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Sorry, new to Chatterbox. Trying to figure out how everything works.

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No worries! This should become something though lol.

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Can you help with that?

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Yeah of course! If you have any ideas let me know.

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I'd be willing to tag along for the ride and offer some insight too.

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I have no ideas. What do you guys think?

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Cute Fuzzy Gargoyle.

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*ignore the French* I drew a Bambiraptor!! Oh and the words mean:

• it's small

• it has a long tail

• it's fast

• it can hold things!

• it is intelligent

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Callie ran her fingers along the carving in the wood - a tree in her backyard Finn had carved their initials in. C for her, F for Finn, and G for Gray. It was stupid, but they were bored and Finn had just gotten a pocketknife for his fourteen birthday.

Today was the second anniversary of that day - Finn's sixteenth birthday. Finn, her best friend since kindergarten, who lived next door to her, whose house she was supposed to be at in about two minutes, celebrating with him. Well, trying to celebrate. She sighed and picked up her present for him, then headed over to her house with a heavy heart. She knocked on the door.

No answer for a minute.

"FINN!" She yelled.

He opened the door this time. "Oh, hi, sorry," he said. His eyes were red and had dark circles under them. "Come in."

This year was going to be Finn's first time celebrating his birthday without Gray, Callie's other best friend and Finn's boyfriend. Gray was dead. He had been dead for about six months by now. So, obviously, Gray would not be coming to Finn's birthday celebration, and that thought hung over both of them like a cloud.

Gray was sick in the hospital. Finn visited him every day, including Gray's birthday. He gave Gray a stuffed dragon. Gray loved dragons. Gray died with that dragon in his arms.

Callie walked into the house and set her present to Finn down on the table. "Here." 

"You didn't have to -" 

"Well, I did. Open it."

Finn unwrapped the present to reveal a hoodie. "Oh, thanks," he said almost cheerfully. "I've been needing a new hoodie." 


They were quiet for a spell. 

"So," Callie began. "Happy -"

The doorbell rang and interrupted her. A package was on the doorstep. It was wrapped in bright, shiny blue paper and tied with a bow. 

"What's that?" Callie asked. 

"I'm not sure," Finn said, picking it up. There was a tag, and when he read it, he almost dropped the package. 

"Oh my cupcakes," he said. 


He showed Callie the note, which read, You didn't think I'd forget your birthday, did you? In Gray's handwriting. 

He put the package on the table, and the two stared at it for a long time. 

"I think you should open it," Callie said at last. So, very slowly and carefully, he did. And what he pulled out made them gasp, then laugh, then sob. 

"Oh, Gray," Finn said.

It was a stuffed dragon similar to the one Finn had given Gray on his sixteenth, with a note attached that read, Now we're matching. Tell Callie I say hi. Sorry I couldn't be there in person. And happy birthday, Finn. Thanks for being with me till the very end.

"How?" Callie asked.

"I dunno," Finn said, squeezing the dragon. "I think it's best not to question it."

Finn looked that the box for a moment, then, wiping his eyes, said, "Come on. Let's go get a slice of cake."


Okay this is extremely extremely impossibly rushed and random but I had like twenty minutes and I gotta go now, sorry guys- 


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