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Stuffed animal stories

Stuffed animal stories

So, I was going through Inkwell's history (as I often do), and on p40-something, I found this: and thought it might be fun if ppl wrote stories about their stuffed animals (and yes, I still love my stuffies)? Which, even if you guys don't want to, I'm gonna use this thread, so I would also appreciate any feedback (or constructive criticism) pls! Anyways, I've been wanting to develop my stuffed animals more, and plus I have So. Many. So yeah. Ig I'll introduce a few rn (and maybe stuffed animals/just toys in general could interact?? Or be introduced? Idk):

Libby: a giant penguin with peppered feathers and a blue and yellow scarf. Intelligent, lively, and motherly, always very cheery, tho I may change that.

Gemma: German shepherd puppy. Shy, trusting, rly sweet, in awe.

Izzy/Isabella: tiger cub with very messy/unruly fur. Playful, energetic, gets tired easily.

And I'll be back! 

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(August 19, 2023 - 4:11 pm)

I used to have a whole lot of stuffed animals on my bed, and I named each one of them and turned them into a sort of group with a leader and everything. Now I just have 3 stuffed animals. And yes, I made a whole story with them.

Can't wait to read the stories! :D 

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Ahh, that's cool! :)

And, I used to spend a whole lot more time with my stuffed animals, but in the past year, I feel like I've been ignoring them more and more and that that spark of childish imagination is going out, so that's part of why I started this thread, to try to ignite it again. Also, I feel bad for my stuffies :(. So, just saying, you're never too old to play with stuffed animals! :)

Btw, forgot: Izzy (she/her), Libby (she/her), Gemma (ackk.. Ig changes? Gender fluid? Basically how I determine everything about my animals is... this is gonna sound rly cheesy... but I stare into their eyes. And sometimes Gemma seems like she/her, sometimes he/him. So yeah.) 

I think I'm just gonna write some dialogue rn (this'll prob be terrible but oh well):


It's a cool Spring day and everyone is hanging out at the old duck pond...

Izzy (lounging on her stomach with her paws dangling into the water): where are all the ducks?! I'm soo boreddd!

Libby (sitting in a chair, watching): I suppose they're all on their daily migration.

Izzy: daily migration?? Are you sure that's a thing?! (jumping up with renewed vigor, tail wagging wildly (idk, do tigers wag their tails?)) OOOH, I've got the GREATEST idea!! What if WE went on a daily migration?!?! INTO THE FOREST!!

Gemma (hanging back besides a tree): I'm not sure if that's safe... (eyes the deep dark forest looming behind them) 

Izzy: I'm sure it'll be fine! Besides, it would be SO FUN!!

Libby: I've gotta agree with Gemma, I'm not sure this would be the best-

Izzy: Come ON!!!!! (leaping into the forest) ADVENTURE AWAITS!!

Libby: *sighs* Wait up!

Gemma (to absolutely no one in particular): I think I'll stay here...

10 minutes later, in the forest 

Izzy (prancing along and humming to herself): hmm hmm hmm hm hmmm, la di da di daa, hmm hmm hmm hmm OH! (spotting a brightly colored beetle) what is that?!? (barely containing her excitement) IT'S SOOO CUTEEE!!! (leans out to touch it)

Libby (appearing next to Izzy, out of breath): (spots Izzy leaning out to touch the beetle) IZZY DON'T TOUCH THAT!! IT'S POISONOUS!!

Izzy (clearly delighted): ooh, poisonous?! I've never seen something POISONOUS before!! What happens if I... (starts to drop the beetle into her mouth)

Libby: NOOO!!! STOP!!!! 

Izzy (dropping the beetle and rolling around on the floor laughing): I wasn't gonna eat it! Why would I do THAT?? It was funny to see your reaction though... (dissolved into laughter) (suddenly sits up, eyes alight) It WAS pretty cool though, wasn't it?!

Libby (relieved): yes. Yes, it was. But DON'T go scaring me again like that, got it Izzy? Izzy? IZZY??

