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Character Thread

Character Thread

A thread just for posting characters. I'm having trouble with characters, so I thought I'd make a charrie form and fill it out for each one. I want to hear about y'all's characters, so I made this thread. Anyway, here's the form.






Special Powers/Abilities:



I'll start with the character I've most developed. All my characters go to a school called The Outcast Academy, which specializes in kids with super powers.

Name: Beatrice Mason

Age: 11

Pronouns: She/her

Apperance: Medium height, brown hair that comes to her chin, freckles on her cheekbones and nose, paleish skin, hazel eyes.

Personality: Always, always looking for the "right word" to describe a situation. A bit lonely, but she doesn't really mind. She's smart and has a very quick and strong mind. She likes puzzles, any kind, not just the jigsaw types. She can be funny if she wants too, and knows the right things to say 66% of the time.

Special Powers/Abilities: Telekinesis

Backstory: Her mom died when she was one. She couldn't remember her. Her dad was loving and full of fun, and loved her more than anything else in the world, more than money, though he had a lot of it. When she was in second grade she discovered her power after making a blackboard fall on a mean teacher. She began to test it, getting stronger and stronger. Then her dad found out, and started isolating himself from her. She began to refer to him as "Father." The summer before sixth grade, she got a letter from The Outcast Academy, which promised to help her develop her power. Although her father was all for it (he didn't want her in the house, as she percieved it), she wasn't so sure. She finally agreed to go because she realized that she could make friends with other kids that had powers.

Other: Her narration is very honest. 

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interesting... i shall post


Name: Darkvine (my CB name is my main character name)

Age: 24-ish

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: a dark green dragon with gray, leaf-shaped wings that have speckled bright green spots on the underside, glowing bright green eyes, gray spiny back ridge, gray leaf on the end of tail, black glove covering left talon (a talon is basically a hand to dragons)

also there's a picture attached :) 

Personality: mysterious, introverted, and has a taste for dramatic entrances, secretly a complete goof on the inside

Special Powers/Abilities: can see the future and speak to/control plants

Backstory:... comlicated... so imma try to explain.

secretly 2,000 years old, time-traveled to the future with magic, then got involved in a big dimension-traveling mess, (to Star Wars reality) had a bad incedent with a lightsaber (hence the gloved talon) and finally made it back to her own dimension.

and mixed up with all of that, her crush, a dragon named Haunt, simply dissapeared when the lightsaber incident happened, so...  

yeah... kinda complicated. 

Other: has three allies, other dragons named Summer, Thor, and Mimic

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oops forgot the pic

and in this one there's no glove 

Darkvine (1).jpg
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This is my newest OC.


Name: Invert

Age: ???

Pronouns: She/her

Apperance: Black hair that is always in a bun, the usually colored part of her eyes is glowing white, she has white skin. she only wears black and white clothes, she wears dresses and skirts quite often

Personality: She is very cold and pretty much never speaks with any emotion, she has a habit of staring at people, she will stare into your eyes if you are talking to her, she has her arms crossed often, she sighs a lot, she practically never smiles, she has a blank stare

Special Powers/Abilities: She can create and manipulate light if she is her regular form and in her inverted form (Her appearence is color reversed i.e. White hair, black eyes ect.) she can create and manipulate darkness and shadows.

Backstory: She was not born, but instead created using magic, so she cannot be killed. She doesn't trust people because her creator betrayed her.

Other: I got inspiration for her from somewhere, but I can't think of where.

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Here is the picture of her normal form.

Please delete the word in the art, then you may resubmit it. Also for the other one. Thank you.


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Sorry, I forgot about that.

Here is Invert in her normal form.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 10.51.41 PM.png
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Here is Invert in her other form.

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 10.19.44 PM.png
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