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Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats are sentient beings that live on another world. they are catlike in appearance, with long, scaly tails and wings. some have magic, but most just have stuff like breathing fire or flying silently. there are 10 kinds of Winged Cats, listed below:

Cosmic Winged Cats

Appearance: black/gray fur, dragonlike black/gray wings, gold tails and eyes, sometimes with sparkles or glossy patches, dominant males have gold manes

Powers: varies, usually things like mind-control or spying, but pretty much any mental power. strongest at night, and frequently OP

Fighting Power: 9/10


Prism Winged Cats

Appearance: white fur, pink wings/eyes/tail with blue spots on wings, small and light, feathery wings

Powers: can sense emotions in the form of colored auras when young, but can hear thoughts when older

Fighting Power: like a 4 or something? idk


Feral Winged Cats

Appearance: wings, fur, and tail in varying shades of brown, gray, dark red, and occasionaly green-gray, ragged-looking wings and ear tufts, scary claws

Powers: can fly silently like owls, see in the dark and hearing can reach 10 miles away, some can shift color to closer match the background or breathe fire

Fighting Power: if properly trained a constant 10


Mountain Winged Cats

Appearance: white, purple, blue, and gray, usually bright and icy-looking, thick layers of fur, feathery wings, long, straight claws, jet-black ear tufts

Powers: uhh can withstand a lot of cold? and paws are wide, to walk on snow

Fighting Power: 6ish


Ocean Winged Cats

Appearance: colors are always highly saturated when young, males are shades of blue, females are green/brown-green. wings like fins and lots of fins on tail/back, sometimes random fins in weird spots, green-gold eyes

Powers: can swim SUPER well 

Fighting Power: meh 3 


Forest Winged Cats

Appearance: gray/brown fur, green or brown wings like leafy branches, tails of the same color as wings, long claws and tails

Powers: can climb and fly exellently and are very agile

Fighting Power: 4


Fire Winged Cats

Appearance: red, orange, or blue fur, wings, and tail, wings can be pretty much any shape you want them to be, occasionaly with yellow or black mixed in as well, color-changing eyes based on mood

Powers: fire-related stuff, including lava drool 

Fighting Power: 9


Lightning Winged Cats

Appearance: yellow, white, and light purple fur, tail, and wings, wings are shaped like a generic lightning bolt symbol, dark eyes

Powers: lightning/thunder magic, although it takes a physical toll

Fighting Power: 9/10


Desert Winged Cats

Appearance: gold fur with black spots, silvery blue/purple/green tails, brown falcon wings, thin and spindly, often called 'scrawny' 

Powers: by far the fastest fliers/runners

Fighting Power: 8 


and finally...


Magic Winged Cats

Appearance: beautiful silver fur/tail/wings, with streaks of one color, which signifies their power, wings shaped like crescent moons or bird wings

Powers: depends on what Cat, sometimes can control/summon specific elements, like fire, water, or plants, other Cats can do teleknesis (moving things with their mind,) or can vanish into shadows, almost always OP but most of them are cowards

Fighting Power: 11 if they want to


here's the form:



Cat Type:








Brains or Brawn?:

Deepest Secret:


and here's my character:

Name: Ivy

Cat Type: Forest

Pronouns: she/her 

Appearance: gray fur, light green wings/tail, orange-brown eyes

Abilites: agile

Personality: serious and secretive, loves to have fun to distract herself

Weaknesses: has a bad habit of lying

Skills: a reasonably good fighter, can tell when someone's hiding something

Quirks: nervous-laughing a lot

Brains or Brawn?: brains mostly

Deepest Secret: is terrified of most new Cats she's meeting for the first time


you can have up to 4 characters, and you can base them off yourself, the RP will start on June 15, or when there are 7 characters, feel free to join after that!


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(May 29, 2022 - 2:40 pm)

Oooh, I definitely want to join - this sounds so awesome! I'll post a character sheet later! 

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Name: Kindle

Cat Type: Desert winged cat 

Pronouns: She/Her 

Appearance: Sandy colored fur with brown spots on belly and under eyes. Scrawny and small but muscular. Long scar that runs down her side 

Abilites: FAST. And a good fighter. 

Personality: Feisty, sarcastic, quick witted, and tough. DON'T mess with her. 

Weaknesses: Can be mean to others without really noticing. But despite her tough demeanor shes actually very insecure. Also is scared of spiders but don't tell anyone that. 

