The cassette tape

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The cassette tape

The cassette tape arrives, oddly enough, in a pressed envelope emblazoned with a seal depicting a single hand holding a sword aloft.  The recording begins with a click and scratch of static before a youthful voice speaks. "Ah, there we go!" they say. "This new technology is a bit confusing.  Greetings, listener!  You are probably wondering what exactly this is and why you have recieved it.  All will be revealed in time, as is the nature of things.  What you need to know now is that you have been invited to partake in a very special challenge - a competition of sorts.  The winner will be awarded honor and riches beyond anything you have seen.  It is up to you if  participate, of course.  If you choose to accept, simply return this - what are they called? - cassette to your mailbox.  Further information will then be granted to you shortly.  Rhiannon, how do I end this agai-" The voice is cut off by another click, and the recording ends.

This is a solo write!  As the cassette recording said, much more will be revealed once it begins.  Please join with a character, not yourself.

Full Name:

Age (14-19):



Detailed Personality:





What makes them extraordinary?:

Anything else?:

Camelot awaits the return of her king.  Who will rise to claim her? 

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Full name: Justin Falloway

Age (14-19): 16


Appearance: Tall handsome with dark hair and bangs that hang in his eyes of dark brown also strong and slightly muscular. He wears dark clothes.

Detailed Personality:Polite but is quiet for the most part. He can have rages over nothing once in a while but it rarely happens. He has some dark humor and he really cares for his friends. He is loyal and stern but has a sensitive side he tries to hide. He is also very protective of people he cares about.

Likes:Weapons like swords and daggers. White tigers and the nighttime. 

Dislikes:most singing and whimpy selfish people

Skills/Hobbies:He acually owns a sword and practices all the time. He also can live in the wild for awhile he has had the training.

Family/Backstory:He has a cousin Daisy but she couldn't come and his mom died when he was 3 and his dad went missing a month after that so Daisy's parents took him in with welcoming arms.

What makes them extraordinary?:He is really sneaky and seems to blend in with the shadows. He also has a way with big wild animals like wolves large cats and raptors.

Anything else?:If there is shipping in this story he is open to girls

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Two things I forgot to mention - please include shipping in your character sheet, and I'll be accepting up to 10 characters.

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Full Name: Avi Xavier Starthief

Age (14-19): 13

Pronouns: They/them

Appearance: Chin length brown hair, black eyes, pale skin, short, never smiles. 

Detailed Personality: INTP, untrusting.

Likes: Drawing, painting, sketching, being alone.

Dislikes: People, social media, school.

Skills/Hobbies: Drawing, art.

Family/Backstory: Only child. Parents are very rich and never around. 

What makes them extraordinary?: Can they be able to make their drawings come to life? If not, totally ok. 

Anything else?: Not right now.

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What would you think about them not knowing they have the power to bring their drawings to life, but it's revealed later?

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My last post before I disappear for Christmas!


Full Name: Alicia Cardell

Age (14-19): 15

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Golden-brown, longish hair, clear-cut, regular features, gray eyes and dark eyebrows

Detailed Personality: Alicia is witty, kind, energetic, direct, and sweet. She's not afraid to confront those who bully others or herself, but she's also friendly and sociable. She's not fearless, but she is quick-thinking and brave in an emergency. She accepts herself just as she is, leading to self-confidence which isn't just vanity or cockiness. She also deeply loves certain places, like her hometown, and her friends, family, and pets - she has a sensitive side, although it isn't always shown.

Likes: Mathematics (surprisingly), reading, being outside, spending time with animals, photography, art

Dislikes: Being bored, having to obey people she doesn't like

Skills/Hobbies: Drawing, archery

Family/Backstory: Alicia is from a small, close-knit community in Illinois, where she knows everyone. She has a large family - her parents, an aunt and uncle, two cousins, an older brother and sister, and a younger sister. She sometimes longs for adventure, as there isn't much opportunity for excitement where she comes from, but she also deeply loves her town.

What makes them extraordinary?: Her intelligence and self-acceptance.

Shipping: very open, with boys.

Anything else?: She's always polite and considerate - at times playful, but never sassy (although she isn't a goody-two-shoes).

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Full Name: Scaphia Nohaye

Age (14-19): 16

Pronouns: fae/faer (he/him/his/himself -> fae/faer/faer/faerself, singular verbs, e.g. fae is)

Appearance: platinum blond hair, very pale skin, pink irises, likes to wear hair up and out of the way, has an eyebrow piercing, typically wears a dressy button up shirt and a black skirt

Detailed Personality: ambivert (between extro- and intro- vert), likes a bit of debate but highly nonconfrontational, tends to be pessimistic, doesn't feel guilty about lying

Likes: fancy hot chocolate, snakes, birds, mystery stories

Dislikes: pizza, cats, dogs, fantasy/scifi stories

Skills/Hobbies: lying, knot-tying, building electronics

Family/Backstory: lives w/ mother and parent (nonbinary) and one younger brother, has always dreamed of leaving behind a mystery when fae's gone, faer aunt left faer a mysterious, unopenable box when she died and fae still doesn't know what's in it

What makes them extraordinary?: fae is albino, has an extremely good memory, can turn invisible for like 10-30 sec at a time

Shipping: yes, anyone 

Anything else?: nope

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Full Name: Diana "Di" Parry 

Age (14-19): 15 

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: light, freckled skin, blue eyes, dark brown hair curled in a 50s style. She often dresses in vintage clothes.

