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Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats RP

Winged Cats are sentient beings that live on another world. they are catlike in appearance, with long, scaly tails and wings. some have magic, but most just have stuff like breathing fire or flying silently. there are 10 kinds of Winged Cats, listed below:

Cosmic Winged Cats

Appearance: black/gray fur, dragonlike black/gray wings, gold tails and eyes, sometimes with sparkles or glossy patches, dominant males have gold manes

Powers: varies, usually things like mind-control or spying, but pretty much any mental power. strongest at night, and frequently OP

Fighting Power: 9/10


Prism Winged Cats

Appearance: white fur, pink wings/eyes/tail with blue spots on wings, small and light, feathery wings

Powers: can sense emotions in the form of colored auras when young, but can hear thoughts when older

Fighting Power: like a 4 or something? idk


Feral Winged Cats

Appearance: wings, fur, and tail in varying shades of brown, gray, dark red, and occasionaly green-gray, ragged-looking wings and ear tufts, scary claws

Powers: can fly silently like owls, see in the dark and hearing can reach 10 miles away, some can shift color to closer match the background or breathe fire

Fighting Power: if properly trained a constant 10


Mountain Winged Cats

Appearance: white, purple, blue, and gray, usually bright and icy-looking, thick layers of fur, feathery wings, long, straight claws, jet-black ear tufts

Powers: uhh can withstand a lot of cold? and paws are wide, to walk on snow

Fighting Power: 6ish


Ocean Winged Cats

Appearance: colors are always highly saturated when young, males are shades of blue, females are green/brown-green. wings like fins and lots of fins on tail/back, sometimes random fins in weird spots, green-gold eyes

Powers: can swim SUPER well 

Fighting Power: meh 3 


Forest Winged Cats

Appearance: gray/brown fur, green or brown wings like leafy branches, tails of the same color as wings, long claws and tails

Powers: can climb and fly exellently and are very agile

Fighting Power: 4


Fire Winged Cats

Appearance: red, orange, or blue fur, wings, and tail, wings can be pretty much any shape you want them to be, occasionaly with yellow or black mixed in as well, color-changing eyes based on mood

Powers: fire-related stuff, including lava drool 

Fighting Power: 9


Lightning Winged Cats

Appearance: yellow, white, and light purple fur, tail, and wings, wings are shaped like a generic lightning bolt symbol, dark eyes

Powers: lightning/thunder magic, although it takes a physical toll

Fighting Power: 9/10


Desert Winged Cats

Appearance: gold fur with black spots, silvery blue/purple/green tails, brown falcon wings, thin and spindly, often called 'scrawny' 

Powers: by far the fastest fliers/runners

Fighting Power: 8 


and finally...


Magic Winged Cats

Appearance: beautiful silver fur/tail/wings, with streaks of one color, which signifies their power, wings shaped like crescent moons or bird wings

Powers: depends on what Cat, sometimes can control/summon specific elements, like fire, water, or plants, other Cats can do teleknesis (moving things with their mind,) or can vanish into shadows, almost always OP but most of them are cowards

Fighting Power: 11 if they want to


here's the form:



Cat Type:








Brains or Brawn?:

Deepest Secret:


and here's my character:

Name: Ivy

Cat Type: Forest

Pronouns: she/her 

Appearance: gray fur, light green wings/tail, orange-brown eyes

Abilites: agile

Personality: serious and secretive, loves to have fun to distract herself

Weaknesses: has a bad habit of lying

Skills: a reasonably good fighter, can tell when someone's hiding something

Quirks: nervous-laughing a lot

Brains or Brawn?: brains mostly

Deepest Secret: is terrified of most new Cats she's meeting for the first time


you can have up to 4 characters, and you can base them off yourself, the RP will start on June 15, or when there are 7 characters, feel free to join after that!


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Cat Type:








Brains or Brawn?:

Deepest Secret:

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(January 3, 2023 - 10:31 pm)

Name: Zendaya

Cat Type: Feral

Pronouns: They/them

Appearance: Reasonably small, reddish brown fur, ragged red wings, big black ear tufts, dark red tail, scars on both ears

Can change color to blend in with the background, sometimes automatically,

Personality: Can be very rude when in a bad mood, mostly nice overall

Weaknesses: Mostly antisocial, doesn't have many friends

Skills: Can tell when someone is lying, very agile

Quirks: Really awkward around more than five other winged cats

Brains or Brawn?: Brains

Deepest Secret: Doesn't have one

Age: 18

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I woke up this morning extremely tired from last night. Ugh, my cave is such a mess, I thought. I couldn't wait for the day! Suddenly a strange Cosmic cat landed on the ledge outside my cave. "You're coming with me," he said.

