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Boarding School RP

Boarding School RP

Boink, RP time

So when I joined the CB one of these was happening, and apparently it was a thing. An RP. That took place at a boarding school. Here is what I'm pretty sure is the link to that:

Seemed pretty cool to me, so... I'm gonna start one of my own I guess

Here's the general idea:

The RP takes place at a boarding school called Olive Autumn's School for Extraordinary Children. The school is for grades 7-12, with a middle school section (grades 7-8) and a high school section (grades 9-12). It is for children who do not fit in in some way, perhaps because they are not well behaved or are especially smart, and could not be provided with what they needed at a regular school, so were sent to OAS. Olive Autumn, who the school is named for, died many years ago, and some students believe they still haunt the school. 

Your character can be a member of the staff (teacher, janitor, cafeteria worker, ect.) or a student. 3 charries or less per person, please!

Here is the form:




If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 


Student or staff:

Why were they sent to OAS?:




This'll start on Thursday, but anyone can join anytime. I'll post my characters later. Here's hoping this doesn't die two weeks in :,)




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Name: Amira Callum

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Age: 14

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: grade 9

Apperance: pretty, short brown hair, wide brown eyes, medium skin tone, freckles, average height and build

Student or staff: student

Why were they sent to OAS?: her parents are rich and think she's special, she is but not how they think she is; she dislikes them

Personality: sarcastic, loyal, funny, super not-judgemental, can be brutally rude or super sweet depending on how you treat her

Other: open to shipping

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Ooh, yay, a new RP...! *waltzes around the room singing Frozen II songs for no reason*

Getting down to work, here is the form.

Name: Roxana.

Gender/pronouns: She/her

Age: 15.

if they are a student or a teacher, what grades do they teach/what grade are they in?: She's in 9th grade.

Appearance: Long brown hair, dark-blue eyes, very stylish

Student or staff: Student

Why they were sent to OAS: Roxana is outspoken and holds a lot of unpopular views. She's also rebellious - not a bad kid, just not well-brought-up, and not very happy. It's hoped that at OAS she will learn to use her rebellious energy for good.

Personality: Well, rebellious, and also a great leader and fun to be around, when she feels like it. She's not afraid of stating what she thinks, but she doesn't know when to be tactful or diplomatic. She's unhappy because her parents are divorced, and she's never really gotten to be true friends with anyone. But deep down inside, she's fundamentally a good kid.

Other: She might be open to shipping as the story goes on, but just with boys.

And a form for another character:

Name: Scarlette Elker

Gender/pronouns: She/her

Age: 32.

if they are a student or a teacher, what grades do they teach/what grade are they in?: She teaches 9th grade and 10th grade.

Appearance: Long, flaming red hair, a striking face, a dramatiic air.

Student or staff: Teacher

Why were they sent to OAS: Scarlette believes in trying to help and guide the students. When she first became a teacher, she wasn't sure about it, but now she's really interested.

Personality: Scarlette's compassionate but no-nonsense. She can be strict, but she believes it's for her students' good. She can also be a lot of fun. She's creative, imaginative, and very quick to feel beauty or goodness in anyone. She can always be counted on to help in a crisis. She's not argumentative or combative, preferring to be diplomatic. She's also very chirpy and happy.

Other: not now.

I'll probably do one more character, but it's late and I must go...

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I think Amira and Roxana could have a nice friendship maybe? They seem like they'd get along

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Okay, sure! You're right, I think they would be good friends. :)

Iffy, are you saying wnmrx, in which case I think you're spouting the names of CAPTCHA radio stations, or whmrx?

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Name: Neolux “Neo” Velasquez
Gender/pronouns: Unlabeled but masculine, he/fae/they
Age: 15
If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 10th grade
Appearance: Brown skin, dark hazel eyes with flecks of green, short hair they clearly cut themself, dyed with streaks of oranges, reds, and blues along with their natural dark brown. Their hair is still long enough to nearly pull into a small ponytail. Fae are around average height with a fair amount of muscle. Often, their fingernails are painted black, chipping at the corners. He really should be wearing glasses, but he doesn’t like how they look and at the moment they are broken. Also, he has a lot of scratches up and down his legs and arms from previous fights.
Student or staff: Student
Why were they sent to OAS?: He is a troublemaker; playing pranks on teachers and students, having fights in the halls, probably setting off a fire or two in the science lab. But he’s also a logical genius-- the only tests they ever truly failed were in Gym and Home Economics.
Personality: Rebellious and angsty. Doesn’t like talking to people, but when he does he’s the most sarcastic person you’ll ever meet. Not very loyal. Will ditch classes nearly every day, except for the ones he enjoys (mostly French, he really likes how angry it sounds, but sometimes he likes science). Hates the happy-go-lucky type but I can see him falling for one. Laughs in times of chaos. I can also see him getting really platonically affectionate after someone befriends him.
Other: Open for shipping with anyone, but mostly males. Also, faer allergic to peanuts.
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Would you be interested in friend-shipping Neo and Ben? Ben's a lot younger than Neo but I think it'd be fun to watch them interact. They could also be enemies or something, whatever you want.