Detailed Personality: Di is fashionable and dresses in eye-catching clothes, but the confidence seems to stop there. She's quiet and a bit awkward, and not skilled socially, though if someone does start a conversation she is great at keeping it going and going beyond small talk with her deep thoughts. She's very skilled with writing and hopes to become a journalist someday. She's also quite loyal and a little clingy.

Likes: writing her observations, thoughts, and songs in her journal, any form of art, listening to music, cats, and deep conversations 

Dislikes: small talk, large dogs, rock music, people who interrupt her

Skills/Hobbies: writing, music, fashion, art

Family/Backstory: she lives with her father, who is pretty wealthy, in a penthouse in New York City. She never met her mother but that does not really relate to her personality or life and didn't really hurt her - she's used to it.

What makes them extraordinary?: if it is okay, she has visions of the future in her dreams, and she dreams in black and white (if that's too OP let me know and I will change it)

Anything else?:

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She's also open for shipping with girls and enbies

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Hi Peri! I didn't read Di's form before posting Irises and I just realized that their a little similar. Mostly that they're both writers, and have vision-y powers. Also it's really weird we both put that they are scared of large dogs. I really didn't mean to copy your character at all but if you want me to change anything about Iris I can. 

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Oh, no, that's fine! I actually thought it might be cool if they ended up shipped, haha- but if you don't like how similar they are, I'm fine changing up a few things about Di for you, so you don't have to change Iris. 

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I'm fine with their similarities if you are! And your right, it would be cool if they were shipped. I think they would get along great :) 

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Full Name: Iris Lune 

Age (14-19): 14 

Pronouns: She/they 

Appearance: Light brown, curly hair that’s about halfway down her neck with an undercut on one side. Light freckled skin and light blue eyes. She has a sweet smile and pixie-like features. They're a little taller than average and very thin. 

Detailed Personality: She comes off as very introverted and shy but really she’s just caught up in her own daydreams most of the time. She’s a writer and has to jot down any ideas that come to mind so they keep their small sky blue notebook in their pocket at all times. She would do anything for her family and friends and is usually the peacemaker when arguments break out. They also get nervous when all the attention is directed on them so in most scenarios they find someone there to cling to and depend on. Most people see her as delicate and fragile though truly they're stronger on the inside than they look. 

Likes: Writing, birdwatching, reading, being outside, looking at clouds, listening to music, helping people, being alone, willow trees, finding feathers on the ground (she has a collection), and piano music. 

Dislikes: Too much socializing, having to answer questions about herself, loud noises, fighting, big dogs, her migraines, and careless people who stomp about without looking around them. 

Skills/Hobbies: Writing, playing piano, cheering people up. 

Family/Backstory: Her mom died four years ago and her dad is still deep in grieving. Before her mom's death he was their kind, nerdy dad, who had the worst dad jokes in the world but now he works in his office all the time and she doesn’t know how to get the old him back. She also has an older brother who mostly took care of her once their mom died. His name is Clove and they are very close. They have been homeschooled their whole life and so has Clove but he went off to college this year and now she’s alone with her dad and very lonely. 

What makes them extraordinary?: She has always gotten these migraines since she was little but since her 14th B-day they have been getting worse and lasting longer. When she gets them she’s also started getting this vision of a pure white dove flying into a dark forest. They think the vision is trying to tell them something but they have no idea what. 

Anything else?: She is open to shipping with anyone but preferably girls. And also I’m excited for this to start! 

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Full Name: Spooderman

Age (14-19): 19

Pronouns: Xe/Xem/Xyrs

Appearance: Wears dorky spiderman outfit with fake mask that has eyeholes and noseholes. Body is surprisingly lumpy and grotesque. 

Detailed Personality: Spooderman is dense and stupid and often makes a fool of xemself.

Likes: Eating.

Dislikes: Starvation.

Skills/Hobbies: Frequently tries to save the world but ends up ruining it.

Family/Backstory: Uncle passed away when Spooderman pushed him away from a mugger into the road; car hit Uncle.

What makes them extraordinary?: He was bitten by an unradioactive spider.

Anything else?: Frequently tries to save the world but ends up punching hostages instead of the muggers. THIS IS NOT AN AE OF MINE; XE IS WAY TOO STUPID. 

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Spooderman sounds like a very interesting, funny character, however I don't think xyr character is suited for this type of story (a dark fantasy/action/adventure). Would you mind either altering xem or making another character? I honestly mean no offense. I would love to read a story about xem, this just isn't the one.

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