(Izzy has ran into the forest again)

(Libby signs and goes after her)


Back at the pond 

Gemma (thinking): Where IS everyone?? It's been HALF AN HOUR! No one has come back yet!! I hope nothing bad's happened to them... (at that moment, an owl hoots ominously in the forest) (Gemma shivers) maybe I should go after them... (after a minute of consideration, Gemma heads into the forest)

Gemma (calling). hello? 

And that's all I have time for rn!

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(August 19, 2023 - 9:53 pm)

Introducing another handful of stuffies!:

Patricia (but I can her Trisha/Trish. She's fine with Pat also, and her whole name): gray and white husky giant dog with a sparkly pink collar, eyes, and ears. She/her. Very patient and works hard, reasonable and reasonably calm. However, gets (very, VERY) excited at moments.

Draggy: blue Aquatic water dragon. She/her. Rides around in Trisha's collar. Adventurous, smart, usually ignored (sorry Draggy!).

Stephanie (is fine with Steph): large pink pig with a giant mouth and bulging eyes. She/her. Loyal, good, rambunctious. 

Peary: pastel green pear nightlight. Uses name, genderless I think (I mean, I never really thought about Peary's pronouns, I just always say Peary, or "you". Peary just seems like... a Peary. I can't associate Peary with a gender. If that makes sense?)? Always willing to help, always has a smile on Peary's face. 

Honey: honey brown bear with a black and white dotted handkerchief tied around her neck. She/her. Best friends with Peary, prefers to sleep rather than do anything, appears slightly confused, fierce even so, does not seem happy with this description (no, rly. She's giving me like a judgmental glare right now. Or that could just be the way the fur gets in her eyes to make it look like she's frowning).




Gemma (calling): is anybody there? Libby? Izzy? (Shudders to self while walking deeper into the forest) (thinking) maybe I shouldn't have come...

Somewhere on the other side of the forest 

Izzy: whoop whoop!!! (leaps over a log) LOOK!! I'm FLYING!!

Libby (still chasing after Izzy): Izzy!! We've gotta get back now! It's getting dark!

Izzy (just barely hearing and registering Libby's words): WOOHOOOO!! I'm the ruler of the WHOLE FOREST!!

Libby: Izzy, come on!!

Izzy (pouncing on leaves): take that! Take that! Take that!! You can't beat ME, leaves!!

Libby (sighing): IZZYYYYY!!!! COME HERE! RIGHT NOW! We're leaving poor Gemma alone by the pond, who knows what might happen!

Izzy (suddenly realizing what Libby is saying, concerned): oh NO! We've gotta get back, NOW!! (races off through the forest)

Libby (sighing): that's what I've been trying to tell you!! (follows Izzy)

Still in the forest 

Gemma (very much regretting her earlier decision): where's the way out?? Hello?? HELLO??? (spots a cabin with lighted windows) maybe I should go ask whoever lives there... (arriving at the cabin, knocking) if anyone home? (door creaks opens) (the cabin's been abandoned) (lies down defeated) NOW what do I do?!

Back at the pond

Izzy: hey, where's Gemma??

Libby: maybe she went back

Izzy (sniffing something): no, there are paw prints leading into the woods here! (realizing what that means) uh oh...

(they run into the forest again)

Izzy (following the tracks): looks like he's been going in circles for a while...

Libby: wait, this part branches off! Towards... (runs towards the cabin)

Izzy (following Libby (for the first time!)): GEMMA WE'RE COMING!!

In the cabin

Gemma (exploring the kitchen): maybe this isn't so bad after all...

AND I'M ENDING THERE BC THERE IS AN EARWIG/PINCHER BIG THINGY IN MY ROOM (what?!? How?!? I'm on the second floor!!) and YAYY BUGS!!!!!! 


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(August 20, 2023 - 12:14 pm) is totally under my age level and I'll probably embarrss myself lol, but my very first stories I wrote were about my stuffed animals so I can't just...forget them.

