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Chatterbox City RP III! (reboot)

*scrutinizes to-do-list*

Reunion... check. Hay fight... check. Last to post... check. Random thoughts/things... not yet. Inkwell... right now!

If no one has done this while I was lost in the real world, then here it is! Chatterbox city RP III! As in, what if the CB was an imaginary city? What are we going to do? How does everything work? What is going to happen? Wh-

Yes, yes. Get on with it now. 

Yeah, right. This RP idea came from Inkwell archives, when I was skimming through old threads. The first one, created a eternity ago, became so legendary that another CBer made a second. (I think that's very rare in my opinion) Then it had its time in the spotlight, but people forgot about it later, unbelivably.

So my insufferable mind decided to start III in maybe 2021? It never even took off the runway, sadly. It died from my lack of commitment.

But, it kept haunting me. So now that I'm back for the present, I present(pun intended) with new hopes and dreams, Chatterbox City RP III, the reboot!

Right. Lets get into it!





Skills or powers:

An item you always have:

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>:

(optional, maybe a reference during RPing)


That was everything I could think of to put in that form. CAPTCHAS are allowed, also AE's.(duh) I think I should post the form for CAPTCHAS when this thread comes up, in case everything put together becomes too long.

Currently the starting date is set to Feb 20~21, but it may change if people are not intrested.

Don't let that happen please.

[Chatterbox City welcomes you! Be notified that though craziness and light bouts of lunacy is accepted, crashing flying boats into Admin headquarters or stealing the magical orb of creativity from the city center is not. Rule-breakers shall be dealt with most seriously.]

---------------------------------------Fingers crossed, Zealatom 

(I want to find the link to I and II, but they have eluded me!)

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(February 16, 2023 - 8:38 am)

I've never heard of this before, but I'll certainly try it! :]

Name: Echo Hallowswift--just Echo, please!

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers.

Personality: I'm calm, reserved, and quiet. With my AEs, I'm stern, and with people, I'm quite friendly. I do have a temper, though, and I can be fierce.

Appearance: I have long blonde hair in a braid--you know what, just look at the chibi version of me in the photo below.

Skills or powers: I'm a seer--I can see the future. I can also move around in the shadows, making no sound.

An item you always have: My phone and a silver dagger.

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: A large home in the suburbs near a park and the beach.

Other: Nothing to see here!

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 8.57.37 PM.png
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(February 16, 2023 - 11:03 am)

ooh, I remember these! I'm definitely joining. And here are the links to the others that I totally did not waste fifteen minutes trying to find~

Chatterbox City RP I: (original, created by Somebody, 2015)

Chatterbox City RP II: (posted by Jarvis, 2015) 

Chatterbox City RP III (because there was another one, apparently!): (posted by Lilypad, 2018)

Chatterbox City RP IV (technically it's the fourth -- it's called III though, and it never really started, but I think it's worth posting): (posted by Zealatom, 2021)

Okay, I've got new AEs since last time I participated in a Chatterbox City RP, so let's redo everything~ 

Name: pangolin

Pronouns: she/they (alternate or pick one to use, either works) 

Personality: Logical, quiet, socially awkward, and often alone, but rarely lonely. Adventurous, mischievous at times, creative, quick-witted, and I have a slightly dark sense of humor. 

Appearance: Wavy copper hair reaches just past my shoulder blades. I have tanned skin and freckles, and a straight nose slightly tipped at the end. My eyes can change color drasically depending on the lighting. For this I will be wearing a black long-sleeved ribbed top, rust-colored corduroy pants, and black high top converse. 

Skills or powers: logical, quick-witted, observant, good at climbing stuff, pretty strong

An item you always have: a pen, a notebook, a shortsword, and a book of matches

Where you live <In the CB city, or just what your house is>: a red brick townhouse with ivy climbing up the walls 

Other: My AEs -- Koi, Barnacle, Mirage, and Fir -- will also be joining me, but I'll fill out their forms later :) Also, I'm so excited you're rebooting this! 

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(February 16, 2023 - 8:03 pm)

I'm totally not up at 11:10 at night reading through the old RPs.

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(February 21, 2023 - 11:13 pm)

Massive thanks, Pangolin! And under 15 minutes? I'm very impressed. 

Hmm. Perhaps the title should be changed to Chatterbox City RP IV, for history's sake. Can admins do that? Maybe? Heh. And my long-forgotten history is back, too. That thread was a child belonging to lack of planning and fryed 13-year-old brain curcuits.

