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 Magical Horses RP

 Magical Horses RP

Long ago, when horses ran free and roamed the wide world, there were seven Great Herds.

The first were the Mountain Horses, who lived on the heights and flew with wings like eagles.

The second were the Horses of the Plains, who could run faster than the wind.

The third were the Desert Horses, who breathed fire and conjured up sandstorms to swallow their enemies.

The fourth were the Forest Horses, who knew every plant of the woods and were wise healers. 

The fifth were the Sea Horses, who lived in the depths and rarely left their ocean home. 

The sixth were the Ice Horses, who lived in the cold North and commanded the snow. 

And the seventh were the Swamp Horses, who could shapeshift and
create illusions, and were as mysterious as the mist that shrouded their
land ... 


All right, everybuggy! Here at last is the Magic Horse RP that Flamarestii and I have been planning (she wrote the introductory bit above!) There are seven Great Herds, but there's also a band of dark horses, from across the sea. They've suddenly shown up in the peaceful land of the Great Herds, and no one knows who they are - or what they're doing here.

All too soon, however, it becomes plain that the Dark Horses are using their powerful magic spells, and their ability to command thunderstorms, to take over the Herds. It's up to the original horses to save their world... but can they?

Here's the charrie sheet!




Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?:

Family members (optional):





Each person can submit up to four characters.


Have fun!

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Oh great, I just realized RPs are supposed to be on Inkwell. @Admin, sorry to bother you, but could you please change the title of this thread to "Magical Horses RP" and move it to the Inkwell, if it's not too much trouble? Thanks so much!!!

Done. Not too much trouble at all.


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(March 8, 2023 - 9:36 pm)
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(March 9, 2023 - 9:46 am)

Name: Isaiah

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 13 years (human years; horse years, he's basically about 47 or so)

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Mountain

Family members (optional): none

Appearance: red-silver roan with silvery-blue eyes. speckled gray wings.

Personality: quite wise; rumor has it that he is a Mountain-Forest hybrid. loves children, and often has mild prophetic dreams.

Quirks: sleepwalks often

Other: Isaiah does have a son so someone can fill that role if they want.

submitted by Miriam H., writing feverishly
(March 9, 2023 - 12:30 pm)

Two charries!

Name: Smog

Pronouns: they/them

Age: 3ish years, so roughly 18 in human years

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Swamp

Family members (optional): None (dead)

Appearance: Black and brown brindle (mostly black). Long, thick black mane. Tall (around 16 hands) with long lanky legs.

Personality: Friendly and sarcastic, loud and outspoken. Hates being misgendered.

Quirks: Hates cactuses. Likes eating strange things.



Name: North

Pronouns: they/he

Age: 3 to 4

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Dark

Family members (optional): None yet, but open if anybody wants to be a fam member.

Appearance: Tobiano (that's a horse coloring, for those who don't know), mostly black with a few white spots running along back. A little shortish but strong, and a good runner.

Personality: Serious, efficient, clever. Has a sense of humor but doesn't show it. Cares about their friends. Firey temper.

Quirks: Despises being short



submitted by Chaser & Jay, Just Jay
(March 9, 2023 - 3:44 pm)

Yay! I will RP soon.

submitted by Flamarestii, neigh
(March 9, 2023 - 9:15 pm)

Name: Silvermane

Pronouns: She/her

Age: 5

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Plains horse

Family members (optional): Has a foal that I'll also RP

Appearance: Silver dappled coat, long shiny silver mane and tail, soft purple eyes with long lashes, small 

Personality: Shy and cautious, but really very sweet, very fast

Quirks: Can't resist looking at her reflection in streams

Other: I'm soo excited for this!

submitted by Flamarestii
(March 10, 2023 - 8:30 pm)

Whee I'm certainly joining! Here are two or three characters to start out with:


Name: Talvenne

Pronouns: she/her

Age: two years

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Mountain

Family members (optional): Arrin the Forest Horse is her father (see below)

Appearance: Dark brown, with a white blaze and long wings that can be folded along her sides. Her eyes are dark and elusive.

Personality: She is somewhat quick-tempered and fiery, with a strong core of wisdom hidden underneath. She can be resilient and kind or flighty and quick-tempered. She sometimes likes being by herself or wandering in the forest, due to her forest blood.

