Quick Kyngdom Summary

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Quick Kyngdom Summary

Quick Kyngdom Summary

This is for anyone who wants to join Kyngdom but doesn't have the time or the inclination to go through the Ultimate Guide, which is pages long. Below are all the facts you need to know to join! (Please do join if you want to, because it's really fun so far but we need a few more people :D)

-There are six powers. They control different elements and so on. Some have Side-Affected Powers, sort of like offspring, who are usually evil. Jaaws and Whist are two very evil SAPs, who have been causing havoc in Kyngdom for centuries. 

-BIG is a group of evil scientists allied with Catastrophe, a king who reigns over part of Kyngdom and is also evil. He is sometimes in league with Jaaws and Whist, I believe. FAFA, or the Fur and Feathers Association, is part of the Resistance, the group of good guys who are fighting against Castastrophe and BIG.

-Catastrophe and the Resistance are fighting for control of Kyngdom. C. wants to become a dictator. The R. wants to make Kyngdom into a republic.

-FaFA and BIG are fighting for control of the Powers. F. wants them to be kept in their instruments (each power has an instrument and an animal to guard the instrument) while BIG wants them to work for BIG. Catastrophe also wants revenge on the Powers because they ruined his childhood.

-The Nobyls are a group of noble families who rule Kyngdom at the moment along with Catastrophe. There is a Nobyl RP at the moment; here's the link: https://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/kyngdom-rp/node/542334

-To find the RPs and create your own, go the RP Board link at the bottom of the page that appears when you click on the "Enter Kyngdom" button to the left of the Inkwell.

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Ultimate Guide to Kyngdom link: https://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/inkwell/node/404640?page=3 (hope the link works)

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<iaffi> Yes, captcha, you are a Fifa.

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Thanks for making this so easily accessible, Poinsettia! You're a lifesaver! 

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You're welcome! I took ages to read the Ultimate Guide and there are only a few pieces of information in it that are absolutely essential at this stage, so I wanted to make it easier to get to that information :)

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Iffy says "pgpgn." She obviously means pigpen!

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The Who's Here thread: https://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/kyngdom-new/node/196649

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