Here are a few of my most frequently used stuffed animals:

Slippery (it's the name that's on her tag and fits her very well): A little white seal with blue eyes. She has an older cousin called Covina (they do not look alike) who she runs a music channel on a nonexistant search browser with. It's called Cnssingin'seals and is really popular. She's extroverted, funny, artistic, and somewhat mischevious as well. She's really busy. Pronouns of both seals are she/her.

Fiona: A jaguar or leopard or ocelot or...(I actually have no idea what she is) whose mother rules all the cats and insists that Fiona is ladylike. Sends her and her adopted sister (who is a very shy, passive deer called Diana who hides a lot) to boarding school for that purpose. She's spirited, chatty, and very ladylike at times (she can't help being ladylike). Pronouns of Fiona, Diana, and their mom are she/her.

Dolly: A little gray dog with pink eyes and paws who came as a set with her mom Denise (they look exactly the same lol). She's really young, playful, and doesn't understand much about the real world. Pronouns of both are she/her.

Wilbur: A little pink pig I've had as long as I can remember, whose name is the same as the Wilbur from Charlotte's Web because that is what I named him after when I was very little. He thinks of pretty much nothing except mud. And mud. And more mud. Pronouns he/him. 





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(August 20, 2023 - 4:01 pm)

Thanks for contributing! And, just for the record, I feel like stuffed animals can never be under your age level (but I'm only in middle school, so who knows), but if it feels any better, maybe just think of them as characters you have actual models of??

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(August 20, 2023 - 5:11 pm)

I love this idea! I am quite fond of my stuffies (and I'm a high schooler, you're never too old for stuffed animal). I'll introduce them to you:

Lemoncholy (Lemon): A quaint little cat made of yellow velveteen. She remonds me of a sweet, older-woman who bakes tarts and always has toffees in her purse. Loving, warm, and friendly. She/her pronouns.

Bertie: Another cat. Bertie is a white, crocheted cat with a red scarf. Always seems ready to go on an adventure. They/them pronouns.

Crepe: Crepe is a little ghostie who comes with me everywhere. He goes on vacation with me, he goes to school with me, he even went to interlochen (A fine arts camp where I live) with me! He is a brave and kindhearted soul, always helping others reach their goals. He/him. 

Silas: A crimson dragon that has survived many years of rough wear-and-tear. He is a kind, old gentelman with sparkling red eyes. Feirce and protective, yet still sweet. He is one of my most loved stuffies as I have had him since I was just a little boy around the age of four. He/him pronouns.

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(August 22, 2023 - 9:07 pm)

@Celine, Hm, you're right. I think of them that way too. And I really like your story, btw.

@Lord of the shadows, hi, it’s nice to see you around again! I think Lemoncholy is a really cute name. :) 

Right now my animals are on a zoom call. They wanted to record it as a sort of introductory video  *joins stuffed animal zoom call*

Automatic voice: Recording in progress.

Slippery (looks up from a page of math homework, takes out headphones, and waves flippers enthusiastically): Oh my gosh, hi!!! My name is Slippery or Slip for short, and it's nice to meet you Libby, Gemma, Izzy, Patricia, Draggy, Steph, Peary, Honey, Lemoncholy, Bertie, Crepe, and Silas!! I’m recording this as a little hello video. Um...(hums a little) graph a is y = 13x - 14.5 and graph b is...Agggh (slams book shut abruptly). Sorry, I'm doing homework.

Fiona: Slippery, were you listening to yourself singing?! Because it sure sounded like– (There is background noise. Her camera switches off and she mutes herself.)

Slippery (laughing): Haha you caught me. I'm looking in the bloopers folder and listening to all of the Baby Shark remix songs that got deleted. (mutes hastily).

Diana: I haven't heard that one yet…

Slippery (unmuting): Oh that's fine we have a bajillion of songs. (pauses) Hey, is anyone else on the call? (There is the sound of beeping as Wilbur, Dolly & Denise, and Covina join the zoom.)

Wilbur: Hi! Anyone else like to jump in mud puddles? (There is loud splashing in the background.)