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Sorry, I used Equinox

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Name: Arashi

Cat Type: Ocean

Pronouns: She/her 

Appearance: Green-blue fur, dark green wings and tail, golden eyes

Abilites: Can breathe underwater and swim super well

Personality: Really nice, often overconfident

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust anyone except Zendaya

Skills: Really good at fighting even though she is an Ocean cat because she is half Magic cat

Quirks: Her nose twitches when she is lying

Brains or Brawn?: Brains

Deepest Secret: Half Magic cat


I forgot to add this to Zendaya's form. Zendaya's eyes are blueish gold

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(January 4, 2023 - 10:26 am)


I woke up in a small metal cage. The last thing I remember was another ocean cat grabbing my paw and then everything went black.


Sorry. That was pretty short.

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First comments of 2023!

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Name:  Kaminari

Cat Type: Cosmic

Pronouns:  They/them


Abilites:  Mind-control

Personality: Really nice, extremely loyal

Weaknesses: Way too trusting

Skills: Can swim reasonably well for a Cosmic cat


Brains or Brawn?: Brawn

Deepest Secret: Madly in love with Arashi. Their parents do not approve of Ocean cats.

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(January 4, 2023 - 10:35 pm)


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Fleck stretched and yawned, blinking at the bright sunlight streaming through her den's entrance.

"I don't know why I'm awake during the day, but I guess I have to roll with it." they grumbled. They unfolded their wings, padding to the entrance of their den. She leaped into the air, beating her wings to carry her high into the sky. She scanned the forest beneath her with piercing green eyes, seeing no movement. She swooped lower, down toward the forest, and all of a sudden black wings boiled out of the trees. Fleck snarled and lashed out with their front paws, her long claws unsheathed. They kicked the strange cat (Cosmic cat, interesting) away from her and wheeled around. heading for their safe bunker.


A little short, but hi I'm new to this RP. (The cat Fleck fought is supposed to be Twilight, if that's okay) 

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(January 10, 2023 - 1:06 pm)

she does not know exactly know why, but she is hiding in the forest. she dosent remember anything.....

flash! Twilight leaped into the air,slicing with unsheashed claws towerd the cat with green eyes,but missed.the other cat ran towerds a underground bunker,leaving her behind."wait! who are you?"

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(January 12, 2023 - 7:12 pm)

Fleck pumped her wings harder, not glancing back.

"Wipe that cat's memories of their encounter with me the moment I get into my bunker." they muttered, diving toward the bunker entrance. She landed with a thud, and slammed the bunker door shut behind them, locking it.

"There. They should be taken care of. For future reference, next time you wake up in the middle of the day when you're a nocturnal cat, GO BACK TO SLEEP." she growled at herself. She went to get something to eat. 

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(January 13, 2023 - 9:08 am)

I had a few brilliant ideas, so here's Fleck's updated character sheet:

Name: Fleck

Cat Type: Cosmic

Pronouns: She/They

Appearance: Black fur with flecks of gold all over. Kinda small and wiry.

Abilities: She can wipe people’s memories, either specific ones, ones related to a certain thing, or just a large chunk of memories. They can also alter memories, and they are the only hope of regaining those memories or fixing the ones that were altered.

Personality: Loner, doesn’t talk much, rarely makes friends, has trust issues. Seems manipulative and always angry.

Weaknesses: small spaces (claustrophobia) and large bodies of water.

Skills: Combat, intimidation

Quirks: has a super high pitched voice (but it’s not her natural voice, see Deepest Secret)

Brains or Brawn?: Brains

Deepest Secret: her dad is Equinox and tried to rope her into his evil stuff and she ran away, so she’s currently hiding, hoping he’s either forgotten about her or won’t find her. She changed her voice in the hopes that that might help her hide.


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Anyone still here?

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Anyone here?

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