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Magic Squirrel RP

Magic Squirrel RP

Here are the different types of Magic squirrels:

Galaxy Squirrel
Powers: Can read minds, mind control, fade into shadows, any psychic power
Appearance: Black to dark grey fur, ragged tail
Fighting Power: 10

Wind Squirrel:
Powers: Can control wind, withstand extreme temperatures
Appearance: Fur can be any shade of gray
Fighting Power: 6

Sea Squirrel:
Powers: Can breathe underwater, swim SUPER well, very agile
Appearance: Fur can be any shade of blue or green, extremely bushy tail, large ear tufts
Fighting Power: 9

Diamond Squirrel:
Powers: Can read and manipulate emotions
Appearance: Shining white fur, reasonably bushy tai, pink ear tufts
Fighting Power: 7

And here's the form:



Squirrel Type:







Deepest Secret:


The RP will start when we have 8 characters


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Why, yes, I shall join a fuzzy squirrel roleplay!

Name: Adhara

Age: Uh, normal squirrel age? *googles juvenile squirrel age* Um. Basically a teenage squirrel? So nine moons.

Squirrel Type: Galaxy, of course.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers.

Appearance: Purple and black fur, dotted with silver stars. Silver eyes. Unusually bushy tail.

Abilities: Adhara has mind control, but she is still learning to use it. She is a seer and also a mind reader. She is a powerful fighter but is usually known to sulk in the shadows. She can hide her thoughts from other mindreaders.

Personality: Adhara is an introvert in the sense that she doesn't mind being alone, and she enjoys delving deep into the future to see all of the different outcomes.

Weaknesses: All of her family passed away, so that's certainly a sad topic. She has a tragic backstory, basically, and a VCSP--Very Creepy StepParent, kind of like Belos from tOH.

Skills: Um, look at abilities? She's great at figuring out mysteries, ig.

Deepest Secret: Tragic family past, anyone?

Other: Not really. So n/a, ig.

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Yay!!! Someone joined!!! I'm new to Chatterbox, and this is my first thread.

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Here's my form:

Name: Zendaya

Age: Nine moons

Squirrel Type: Sea

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Royal blue fur and tail, navy blue ear tufts

Abilities: Breathe underwater

Personality: Can be very rude and sarcastic when she wants to be, but nice overall

Weaknesses: Antisocial

Skills: Can climb really well, even for a squirrel

Deepest Secret: Not allowed to disclose this information


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Sorry, Galaxy squirrels are kinda OP

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Name: Kaminari

Age: 10 moons

Squirrel Type: Galaxy

Pronouns: He/him

Appearance: Jet black fur, ragged dark brown tail, golden eyes

Abilities: Mind control, fading into shadows


Weaknesses: Loves Zendaya


Deepest Secret: Not very good at fighting. His parents expect him to be a really good fighter because he is a Galaxy squirrel


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To keep this thread alive, can anyone posting here please try to check this thread every week if you can.

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Name: Akari

Age: 8 moons

Squirrel Type: Wind

Pronouns: They/them

Appearance:  Dark gray fur, striped grey and orange to represent their abilities, gleaming golden eyes

Abilities: Can control wind, withstand extreme heat but not extreme cold

Personality: Antisocial, but protective once you befriend them, very mischevious

Weaknesses: Easily embarassed

Skills: Look at Abilities

Deepest Secret: Doesn't have one




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(January 6, 2023 - 9:33 pm)

Ayyy another RP! I'm in the Winged Cats one too. This character is going to be essentially my Winged Cats character, but different name and a few different other things. Cheers to the fuzzy squirrels! (It's easier to remember one character personality, if you're wondering why I'm making this character the same as my Winged Cats one. Sorry for the kinda long intro bit)

Name: Frost

Age: six moons

Squirrel Type: Half Galaxy, Half Wind

Pronouns: he/they

Appearance: pale grey fur

Abilites: He can wipe people's memories, either specific ones, ones related to a certain thing, or just a large chunk of memories. They can also withstand extreme temperatures.

Personality: Kinda antisocial, doesn't want to make friends. Dislikes physical contact unless fighting.

Weaknesses: rain.

Skills: good liar, good at intimidation.

Deepest Secret: they are half Wind Squirrel, which they don't want anyone to know, he just tells people his light grey fur is because he's an albino.

Other: they have a bit of an evil streak.

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Name: Wilhelmina Tanzer

Age: 14 moons

Squirrel Type: Diamond

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Slightly grey, a bit scarred up but not severely, grooms herself so her fur is generally slick and her tail is fluffy

Abilities: Reads & manipulates emotions, so just generally good at getting people to go her way.

Personality: Quite manipulative. In combination with her powers, she is not a cruel person or anything like that, but she definitely has no qualms about manipulating people and doing what she must to get her way when she needs it. A bit haughty, but she's trying to work on it.

Weaknesses: Doesn't know how to open up to people that well in a genuine, non manipulative way, and not the bravest person - knows how to run with common sense, even if that might mean giving up her friends (she will still do what she can for her friends, but she is easily cowed)

Skills: See abilities

Deepest Secret: Really fears aging, is afraid she will be old and decrepit soon enough

Other: I think that once you get close to Wil (which is her nickname, but she will only let you call her that if you get close) she will very much mother-hen you.

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Yay! People are joining!

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We can start roleplaying now?

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