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It was nearly dark when Opal's eyes fluttered open, back aching against the cold hard forest floor it was pressed to. Groaning, she raised herself, taking in her surroundings. A strange sense of familiarity washed over her despite not recognising the place.

Cautiously, Opal looked around. All was still and quiet but for the distant high-up chirping of birds and occasional blossom of cricket-symphony. Wind stirred the trees that lie in front of her, as if beckoning her onward; urging her to hurry before night fell in full. Opal was in no place to refuse, especially not when she lie out in the open here, at the foot of the forest no less. But where to go?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a rustle from the direction the forest. Fearful blue eyes met placid brown ones. Opal tensed, ready to flee or fight; whatever it came to, but the other figure simply watched, calm and motionless. After a moment Opal gingerly edged forward, making sure not to startle this new person. It was thin and tall for a human, almost resembling a tree more, if not for the smooth bronze skin and flowing black hair.

"Um, can I help you?" Opal stared at it. It blinked, then turned on its heel and stepped into the wall of trees. She gaped. "Wait! Where are you-" It turned to look back at her, giving her a sideways glance, then tilted its head as if inviting her to follow. She hurried to catch up.

It was not long until they came upon a small cabin-like structure. The figure lifted the door-flap and looked back at Opal, as if checking she was still there. She scurried in after them.

The inside was simple, with little tools and shelves of materials lining the walls. It was oddly cozy, despite the rustic atmosphere. As Opal looked around, the figure drew out a large mat at began setting it out. She watched absent-mindedly as they also laid out a quilt, snapping out of it when those chocolate eyes settled on hers. "Oh, um, do you need any help or anything?"

The figure just stared at her as if she had said the most ridiculous thing it had ever heard. "Sleep." It pointed at the makeshift sleeping area. 

"But... What about you?" They waved a bow they'd picked up from the corner at the door. 

"Sequoia is out at night."


The figure pointed to himself, "Sequoia."

"Oh! I'm Opal," She subconsciously mirrored his gesture. 

He nodded, "Sleep." And slipped out into the dark.

"Bye Sequoia," Opal whispered, squeezing her eyes shut, "And thank you."

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Reuby growled at the girl, who was currently giggling nervously. Reuby spotted a pile of brightly colored...things. Reuby bent down to sniff these "things", they smelt sweet and sugary. "you..like these....th-things?" she said gruffly. The girl smiled sweetly, "yeah, I do! You want one?"
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