It was a

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It was a

It was a quiet night in the city of Museia, until shouts rang out from the guards of the Golden Palace.

"Hey, you! Stop right there!" They shouted, as they chased a figure across the streets.

Samuel Brown--AKA SB-- ran as fast as he could, occasionally looking over his shoulder to see how close the guards were.

"Must... keep... running! Ahh!" He shouted, as he ducked into an alleyway.

He stayed hidden, until the footsteps faded. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, and reached into his bag, and started to pull out a mysterious object, when a voice from behind startled him.

"Ok, what'd SB do now?" A female voice questioned.

"AHH! Oh, my-- you need to knock that off. I literally got chased by a dozen angry guards, and you now tried to give me a heart attack! Vivi..." SB gasped, as his childhood friend walked into view.

"So, you got the thing, eh?"

"Yeah, but I'm not ready to actually see what's inside it yet."

"Makes sence..."

Suddently, they heard two guards heading their way. SB grabbed Vivi's hand, and together they ran to the end of the alleyway. But as soon as they turned the corner, the two of them knew they were trapped. With the guards behind them, and a dead end in front of them, SB and Vivi knew they were trapped....


So, yeah, this is my first RP in my second CB name. It takes place in the current year, and here is the charrie sheet:









Guard or friend of SB and Vivi:

Powers (Agility, enhanced fighting, nothing too OP:)

Shipping (Girls with guys only, please):

Preferred Weapons:



Name: Samuel Brown

Nickname: SB

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Personality: Easily excited, active, likes friends, kind of a hothead, but very mildly. Quiet when thinking, and very clever.

Appearance: Short black hair, dark brown eyes, a beard, tan skin, not too pale, not too dark, always wears a white T-shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. He also carries a satchel with him at all times.

Likes: Video games, hanging out with Vivi, talking about life.

Dislikes: Being caught, trouble, being inturrupted.

Guard or Friend of SB and Vivi: He's known Vivi since childhood, and they've been close ever since.

Powers: Agility, mostly.

Shipping: Vivi. He has a little bit of a crush on her.

Preferred Weapons: His dagger he was given by his dad before he died.

Other: He has a secret about his past that will be revealed through the RP.


Name: Vivian Roberts

Nickname: Vivi

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Personality: She's outgoing, likes friends, is calm and levelheaded, and friendly. That's not to say she doesn't have a moody side, though.

Appearance: Long bright red hair, light tan skin, green eyes, always wears a black bodysuit, with black lace-up boots.

Likes: Video games, dogs, hanging out with SB.

Dislikes: Commercials, loud noises, and guards.

Guard or friend of SB and Vivi: She's been SB's BFF since they were kids.

Powers: Enhanced fighting.

Shipping: SB. Don't tell him, but she likes him.

Preferred weapons: A retractable staff she carries around with her in her back pocket.

Other: Not really, she's the only one who knows SB's secret, because he told her 2 years ago.


So, yeah, I hope you enjoy! Limit is 3 charries per CBer.


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I have never done a RP before so we will see if I follow up :/

Name: Inanna Elkins

Nickname: Ina

Age: 26

Gender: Female her/she

Personality: Stern but kind. Clever and can be sarastic to a extreme level. not shy and will often speak her mind

Appearance: tall and willowy. long blond hair usually in a braid that she will wrap around her head or let it hang down her back. black leggings and a dark green shirt with black leather jacket. blue eyes. mascara and dark blue eyeliner. 

Likes: Music animals and people she can trust

Dislikes: When she turns out wrong/ betrayl

Guard or friend of SB and Vivi: friend

Powers (Agility, enhanced fighting, nothing too OP:) She can analize a situation fast and usually find a way out. She is also very quick on her feet and is a bit like a cat being able to leap far places and hide in the shadows. And fall but land on her feet. (is all that ok?)

Shipping (Girls with guys only, please): ok sure

Preferred Weapons: staff and dagger

Other:when does this start?


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@Hawkster, I think the abilities for your character are AMAZING! This will start once I have at least 5 or six charries. You can add more as the story goes on :)

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Okie! I hope more people join soon. And I won't be adding any more charries, I think one ball is all I can juggle!

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And I think this RP was a good idea! sounds like it'll be fun!

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