Skills: Great at comebacks, races, and fighting

Quirks: Her eye twitches when she's lying 

Brains or Brawn?: Brains but she's also very strong 

Deepest Secret: Her mother died protecting her. Also she cries at night when she's completely sure no one can hear 


I might add another character later but just Kindle for now. I can't wait to start!  

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Name: camazotz

Cat Type: magic

Pronouns: fae/faer

Appearance: beautiful silver fur/tail/wings, with streaks of purple-silver, which signifies their power, wings shaped like crescent moons

Abilites: strange purple fire that is resistant to water & shadow but exceedingly vulnerable to air-type, telekinesis (especially with chaotic/evil types), and shadow manipulation (only when it's dark. ike really dark.) 

Personality: dark, often cold and dislikes social interaction. chaotic neutral, although she thinks more good than evil

Weaknesses: her non-social-iaty.

Skills: flexible, intelligent, graceful, good charisma + cons, as well as dexterity. she generally has good in every skill sec except strength. 

Quirks: really, really soft fur, and super fluffy tail. 

Brains or Brawn?: brains

Deepest Secret: none, she reveals all her secrets. 

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(May 29, 2022 - 9:44 pm)
Name: Sally
Cat Type: Prism
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Appearances: Very pretty clean shining white fur on her body and legs/"arms", her wings are a gorgeous soft shade of pink with a few tiny speckles  of blue near the base of both wings, pink tail, pink eyes, small declicate, very pretty 
Abilities: Although she is now an adult, she can still sense emotions far better than she can read thoughts, but she'd good at reading emotions. 
Personality: Kind, compassionate, soft-spoken, timid, sweet, always thinks the best of people
Weaknesses: Fear is probably her greatest weakness, she's also afraid of her father, and she doesn't like getting wet
Skills: She's an excellent flier and singer, and can speak all the cat languages (if there's more than one) 
Quirks: She likes everything to be very precise, orderly, and exact
Brains or Brawn?: Brains
Deepest Secret: She's afraid of mice
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(May 30, 2022 - 6:28 am)

Name: Voltage

Cat Type: Magic Winged Cat

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Her fur is a pale white that seems to tingle with nervous electricity. She has pegasus-style wings that are silver, but turn varying shades of purple in certain light conditions, and a pale white, winding tail. Her ears are always perked and her eyes are a light purple. Overall, Voltage is small and sometimes mistaken for a Prism Winged Cat because her fur isn't silver. She could be considered as mildly pretty if she wasn't so cautious all the time.

Abilites: Voltage has lightning magic, but it sadly makes her overly alert and she isn't at an advanced level with it. She can also vanish into shadows, a thing she does more frequently.

Personality: Reliable, honest, and quick-thinking.

Weaknesses: Is almost always anxious, distracted, and shy, except when she's safe inside a shadow (Basically a coward, like a lot of Magic Winged Cats)

Skills: Is effective at hiding and good at fighting because nobody can touch her without getting shocked and injured, her magic is too strong.

Quirks: She can never be cold and wish all thunder clouds away from her. Also, she rarely gets hurt because of her powers.

Brains or Brawn?: Probably in between.

Deepest Secret: She doesn't want to hurt anybody with her painful magic, the main reason she hides. She worries about everything (again, the sad curse of her lighning magic) and tries to do her best so she can relax more.

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(May 30, 2022 - 11:43 am)

Oh this is cool. Did you come up with all this yourself.



Cat Type:Fire

Pronouns: she/her.

Appearance:Striking red fur, her eyes are normally gold, unless she gets emotional, huge black wings and orange tipped feathers.

Abilites:Fire that encasses her paws when she attackes. The claws are white hot.

Personality:Sarcastic, snarky, dark anf firey.

Weaknesses:Winter and cold

Skills:Fighting, drawing and flying tricks.

Quirks:mmm, I don;t know who to answer this. If you explain, I can.

Brains or Brawn?:Brawn

Deepest Secret:She has depresion.

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Name: Zyranna

Cat Type: Cosmic

Pronouns: she/her, it/its

Appearance: Black fur, gray wings, narrow eyes

Abilites: Mind-reading, mind-control, telekinesis maybe? She doesn't know but her mom had it

Personality: Quiet, mysterious, leaderly

Weaknesses: Too suspicious

Skills: Pouncing. Sneaking. Manipulating.