I nearly died when you reread that. Like, actually.

Rip Lindel. Died from an exess of cringing. May he rest in peace and not bother us anymore.


Heh heh. I really should get that form up now.

CAPTCHA form: 



Personality(If you have one?): 

Favorite food:

Cbers or AE's?(preference):

Powers(If you have one, or some):

Anything else I may have missed?:


(I understand that some of you might suddenly posess your CBer's body to fill out the entire form in CAPTCHA-speak. I have no objection, but make sure it is understandable and not too vague for us mortals. Thank you.) 

Also, I forgot to add Age on CBer's forms. I don't think it will get in the way too much, but feel free to add some info you feel that is important to the RP but I didn't ask. 

submitted by Zealatom, age ~-~, ~-~
(February 17, 2023 - 9:27 am)

Name: Eryx.

Pronouns: He/Him.

Personality: A calm, reserved, and easily frustrated/annoyed teenager. Sulky. Prone to flusterment. I AM NOT. *reddens* You are. *exaggerated sigh*

Appearance: Chin-length brown hair usually in a ponytail. I have blonde bangs. I pride myself on fashion and usually wear my brown, cream, and navy blue pullover with blue-jeans. I have an ear piercing and usually wear an ear cuff along with an ankh earring.

Skills or powers: I'm a makeup stylist. I do hair and makeup for the D'Lux Beauty Lounge. And, yes, doing some of Vivi's glitter-unicorn-makeup.

An item you always have: Nothing. 

He always carries a makeup bag so that he can give me a unicorn makeover whenever I want!✧

I do not! *reddens and sighs* 

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: With Echo in the penthouse.

Other: He has a major soft spot for Genevieve, an 8 year old AE of mine. She's his favorite AE.


Name: ✧My big brother calls me Vivi, so you can too! My real name is Genevieve, though.

Pronouns: ✧She/Her.

Personality: ✧I'm happy, optimistic, and I love, love, love unicorns. I want a pet bunny, but Echo keeps saying no. *pouty face*

Appearance: Look at the picture!

Skills or powers: I control plants.

An item you always have: Garden gloves!

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: In the penthouse! We have a garden room.

Other: I love aaaaall of the Echo's AEs. They're sooooo nice to me! Even Eryx!

Ooh, CAPTCHA said Tebow. Like, Tim Tebow?

submitted by ~Echo Hallowswift~
(February 17, 2023 - 2:52 pm)
Okay. Everyone's doing this. I'll go first. Then AEs: Leotea then Cora. Rielen, you will be last.
Name: Avara
Pronouns: she/her
Personality: INTJ-T
Appearance: Tall, dark brown hair in a french braid, purple eyes, purplish pale skin, hoodie, random T-shirt, jeans, sneakers. Also large purple glasses.
Skills or powers: Telepathy. For clarification, I can't go into someone's mind if they don't want me there.
An item you always have: Earbuds and my iPod
Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: A smallish wood cabin on the edge of town, with a lot of land where I can wander around. Each AE and I all have our own rooms. Rielen stays in Cora's room. We also have one guest room.
Other: I run a small restaurant specializing in vegan and local foods. I am the chef there. 
Name: Leotea
Pronouns: ae/aer
Personality: ISFJ-T
Appearance: Average height, olive skin, short dark brown hair, bright green eyes, and plain beige clothing.
Skills or powers: Can tell if a plant is okay or if if is dying. If it is dying, ae can tell what from. Idk if this is a power.
An item you always have: Gardening tools.
Other: I manage the rooftop garden on top of our restaurant, and I manage the land Avara, Cora, and I live on.
Name: Cora
Pronouns: ae/aer
Personality: ENTP-T
Appearance: Short, pale-ish skin, wavy aquamarine hair in a ponytail, dusky teal eyes, and bright, colorful clothes that are easy to move around in.
Skills or powers: Is really good at convincing people to do things.
An item you always have: My pocketknife.
Other: I'm the cashier and sous-chef at the restaurant. 
Name: Rielen
Appearance: Tiny blue dragon.
Personality(If you have one?): Shy, but helpful and tries to help people in need. They don't always succeed though.
Favorite food: Glazed donuts. It's ironic that Rielen is the size of one.
Cbers or AE's?(preference): AEs, specifically Cora.
Powers(If you have one, or some): Can fly.
Anything else I may have missed?: Stays in Cora's room in the house and likes to explore. Sometimes gets lost in the city. 
Rielen says -nywnn- New York win?
The AEs and I are all excited. 
submitted by Avara + AEs, tomorrow's Saturday!
(February 17, 2023 - 4:16 pm)

oh, I forgot to say: I'm going on vacation, so I might not be able to post that much. I'll try to post my AEs' forms if I have a chance, but I probably won't be able to. I'll make sure to post when I get back though :) 

