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Not really a NaNoWriMo cuz I didn't sign up or anything, I just thought I'd go for it. Challenge myself a bit, you know? Okay, here's an excerpt from page 5/7. So far, over the last few days my eyes have been glued to this scrren. so you don't get confused, here's what's happening. Five travelers have journeyed into the dense and dangerous forest of Wickerwood in order to save their village from extinction. In the heart of the forest, they are attcked by Wildrens (the creatures that attack the village. Intellegence of a human only wilder, fiercer.) and the four warriors leave the apprentice Aaron in the tent, but he wants to help, and just found one of his friends dead.

The pressing, impenetrable abyss of black smothered Aaron. His lungs begged him to stop running, but he could not. Somehow running gave him hope that safety lingered precariously on the horizon, and he, enkindled in it, kept his stamina. though it was getting harder for him to breathe normally, he pursued the fleet-footed hope and raced after it like a hunter chases his prey, though in reality, he was the one running for his life./ Paranoia crept in from all sides, sedning a devastating, depressing cold through his body. Something had slaughtered Jenna; it could've been after him. All Aaron knew for sure was that he did not want to confront it.... (several paragraphs of boring ajectives later) The wildrens advanced menacingly, their long, cruedly crafted spears in their tightly clenched fists. Suddenly, the woman shot forward and was nose to nose with Nathaniel. He recoiled in fear as her vile breath tumbled out into the small space between them, but soon gained control. He slashed with his knife and the wildren stepped back, growling. The other two wildrens shot forward, the burly one towards Alan and the quick, younger one towards Aaron. Alan and the burly wildren bagan to fight, and Alan parried the wildren's moves excellently, his eyes glowing again with cockiness and ambition./  Frightened, Aaron turned to bolt. He sprinted into the darkness of the forest. That was his mistake...

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(November 3, 2009 - 6:48 pm)

Hah! You get bonus points in my mind for using fencing terms like parry. ;)

It's good. I like the storyline. But please, for your own good, don't ask me to do a brilliant Emilyesque critique--- I have been wearing high heels (?!) for six hours (!?!) and am exhausted. ;)

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(November 3, 2009 - 10:59 pm)