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Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats are sentient beings that live on another world. they are catlike in appearance, with long, scaly tails and wings. some have magic, but most just have stuff like breathing fire or flying silently. there are 10 kinds of Winged Cats, listed below:

Cosmic Winged Cats

Appearance: black/gray fur, dragonlike black/gray wings, gold tails and eyes, sometimes with sparkles or glossy patches, dominant males have gold manes

Powers: varies, usually things like mind-control or spying, but pretty much any mental power. strongest at night, and frequently OP

Fighting Power: 9/10


Prism Winged Cats

Appearance: white fur, pink wings/eyes/tail with blue spots on wings, small and light, feathery wings

Powers: can sense emotions in the form of colored auras when young, but can hear thoughts when older

Fighting Power: like a 4 or something? idk


Feral Winged Cats

Appearance: wings, fur, and tail in varying shades of brown, gray, dark red, and occasionaly green-gray, ragged-looking wings and ear tufts, scary claws

Powers: can fly silently like owls, see in the dark and hearing can reach 10 miles away, some can shift color to closer match the background or breathe fire

Fighting Power: if properly trained a constant 10


Mountain Winged Cats

Appearance: white, purple, blue, and gray, usually bright and icy-looking, thick layers of fur, feathery wings, long, straight claws, jet-black ear tufts

Powers: uhh can withstand a lot of cold? and paws are wide, to walk on snow

Fighting Power: 6ish


Ocean Winged Cats

Appearance: colors are always highly saturated when young, males are shades of blue, females are green/brown-green. wings like fins and lots of fins on tail/back, sometimes random fins in weird spots, green-gold eyes

Powers: can swim SUPER well 

Fighting Power: meh 3 


Forest Winged Cats

Appearance: gray/brown fur, green or brown wings like leafy branches, tails of the same color as wings, long claws and tails

Powers: can climb and fly exellently and are very agile

Fighting Power: 4


Fire Winged Cats

Appearance: red, orange, or blue fur, wings, and tail, wings can be pretty much any shape you want them to be, occasionaly with yellow or black mixed in as well, color-changing eyes based on mood

Powers: fire-related stuff, including lava drool 

Fighting Power: 9


Lightning Winged Cats

Appearance: yellow, white, and light purple fur, tail, and wings, wings are shaped like a generic lightning bolt symbol, dark eyes

Powers: lightning/thunder magic, although it takes a physical toll

Fighting Power: 9/10


Desert Winged Cats

Appearance: gold fur with black spots, silvery blue/purple/green tails, brown falcon wings, thin and spindly, often called 'scrawny' 

Powers: by far the fastest fliers/runners

Fighting Power: 8 


and finally...


Magic Winged Cats

Appearance: beautiful silver fur/tail/wings, with streaks of one color, which signifies their power, wings shaped like crescent moons or bird wings

Powers: depends on what Cat, sometimes can control/summon specific elements, like fire, water, or plants, other Cats can do teleknesis (moving things with their mind,) or can vanish into shadows, almost always OP but most of them are cowards

Fighting Power: 11 if they want to


here's the form:



Cat Type:








Brains or Brawn?:

Deepest Secret:


and here's my character:

Name: Ivy

Cat Type: Forest

Pronouns: she/her 

Appearance: gray fur, light green wings/tail, orange-brown eyes

Abilites: agile

Personality: serious and secretive, loves to have fun to distract herself

Weaknesses: has a bad habit of lying

Skills: a reasonably good fighter, can tell when someone's hiding something

Quirks: nervous-laughing a lot

Brains or Brawn?: brains mostly

Deepest Secret: is terrified of most new Cats she's meeting for the first time


you can have up to 4 characters, and you can base them off yourself, the RP will start on June 15, or when there are 7 characters, feel free to join after that!


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a name flashed in her head.her boss was Eqinox 

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i think my OC is being mind controled

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I want to join!

Name: StarFeather

Cat type: Lightning

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Purple fur, wings smaller than most, dark violet eyes

Abilities: Can fly really fast, and claw an enemy to shreds

Personality: Feirce, but secretly kind

Weaknesses: Has terrible memory

Skills: Can leap off a cliff without dying and does it for fun

Quirks: Always has her claws out for "protection" reasons(not really she is very jumpy)

Brains or Brawn?: Brawn

Deepest secret: Could (and would) betray anyone even if they are really nice to her.

Hope this is all you need!




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Hi you guys. I won't be on for awhile,(because of COVID!!!) That's right: I have Covid.(AGAIN!!!) See ya.

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Can I join?

Name: Fleck

Cat Type: Cosmic

Pronouns: She/They

Appearance: Black fur with flecks of gold all over. Kinda small and wiry.

Abilities: she can wipe peoples memories, either specific ones, ones related to a certain thing, or just a large chunk of memories

Personality: loner, doesn't talk much, rarely makes friends, has trust issues. seems manipulative and always angry

Weaknesses: small spaces (claustrophobia) and large bodies of water

Skills: combat, intimidation

Quirks: has a super high pitched voice

Brains or Brawn?: brains 

Deepest Secret: she is actually really kind but doesn't show it very much. 

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could you add "kinda small and wiry" to the appearance of my character on my comment? thanks! 

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StarFeather flew into her cave. "Just like you left it?" Her friend Ayles mumbled. StarFeather KNEW it was a mess, but she will probably never clean it up.


Sorry if it's short, and Ayles, I used your character. 

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Oh, it's ok @StarFeather!

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