Quirks: Bites her tail when annoyed

Brains or Brawn?: Brains

Deepest Secret: She loves the daylight


P.S. Captcha says "gx" 

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my dearest character camazotz is not a coward even tho fae can act like one, with faer good acting skills. fae is chaotic neutral leaning evil

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(May 30, 2022 - 6:34 pm)


Name: Tide (Ti, for short) 

Cat Type: Ocean

Pronouns: He/him/his

Appearance: He's a soft, pretty shade of blue on his body, his wings are a very darkl blue shade, he has green-blue fins down his back and a fin on the back of each leg and one on top of his head, green-gold eyes, long-ish fur

Abilities: He can breath under water (if that's allowed) 

Personality: Resevered, wary, overprotective, likes to think things through, definitely looks- before-he-leaps kind of person

Weaknesses: In his overprotectiveness he can become rude, also he's not a great flier and he hates the smell of peonies

Skills: He can swim excellently and catch fish and fights pretty well, good decision maker and planner

Quirks: He tilts his head when thinking hard

Brains or Brawn?: Brains

Deepest Secret: He once saw a Deep Sea Monster when he was very young. Now he's scared they'll come for his family someday. They're legends to everyone else though, so he's never told anyone. Seeing the Sea Monster may be why he's so protective now.  



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Hello there um do you whant to be friends?

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Name: Sitara

Cat Type: Cosmic

Pronouns: they/them

Appearance: Black fur speckled with gold, black wings, small in size

Abilites: Telekinesis, able to read peoples' emotions but not thoughts

Personality: Confident, clever, arrogant, charismatic, outgoing

Weaknesses: Reckless, apathetic

Skills: Athletic, clever, quick thinker

Quirks: Likes to levitate using telekinesis instead of standing or sitting

Brains or Brawn?: Brawn

Deepest Secret: Despite their arrogance, their greatest desire is to be accepted and cared for

Name: Ash

Cat Type: Feral

Pronouns: he/him

Appearance: Dark green-brown fur with black patches around his eyes, large wings

Abilites: Night vision, enhanced senses, camoflage

Personality: Reserved, observant, brave, not very talkative, empathetic

Weaknesses: Dislikes being around other people, stubborn, secretive

Skills: Quick and agile, intuition

Quirks: Sometimes talks to himself

Brains or Brawn?: Brains

Deepest Secret: He ran away from his family and friends a long time ago after commiting a terrible crime


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Ivy looked up at the stars. the cold, dark sky was comforting and creepy at the same time, somehow. Ivy shivered and snuggled back into the woven-leaf blanket. 

she watched the sky, tracing constellations. soon, the sky started to lighten to pink at the horizon. the first rays of dawn appeared, illuminating the maple leaves around Ivy and chasing back the shadows of night, like a blackbird defending its nest. 

as the sun's rays hit Ivy's fur, she closed her eyes and soaked in the warm light. with the morning came a new day, things to do. but those things could wait.

in that moment, another thing came: a strange Cat barreled out of the sky and crash-landed on Ivy's branch. 

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The sun burst into Sally's room, big and round and goldeny-orange, surrounded by fluffy pink clouds. Rising over the sea, it looked amazing and magnificent. Its gentle fingers crawled carefully over Sally. Sally yawned hugely and stretched before leaping out of her pile of soft pink blankets and pillows. She strolled casually out of her large, grand room. Her soft paws padded lightly over the beautiful marble floor of her family's mansion. 
With a quick leap and a beat of her wings, Sally was soaring into the air. She raced down corridors and through rooms, passing by some of the serving Cats. Some of them greeted with a "Good moring, Lady Sally" or maybe "Nice to see you, Lady Sally" She nodded in greeting and smiled as she zipped by. 
She landed lightly on her pink cushion when she came to the long, low, polished wood table which could've seated 150 Cats, all in all, but which would only accomodate herself and her two brothers and one sister and their mother. Their father never ate with them except on occasions of state. 
Sally was in a hurry to get done with breakfast, so she ate her food as quickly as possible without seeming rude or unladylike, then asked politely to be excused. Her mother nodded, smiling knowningly, and Sally leaped into the air and soared over to one of the huge stainged glass windows which was open, as all the windows always were unless there was bad weather. 
This was the side of the mansion the faced the sea, so usually Sally didn't use it. She didn't like even the faintest possiblity that she could get wet, but today she wanted to be able to get to the docks fast. Her cousin, Willow, was coming today from far across the kingdoms and Sally was excited. She soared over the water (at a safely hight distance) with the feeling that nothing whatsoever could ruin such a glorious, beautiful day.  
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