Quirks: Wishes for adventure, also to be elegant, popular and daring (she is elegant and has several friends, but still)

Other: Although her father is a Forest Horse, her mother and most of her family were Mountain Horses, and she herself is more of a Mountain Horse, with wings and everything.


Name: Arrin

Pronouns: he/him

Age: twelve years

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Forest

Family members (optional): His wife (yes I know most horses don't have wives but these are magical horses so they do) was a Mountain Horse who later died of sickness; his daughter is Talvenne the Mountain Horse.

Appearance: Soft dapple gray - dark, soft gray with patterns of lighter gray

Personality: Wise, kind and fatherly; a leader among the Forest Horses, with much of the wisdom of the ways of nature

Quirks: Doesn't like cold water or wind

Other: n/a, I think



submitted by Amethyst, age many years, in horse-land
(March 10, 2023 - 9:48 pm)

Name: Kaminari


3, about 19 in human years

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?:

Family members (optional):
@Chaser & Jay, can North and Kaminari be related?

Brown with white spots, thin black mane, light gray eyes.

Reckless, likes to make cheesy jokes, efficient, easily excitable.

Tail swishes when he's about to make a thunderstorm.


Name: Chihiro


2, about 13 in human years

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?:

Family members (optional):
None (all dead)

Black with scattered white splotches, long thick brown mane, fathomless brown eyes. Very sneaky. Reasonably fast.

Hides herself within a spiky shell like a cactus, hasn't had many friends since her parents died, can be very rude, introverted, very good at creating illusions.

Likes to eat cactus spines for some reason

Other: Rumored to be a Swamp/Forest hybrid. Hint: it's true


Name: Izumi


2, same as Chihiro

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?:

Family members (optional):

Dappled blue and silver, long green mane that looks like seaweed, green eyes, very small but really good at swimming. Can Sea Horses breathe underwater?

Introverted, mischevious, loves swimming, firey temper, may have anger issues.

Favorite food is sea urchin. I don't know what Sea Horses eat.


submitted by Suki, age 13 eons, Nowhere
(March 11, 2023 - 10:56 am)

Sea horses can most definitely breathe underwater! Great to see everyone joining! 

submitted by Flamarestii, Saturday!
(March 11, 2023 - 12:51 pm)
submitted by Topsettia, going to join soon
(March 13, 2023 - 12:32 pm)

Name: Niaran (his nickname, which only his Esteemed Friends are allowed to use, is Blaze, because of his appearance)

Pronouns: He/him

Age: 14 - he's a middle-aged/getting-on-for-old horse

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Sea

Family members (optional): His sister married a Forest horse, so she lives with the Forest Horses, and his younger brother disappeared years ago - where to, no one knows. He has a partner, Agalia, and several children. 

Appearance: Silvery-colored, with a black mane and tail, a white blaze down his face, and a strong muscular build. His eyes are very dark and remind you of the sea.

Personality: Wise, knowledgeable, caring, a bit set in his ways, brave, uncomplaining, intelligent

Quirks: He may not appear wise or caring on the surface, since he's quite strict and won't take no for an answer.

Other: He's one of the leaders of the Sea Horses.


Name: Agalia (I didn't make this up - it means "love" in Greek, I believe)

Pronouns: She/her

Age: 12

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Originally Ice, but she became Niaran's mate, so now she lives in the sea.

Family members (optional): Niaran, several children, a large and extended Plains family

Appearance: Chestnut-colored, rather small, a white star. Always neat, but not very noticeable in a crowd.

Personality: Sweet and gentle on the surface, but where her family or her ideals are concerned, she can be relentless and determined. She's motherly and caring, and often helps Niaran lead the Sea Horses.

Quirks: She's fascinated by the night sky and the stars. She also distrusts the dark horses from the start, and is more given to trusting feelings and omens than Niaran is.

Other: n/a


Name: Astrea

Pronouns: She/her

Age: 2 (she's basically a teenager, so to speak)

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Mountain

Family members (optional): A great many, but I won't list them here.

Appearance: Bay (brown coat, in her case it's a golden-brown, with a black mane and tail), with  slender black legs and black-tipped ears. Small, fine head, large dark eyes, arched neck. .