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OOH, yeah, I'd love that! Their personalities are so contradicting... Maybe they could be put in a class that Ben is pretty good at but Neo is bad at together? Like, maybe Neo was forced into orchestra or something. Would that work?

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I know Luke's form says open to shopping with girls, which he is, I don't think he likes shopping but oh well. Anyways, he's open to shipping with anyone, and I was wondering if you wanted to ship him and Neo? Luke is happy-go-lucky so I can see them being like enemies to lovers? If you want to! It's completely ok if not!!! :D

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They would be so cute together fr- 

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Name:  Benjamin "Ben" Hart

Gender/pronouns: he/him

Age: 12, almost 13

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 7th grade

Apperance: messy black hair, bright green eyes, freckles. Quite short for his age. Usually seen in a t-shirt and shorts (even in the dead of winter), and very beat up sneakers

Student or staff: student

Why were they sent to OAS?: he's very good at playing instruments and singing, as well as acting, but struggles with balancing all of that with academics. OAS will help him pursue a musical career while also balancing academics, and hopefully give him the skills he needs to keep track of everything.

Personality: He's very outgoing and loud and is quick to make friends. Doesn't seem to care about very much, but actually does and can be extremely empathetic. 

Other: He's bi, though not aware of it yet, and is open to shipping with boys and girls around his age. 


Name: Chrysanthemum "Chrissy" Stallard

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Age: 14

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: 9th grade

Apperance: long, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Sort of tall for her age. Wears little pearl earrings. Usually seen in her favorite red jacket (she's always cold), jeans, and boots. 

Student or staff: Student

Why were they sent to OAS?: she has OCD and possibly anxiety, and was doing okay at hiding it until she had a panic attack one day. Her mom freaked and decided to send her to boarding school--which isn't making her feel any better about her new diagnosis. 

Personality: she's sweet and quick to smile. Very good at math. Extremely loyal and willing to stand up for herself. She gets stressed easily. Good at making friends, for the most part, and was sort of popular back at her old school. Likes doodling, basketball, and flowers

Other: she went to the same school as Ben and knew him when she was in 8th grade (their middle school was 6-8) because they both did the school play. She's open to shipping with just about anyone, but particularly girls and enbies 


Name: Kai Pierce, known to the students as Mx. Pierce

Gender/pronouns: they/them

Age: 37

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: n/a

Apperance: average height, with long red hair, olive skin, and blue eyes. Usually wearing a white dress shirt, navy tie, and navy dress pants, as well as loafers.

Student or staff: staff, principal  

Why were they sent to OAS?: they got a job there as an English teacher and just kept getting promoted 

Personality: they try to be as friendly as possible, believing a school should be a save environment for everyone. They love art, but aren't very good at it. 

Other: They probably won't actually end up being that important, but schools need principals so :p 

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I love this RP!

Name: Kieran

Gender/pronouns: he/him

Age: 13

If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: Grade 7.

Apperance: One gold eye, one silver, white-blond feathery hair that sticks up in every directions but still manages to look good, angular face, meduim height (though a little on the small side), wears a black zip-up fleece sweatshirt and black jeans. Usually wears a scowl.

Student or staff: Student.

Why were they sent to OAS?: Besides looking very strange, he's a "bad boy", with lots of secrets. Naturally, as a "bad boy" he skips class, paints incredible artwork on the school walls (although everyone sees it as graffiti), climbs on to the roof, never does work, etc.

Personality: Bad boy. ISTP.

Other: He has been to many different schools, but he lives by himself in the woods. He has never met his parents and have been searching for them for a long time. He is a very talented artist and singer, although he never shows it.

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Oh, I forgot to say, open to shipping with boys.

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I will try to stay active, but i might fall behind.


Name: Charlie Lauren


Gender/pronouns: Any


Age: 14


If they are a student or teacher, what grade do they teach/what grade are they in?: Ninth Grade I think


Appearance: muscular with choppy, highlighted hair, soft golden skin, 167cm (5'5") tall,

oblong, slightly sightly face, piercing on her left ear


Student or staff: Student


Why were they sent to OAS?: To meet people


Personality: Quiet, kind, caring, gentle, protective, dark humor, knows how to throw knives and play piano as a hobby, likes making food, is afraid of spiders and legos (IDK why)


Other: N/A

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