short story thread:D

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short story thread:D

short story thread:D

ill post mine when this goes up 

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(June 12, 2022 - 5:30 pm)

Ooh, yes please! Excited to see what y'all're up to! :D

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so this was a thing i did for a school project- basically, she gave us a moderately sized list of settings, then of words, then of tones.  We had to pick a setting for our story to take place in, seven words to use in the story, and a tone to write the story in.  Oh, and it had to be exactly 200 words (no more, no less) it was a challenge especially with my tendency to not do anything till the day it's due:/

Wirya pushed gently on the abnormally large burl in the center of the willow's trunk.  The wood split in the center, revealing the entrance to a stone room dimly lit by torches hanging on the wall. An armor-clad figure stood at the top of the stairwell on the far side of the room. He was tall and broad-shouldered, and wore a glimmering gold circlet that contrasted with his long, elegant dark hair.  His back was turned to Wirya, but when the soldier stepped through the threshold he turned.  


    “Lord Yal,” Wirya bowed.  "Our scouts report nothing unusual in the Rebellion cities.  They seem not to expect an attack and are at any rate unprepared for one.”

“Very good,”  Yal said, slowly descending the staircase.  “I assume your troops are prepared?”

“Well, actually…many are still wounded, my lord,” the warrior confessed.  “Our numbers will be few during the siege on Lingwiloce.”

“Mmm.” Yal stood in front of Wirya now.  "Remember that with this mission I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself.  After... last time, your victory is essential to recover our land."

Wirya swallowed.

“Now.”  Yal walked past the soldier into the bright sunshine outside.  "Let’s finish this.”


i chose (or rather, random name picker chose) enchanted forest; abnormal, assume, confess, rebellion, victory, recover, finish; assertive 

it was really interesting actually because after we'd finish the 200 words, we had to edit it to make a 100 word version using 4 of the 7 words, then 50 with 2 and 10 with 1 

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There was once a boy in that town, who lived with his head in the clouds.

He was the peaceful kind of person, a very pastoral mind that didn't fit in with the tumult that brewed around him -- beneath his feet, down the street, in the darkened corners his bright eyes would never think to fleet. 

There was that one time he joined his comrades to fight for independence, to protect those he loved, but that was it. And it was a long time ago anyway; even if the screams and scars still sometimes flashed across his mind every now and then, even if sometimes he swore he heard a bomb go off in the distance, or the shriek of a projectile whizzing abovehead... No, that was a long time past. Everything was fine now. He lived for his friends now; that, and peace. It was good. It was enough.

Of course because of this, he would never see what was lying in store for him, the oily black fate creeping up from behind, emerging from his own shadow, claws poised and dangerously close to swallowing him whole -- the boy entirely unaware as he smiles with his friends. Those same friends with a dangerous gleam in their eyes -- such shifty eyes -- a look not too different from the one they wore before the slaughter they initiated long ago.

That boy still lives in that town, head lost amongst the clouds, too high up to hear the whispers that flurry all around him. He is alive and happy for now, but as feet stir in the tavern, everyone in the town knows; it's not to last for long.

Indeed, perhaps it is a mercy that the boy will be gone first. That way he will not have to witness the tearing of land, friend and foe alike once again. He will, in a way, die in the peace he so loved in life.

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