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Writer's Block Thread

Writer's Block Thread


I think we all need this at some point :/

anywayz, rant about writer's block, ask for tips on writer's block, ect. and it doesen't just have to be writer's block, it can be about developing characters, developing fantasy worlds, stuff like that. :)

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Nice idea!

For me it helps if I write slowly (I always write everything on paper, in a notebook), taking my time over forming the letters. Idk, maybe it's just cause it gives me more time to think, but it really helps with writer's block. It also helps to just let the whole story sit for a while, without thinking about it, and then come back to it a few days later; suddenly you have a fresh perspective.

Iffy says "oknpm." Okay, N pm - so you're saying okay, I should go to bed cause the time is N PM?  Maybe she's trying to say ten PM? Actually it is evening... so all right Iffy, I hear and I heed.

Or do I?

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It's a real struggle.

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Aah writer's block is terrible! I've found that it helps to just write down small scenes, whatever scenes occur to you, and not worry about weaving any of them together into an actual story.

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random things about my writing at the moment:

a) The heroine of my latest novel (a romance based very loosely on Alexander the Great's life) is the only female character for the first six chapters, and even after that there's only an old woman and another girl :0

b) I've realized, wayyy too late, that I should have shipped this main character's sister and best friend... I mean they're literally perfect for each other! But I've already gotten each one (happily!) married to someone else, and they both have children already, and it would completely mess up the story if I went back and changed everything... why don't I realize these things sooner :/

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Love triangle!!

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Pro tip: death fixes everything. Kill off their spouses and then they can fall in love! Or they can just combine into one big quadrouple... but I dunno how well either of those ideas will fit in with your setting and the story so far.

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No, the thing is that they're happily married - I made them fall genuinely in love with other people, without realizing they should've fallen in love with each other, and now they have children and everything and they're just happy with their present spouses... and anyway I don't really want to go to the length of making any characters die. I do like my characters and they're necessary to the story; plus, it seems slightly callous to me to just make them die :( I'm not sure quadroupling would work either because I believe in Having Just One Partner At A Time, and so do my characters, but thanks for the advice anyways! I think I'll just leave the characters as they are.

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Ahh, that's fair. Neither killing charries or changing their sexualities is going to be a good choice midchoice if you weren't planning for it from the beginning.

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What works best for me is to put aside whatever I'm working on, and just WRITE. Not the story that's giving you heck at the moment. Just open a blank doc, turn to a blank notebook page, and write whatever comes to mind. Does it not makes sense? GREAT. That's perfect.  Introduce random characters, make them say absolutely any-and-everything. It could go anywhere. If the whole thing is stupid, that's okay. If it turns into a short-story masterpiece, sure, that's great. But it definitely doesn't have to. Even if it has no closure and makes no amount of sense, hopefully you've helped break your mind out of whatever block it's stuck in.

Sometimes if you're writing something that's long, or considering something your main project, it can get stressful. I often feel a bizarre pressure; that it has to be perfect somehow, and if I write it badly I'll ruin it. It's good to remember that writing is fun, and to let yourself write whatever silly thing you want.  I tried just writing a random story after months of not writing, and ever since then i've been writing regularly again. It was so good to remember that writing was fun and that I loved it. :)


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gah i was trying to write and i wasn't actually like at my desk at that instant but i was going to sit down there soon and someone came in and started to write something there - ok it was just something quick jotted down but still, and that almost gave me writer's block for the moment and AAGGGHHHH I'M SO IRRRRITATED--

and like my notebook was open on the desk and the person just put the paper right down on top of it. honestly

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Augh, what I lack isn't ideas, it's mOtIvAtIoN. I need to work on intros for my ski lodge, but I want them to be done with already so I can work on the actual exciting parts... plus I haven't posted anything in at least a week-and-a-half and it's vacation next week so I won't be able to write, so if I don't post now It'll have been three weeks-ish by the time I get back, but the part I'm working on is only about a third done, and aaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggh.

Ya know what, I'm gonna go sit in a corner and eat jelly beans I don't even like and laugh menacingly at any small children who walk by.

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I really agree! Writing long projects IS stressful. My best advice here is to just laugh the problems you may have off and learn from them, and fix them up as best you can. I, personally, have rewritten the beginning of my main book around 5 times already. It does feel disheartening when you have to make big changes and even delete nights of work in one go, and I feel that. I always try to convince myself that its for the best of the plotline, and it makes me feel slightly better, but just slightly. 

I'm just stuck with emotions right now... is there any advice on how to feel better about one's own writing lying around? Or some confidence booster shots? 

That also might have been a very uneeded speech about unimportant things. Oops. 

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Congratulations! You've found the Writer's Block Egg! Post "ARGHHHHHH!" on the Egg Hunt thread to claim your point.

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