tan, brown or pale skin with light, small, random brown stripes (Like a birch tree), yellow or gold eyes, they wear either brown, marron, gold, gray or orange, fur clothes or medium wight cloths. The winter Etherels have white or gray hair, sharp blue or red eyes, pale skin, they wear layerd, warm cold colord clothes}





Wich goddess are you decendent from?:


{Each descendent has a magical thing about them, usally it has to do with the goddess they are decended from. Spring is Windspeak (controls wind), Thoughniste(can hear thoughts), Summer is Earthspeak (Can control plants, Emotiwave( Can see thoughs, as in auras. Yellow for happy,blue for sad, red for angry, green for jelousy, purple for sick and pink for in love). Fall is Firetalk ( can control fire) Animatalk ( can talk to animals). Winter is Waterspeak(controls water), And Telakineta (Controls things with mind. Can not control living things).


Tell me if i forgot anything!

I'll add some more to the story in a few days.

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Name: Phoenix Ember Phayre

Gender/pronouns: agender, e/en/es/enself

he - e

him - en

his - es 

Age: 15

Personality: dignified, true neutral (alignment), likes to be in charge, fairly impulsive, sometimes deceptive

Appearance: I'll attach a pic soon

Faults: doesn't care about lying, can be insensitive

Strengths: decent leader, works well under pressure

Hobbies: blacksmithing (whatever the proper name is), sewing

Family: Etherel from es parent's (Dwyn Phayre) side, who is deceased as of five years ago. Chance's father (Hale Phayre) still lives, and Chance lives with him and his sister (es aunt) (Edge Crow). E has one brother (Cobalt Phayre) and a pet ball python (Vertigo).

Descended from: Birchanta (Autumn)

Magic: Animatalk

Other: you missed the "gender/pronouns" catagory (dw abt it tho) 

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Okay, here!

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oops. I realized I refered to Phoenix as 'Chance' a few times. (This is because I had originally decided on Chance but changed my mind.)

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This sounds awesome! I'll send in a form soon 

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Name (Full, including middle):  Fuyuki Sorakaze

Age(Up to 17 Please): 14

Pronouns: she/her

Personality:  Friendly and open.  Tends to observe and evaluate everyone she meets, taking in their weaknesses, strengths and uses.  She fits in easily among others though there's something about her that makes her stand out.  She's not sure if she's good or evil, or even if she cares.

Appearence (Add clothing as well) Long, silvery white hair she wears in either a graceful low ponytail or a casual messy bun.  Soft sea-blue eyes and long eyelashes.  A gentle smile that makes company feel at ease.  Her skin is darker than the average winter ethereal.  She is tall in a way that makes her appear older than she is.  She likes to wear clothes in blues, purples and whites and usually wears just a thick coat and pants rather than many thinner layers.

Faults:  sneaky, tricky, egotistical, untrustworthy

Strengths: honest (sort of) she can deceive people without actually lying.  She knows ASL.  Observant and patient.

Hobbies: reading, thinking, swimming

Family: unknown

Wich goddess are you decendent from?: iceicalane

Magic/Spectaculairity: waterspeak


Question, is this a role play or a solo write?

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(April 18, 2022 - 7:56 am)

origanly this was an RP but ichanged it to a solo write and for got to change the part in the begining. Sorry

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Name: Hazel Juniper Brooke 


Pronouns: She/Her


Age: 11


Personality: She's quiet and shy around strangers but in the woods surrounding her house she's reckless and free. She loves animals, nature, art, climbing trees. 


Appearance: See attached picture 


Faults:  Most people think she's shy so all her friends are animals especially squirrels 


Strengths: Amazing at art - she makes her own paints out of natural materials 


Hobbies: Art, Gardening with her grandma, Climbing trees, Training squirrels


Family: She lives with her grandparents since her parents died when she was young. She has an older brother named Rowan who is her only human friend and he's very protective of her. Her grandma loves gardening and her grandpa comes off gruff but is actually very sweet.


Which goddess are you descended from: Fall


Magic: Animatalk



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Name:  Aralie Dawn Viatto

Age: 14

Pronouns: she/they

Personality: ESFP, friendly, creative, energetic, daydreamer, curious

Appearance: Wavy long lavender hair usually worn in a braid or ponytail, olive skin, freckles, green eyes, kind of short.  She wears light, white or pastel-colored clothes, sandals, and handmade jewelry.