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(February 17, 2023 - 8:01 pm)

Name: Suki

Pronouns: She/her

Personality: I love to read and draw, I am usually calm, though I am perfectly capable of being very rude. I play violin.

Appearance: I have reasonably long black hair, olive skin, heterochromatic eyes (one green, one brown). I usually wear a red long-sleeved shirt, light brown pants, blue tabi socks, and blue and brown hiking shoes.

Skills or powers: I can make illusions.

An item you always have: A book

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: I live in a small cottage on the outside of the city, reasonably near a library.

Other: I own a boba tea shop. Our logo is a cat holding a cup of tea. Toppings are free, but more than 3 different toppings is kinda ridiculous. We also have takoyaki! (yum)

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(February 18, 2023 - 11:16 am)

Name:Rrrrrrrrrrrreuby Moooooonnight


Personality:Sarcastic, snarky, emo, prolly angy for no reason.

Appearance:Pale skin, long, wavy black hair, wolf ears, gold eyes.

Skills or powers:Talk to my big wolf named wiccan.

An item you always have:My sketch book.

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: I live in a black house in the middle of a grove of wisteria trees.

(optional, maybe a reference during RPing)

Other:I own a print/ figure shop. I make everything in it.





Appearance:Tan skin, black hair with green streak, bunny ears and green eyes

Skills or powers:None. But I can bake really well.

An item you always have:My rabbit paw (LUCKY)

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>:I live in the house behind my bakery

(optional, maybe a reference during RPing)

Other:I own a bakery





Appearance:See picture

Skills or powers:None.

An item you always have:Nevermore.

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>:Reuby's house/

(optional, maybe a reference during RPing)


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(February 18, 2023 - 5:58 pm)

I'm usually really bad at actually doing RPs but I'm going to do it this time! I'll fill out the forms later but not all of my AEs will be in this because I CANNOT RP AS 6 PEOPLE AT ONCE LOL-

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(February 18, 2023 - 6:51 pm)

Bleep bleep. Detecting starting date becoming imminent.

Name: Zealatom

Pronouns: He/him

Personality: Outgoing and optimistic, tries to look on the bright side of things whenever possible. Also tends to brood a lot on my own.

Appearance: White straightjacket with a black T-shirt under it, long white pants, black sneakers. Black hair, with golden cat ears. And a long furry tail of the same color. Blue eyes.

Skills or powers: Direct communication with all my oc's. Summoning them is a whole other matter though, I can only do at most 2 at the same time. I also like swordfighting.

An item you always have: Three swords of decreasing length folded into a dimensional pocket. One for my right hand, one for my left, and one for my tail.

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: A very steampunk-ish, transforming house. He moves everywhere, anywhere, whenever he wants. Annoying really, but I can't really argue with him.

Other: The light is the dark, right is the wrong, good is the bad, up is the down, north is the south, and there is no true diffrence between opposites apart from our own mind who decides it.

Name: Lindel

Pronouns: He/him

Personality: I'm Zeal's 'feeling side' if you will, more sarcastic, pessimistic, emotional... you get it.

Appearance: I'm Zeal's shadow. In the actual sense. Don't mind me jumping into a conversation from the floor. And please don't step on me, I'm still partly solid.

Skills or powers: What would you expect a shadow to have? Apart from more swordfighting abilities, that is. I taught Zeal.

An item you always have: I do my best to pick things up. I fail half the time. Try me.

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: The second floor of ___. Zeal is in the third, Terra is in the first.

Other: People say I am part of Zeal. Wrong. He is me, I am him, we are each other. There is no absolute diffrence between us than reflections in a mirror. 

Name: Terracotta

Pronouns: He/him

Personality: Logic rules forever! Whatever Lindel is, I am not. It is that simple. We are the two faces. Lindel shows up on Zealatom's surface, while I lie beneath, calm and collected. I do have my own humor though, don't take me for an emotionless person.