Personality: Joyous, fun-loving, friendly, but wants something to do with her life instead of just flirting and playing with other young horses.

Quirks: She'll speak out passionately about something that really matters to her, but otherwise she tends to just keep her cool. She has the makings of a great leader, but she doesn't know it yet.

Other: She's open for shipping with male horses, if anyone wants to do that.


I might add a fourth charrie later, but that's all for now! 

By the way - this is important - the RP will start in a few days, probably on the 16th. If you have any more charries you want to add, please do it soon :)

submitted by Poinsettia
(March 13, 2023 - 4:46 pm)

Right, here are my other characters:

Name: Tirala

Pronouns: she/her

Age: a yearling

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Plains horse

Family members (optional): I don't think anybody in particular... she probably has a gentle, not very restrictive mother and a father whose position is fairly high, at least in his herd

Appearance: Palomino, with a golden coat and a white mane and tail

Personality: Rather fluttery and capery, full of spirit and mischief

Quirks: Sometimes likes to wander away from her herd, even when she theoretically shouldn't; also, she may be a little wiser and steadier than she appears

Other: Quite open to shipping, with young male stallions


Name: Wavestar

Pronouns: she/her

Age: three or four years old

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse?: Sea

Family members (optional): n/a (of course she has family members, but not any specified ones)

Appearance: Black, with very, very slight bluish tints in her coat sometimes. She is finely built, with a delicate head and a rippling, silky mane.

Personality: Wise and powerful, with quite a bit of ocean magic and some knowledge of the land.

Quirks: Likes to rise to the surface of the ocean sometimes, at dawn.

Other: She might be open to shipping with male horses.


submitted by Amethyst, the land of horses
(March 13, 2023 - 8:04 pm)

Name: Suntail

Pronouns: He/him

Age: Almost a 1-year-old

Mountain, Plains, Desert, Forest, Sea, Ice, Swamp, or Dark Horse: Plains x Desert horse

Family members (optional): His dam (Mom) is Silvermane, sire (Dad) was a desert horse

Appearance: Same silvery coat as his mother, but with hints of gold; tail shines golden when sunlight hits it

Personality: Playful, curious, and a little naughty, I'll develop him more as we go. 

Quirks: Afraid of the dark

Other: Silvermane and Suntail live right on the border between the plains region and the desert. Also, @Amethyst, would you like Tirala and Suntail to be friends? They're in the same herd :)

submitted by Flamarestii, neigh!
(March 15, 2023 - 9:22 pm)

Ooh yes I'd love that! They're around the same age, and they seem to have personalities that would go well together :)

submitted by Amethyst@Flamie, land of plains horses
(March 16, 2023 - 8:54 am)



Isaiah stamped his hooves, trying to keep the chill out of his swiftly thinning coat. He ruffled his wings and tucked them around his body. Just last winter, his coat had been thick and furry. Why wasn't it now? Oh, he thought. It's because I'm old.

He closed his eyes, feeling the bones lock in his legs as he relaxed. The sun was setting. It was time to sleep.

He shivered once more, opening his eyes. All of the other Mountain horses were huddled up together, wrapping their wings over one another lovingly, cuddling for warmth. He snorted, the huff of breath releasing a cloud of fog into the night air. No one wanted to cuddle him. Why? Oh, he thought once more. It's because I'm old.

Closing his eyes, he finally let himself drift into a restless sleep.



His eyes fluttered open. A voice was calling his name, sounding faint and distant.

"Isaiah. Look up."

He obliged. Turning his head upwards, he saw a beautiful light above his head, shining down upon him and keeping him warm. "I hear you."

"Isaiah. Storms come."

Isaiah's eyes widened. Dark clouds were swiftly moving in, staunching out the warmth and the light. A strong, cold wind blew into his face, making his eyes stream and nearly pushing him from his footing on the rocky ledge. They encircled the light like a constrictor snake's grip until, at last, the light flickered out.

Then lightning flashed, and Isaiah was cast into darkness.

"A sign," he breathed. "Storms and darkness are coming when we think that it is safe." 

submitted by Miriam H., writing feverishly
(March 18, 2023 - 9:55 am)