Faults: Quiet, sensitive, dislikes comitment

Strengths: Artistic, practical, bold

Hobbies: Singing, jewelry-making

Family: She lives with her dad, grandparents, and a lot of cousins.  She doesn't know much about her mother, who was a summer etherel

Goddess: Spring

Magic: Windspeak

Other: Open to shipping with girls

Name: Soren Neve Einar

Age: 16

Pronouns: he/him

Personality: ISTJ, reserved, analytical, reserved, sincere

Appearance: Sleek shoulder length white hair, pale skin, pale blue eyes, lanky and thin.  Wears coats and shirts that are often threadbare and too big for him, leather boots, and always wears a blue scarf.

Faults: Stubborn, insensitive, blames himself for almost anything bad that happens

Strengths: Responsible, honest, strong-willed

Hobbies: Writing, cooking, hunting

Family: He's an orphan

Goddess: Winter

Magic: Telakineta

Other: N/A


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Here's a picture of Aralie 

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I don't know what you're talking about. I don't see any art from you waiting to be posted or know of any that was not posted. Maybe some other Admin does. Was it during regular office hours? Or evening or weekend?


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Admins. Not on this thread but i tried to put up an avatar on the avatar thread. I took of the tag and explained it was an avatar creator. But to no avail

Well try again later this evening and I'll look at it. I have a meeting in a few minutes but should be back on to Chatterbox in about two hours or a little sooner. 


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So more of the solo write.

{Your character} is sittingon the front porch (If it's a Winter Etherel, it's in the living room).

A letter slides through your door. You pick it upand read whats writen on it

I'm sure you know that,  After the towns were made, the goddesses created the Four Season's Oak. The Four Season's Oak (I'll just call it FSO).is a place where all Etherels can meet in saftey. The reason for that is, Etherels are like fish. If a fish goes into another zone, more or less salinity, it will die because of the change. The Eterlels are the same way. In the FSO, each Etherel wears a braclet, made of the wood of their season (Spring: Oak, Summer:Cherry Blossom wood, Fall: Red Birch and Winter:Pine). That bit of wood, is just enough of their season to keep them alive. After the Etherels meet eachother, some of them feel in love. Eight of them infact. The  four children became the first Seasonists. The Super powred Etherels, The Queens of the Etherels.They can live in other Seactions, they have two Spectacularitys. Thats why they built a campus for the young Etherels. Inside the FSO,And I am the Fith, and seacret Seasonist. The headmisteres of the campus. My name is Acacia Amaryliss Blossom. And you are invited to our campus for a year, or until the Seasons Festival. You are welcome to come anytime Between next week and the day you get this


Best regards Headmisters Acacia.


Mabye some will find this interesting, mabye not. Hope you guys like it.

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Ooh, interesting!  I'm excited to read more!

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I have neglected this, sorry.



I lay down on the burgundy sofa, ripping open the letter. My eyes scaned the black ink lining the pagel. "Huh" I murmed, finishing it, and throughing  of to the side. I rolled of the couch, planning to land on my knees, but something small fell out of the envelope still in my hand, I landed on my face. "Ow" I groned, pushing my self of the ground. I picked up what had fell from the envelope. A small gold pin shined in the light, a addres engraved on it. A note was clipped to the back, reading "Please follow the adress, once you arive it will dissipear, leaving your family's crest (I'll find some crest maker soon. Just describe it to me {I had not thought about this until writing I did not put it in the form' sorry bout that}), You, and the others will be welcomed in a way that is incredibale. Now I won't tell you what or how, you will have to find out. Please arive March 15th. Any later or earlier and you will miss the show." I set the pin down, inspecting the adress. "The top floor of the FSO" I spoke, rubbing my eyes, making sure this was not a dream. And or course, It was not. Going in to, Or going to the top, of the FSO. A dream come true. Every Etherel under the age of 20, longs to see inside of the FSO. Mabye this is a test of some sort, a challenge. I ran my hands through my hair, thinking "Well I'll just have to wait and find out


Its kind of short, sorry 

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