Appearance: Ah, this is somewhat embarrassing-

Then, allow me. Terra here has no appearence. He just tends to possess poor Zeal's body whenever he feels like it and talk through his creator. 

Lindel, I think that's quite enough-

Just... check if Zeal's irises have suddenly turned an off-color gray. Then you know who it is you're talking to.

Terra, wait-

*a sound of banging pans resonates above* 

And-he can move about himself to interact with the items in his floor, by the way. But only in the house. Not the frying pan please-


Skills or powers: I do think Lindel there has summed it up quite nicely, don't you? But we all do like swords. Axes too, and spears and tridents and lots more, but swords are always the best. I do prefer other items however...

Terra what are you doing with that wok-

An item you always have: It is inconvenient to carry things with Zeal. I always make sure he has at least one sword.

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: Third floor of ___. Only Lindel and Zeal can enter. No one really wants too anyway, right Lindel?

Yeah, yeah. Can you stop waving that pot around please...Ow!

Other: Lindel said I live in the first floor. Wrong. I live happily in the third, while Zeal is in the first.

CaPTchA F0Rm; 

Name: _____

Appearance: [REDACTED]

Personality(If you have one?): [REDACTED]

Favorite food: [REDACTED]

Cbers or AE's?(preference): b0th

Powers(If you have one, or some): [REDACTED] 

Anything else I may have missed?: 


Zeal's third AE here. ___ is a buggy anomaly currently, but still shows signs of stability. No one seems to be able to say ___'s name, no matter how hard they try. It always ends up in a ___, like this. ___ is very snappy though, and will not tolerate any mispronounciation of their name. Unneeded really, when every attempt to say___ out loud becomes ___, or even ___, or perhaps ___-


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(February 20, 2023 - 9:30 am)

Name: Scuttles

Pronouns: Genderfluid (ze/hir today!)

Personality: Rambunctious and wild, but feircely independent, kind of like if you took you inner toddler and your inner college student and combined them

Appearance: biologically female human-like creature with short, spiky hair, dyed some bright color (usually bright white). Has moth antennae and moth wings that are black and white. Green eyes.

Skills or powers: Control over/communication with 'creepy crawlies', any animals that people tend to be grossed out by.

An item you always have: My pet snake, Fluffles. He'd be insulted at being called and item, and he isn't an item, but he's always with me.

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: A large tree house on the edge of the city.

(optional, maybe a reference during RPing)

Other: I've gotta go, please reserve a spot for my AE, i'll fill out their form later.

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(February 20, 2023 - 11:15 am)

Name: Nocturnle

Pronouns: They/them or neopronouns

Personality: Feircely independent, like Scuttles, but more quiet. Usually only comes out at night (but can be tempted to come out in daytime for the sake of a good RP).

Appearance:  Undercut, shoulder-length brown hair with dyed green tips. Short but strong, luna moth wings and antennae. Dark eyes. Medium-brown skin, a little darker than Scuttles'

Skills or powers: No powers, aside from flight, but good at art and music production.

An item you always have: Tape.

Where you live: one of the attics in Scuttles' house.

Other: Someday Scuttles might get anothe AE named Diarnle

submitted by Nocturnle
(February 21, 2023 - 8:22 am)

Name: Lord of the Shadows

Pronouns: He/him today but I'll inform you when they change

Personality: Always on a sugar high, introverted, acts like a mad scientist 

Appearance: Has short, puffy hair that is black at the roots and bright green tips, electric blue eyes flecked w/ neon pink, and large, black wings. 

Skills or powers: I can communicate (mentally) with my raven named Acid and I can flyyyyy

An item you always have: A smooth stone that is almost translucent, I use it to calm my nerves

Where you live<In the CB city, or just what your house is>: I live in a little hobbit house about a 20 minute walk away from the middle of CB city

(optional, maybe a reference during RPing)

Other: Nope! 

submitted by Lord of the shadows
(February 20, 2023 - 1:41 pm)

Name: Yumiko

Appearance: Usually appears as a small ginger fox about the size of a guinea pig.One green eye, one amber. Black tail tip and ear tufts.

Personality: Mischevious.

Favorite food: Lychees. She loves stealing mine.

Cbers or AEs? (preference): CBers

Powers(If you have one): Invisibility

Anything else I may have missed?: Yumiko likes to help carry boba tea.

submitted by Suki, age 13 eons, Nowhere
(February 20, 2023 - 3:40 pm)