Fiona (excitedly): Ooh I do! (pauses, then continues in a crestfallen tone) Although my mo–o–o–o–m…(She glitches for a moment before coming back into focus) m…prefers that I do not and states that it is more beneficial and appropriate for my age level…

Slippery (exasperated, as if she's heard this many times): Who cares what your mom thinks?! Just have fun, for once. (pauses) And talk in your normal voice. No need to be so formal.

Fiona (darkly): My mom cares. I have to be formal or she’ll get upset. And you don’t want to see the queen of the cats when she’s upset.


Denise (gently): Where. Everywhere. It's okay, you're still learning.

Covina's voice (tentative): Um…sorry to interrupt but we have 20 seconds left on the call…how long have you had this open, Slippery?! (Her camera is off, but there’s a profile picture of her standing in front of the Iceffel Tower and grinning)

Slippery: Half an hour. 

Covina (dryly): That explains it. There’s only 40 minutes free.

Slippery: Oh rats, 10 seconds…bye everyone! We got super distracted and forgot to introduce ourselves. (She laughs nervously.) Hey is anyone–

(The call ends before Slippery can finish her sentence.)

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Ahh I love this so much!! The idea and the execution and the parentheses (kinda like a script! It makes it so I can really hear your stuffed animals saying everything and their personalities too!) and the technology problems (oh those technology problems!)... and that 40 minute thing!! Rly brought me back to those vital learning Zoom days... *moment for nostalgia*

I might steal your idea cuz I love it so much, just a warning (ackk I have to introduce EVEN MORE stuffed animals?! Everyone who wasn't included probably feels left out... this is why I stopped saying goodnight to my stuffies (do you know how LONG it takes me to good-night them (this probably isn't a word but it should be) every night?!?))

btw, I loved your description of Wilbur (mud. And more mud. And some more mud. :))! And Lord of the Shadows, your descriptions are awesome also! I want to meet Crepe! And, I agree with Lyric, Lemoncholy is an awesome name!!

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(August 23, 2023 - 12:39 am)

Hi! I'm back. (Hopefully) I L O V E this idea!! I warn you, I have a LOT of stuffies. I'm not putting all so you'll be spared.

Bum Bum: (I know sorry embarrassing name but deal with it) Small gray seal. Annoying, cute, social.

Bump Bump: Small white seal. *Actually, Bump Bump is Bum Bum's younger brother. They are like 5 minutes apart from age. FYI, they're actually the same stuffed animal, it's just that I lost Bum Bum once and then I cried forever until my dad got me Bump Bump. Then a year later Bum Bum turned up in the crevices of our couch but she had been in there so long that she turned gray.* Loves to play video games, most of the time doesn't like Bum Bum, and kinda grumpy.

Pammie: A small white fox with a pink and white tail and pink ears. She's a keychain, which most of the stuffies envy because she can swing around much easier than them. Clever, smart, good at acting, sweet, and cute and cheerful. (I mean all my stuffed animals are cute lol.) Likes setting very advanced rube goldberg traps.

Hedgehog: Hedgehog is a hedgehog. What can I say? He really likes candy, ummmm let's see. very annoying with his prickles. Often found with chocolate on his face. Let's just say he's annoying. OH and he really likes the Universal Fanfare music. 

Eliza/Lizae/Ezali: A crocheted/knitted pink elephant who REALLY hates the pink elephants on parade song from Dumbo. She's actually an adult, but she gets caught listening to Baby Elephant shows on her phone. She also listens to "The Schuyler Sisters" on repeat, especially when it says "Angelica, ELIZA, WORK". She has a million things stored in her trunk, including way more prepared doses of medicine than she needs that makes animals more sick than they already because she gives them way too much. Most animals don't like her.

Rainbow: A hello kitty with a rainbow bow and a rainbow playshirt. She's smaller than the most of the animals. Loves to call herself "Grown-Up Rainbow". very annoying and won't learn her abcs.

Kiki: A gray adult cat who is Rainbow's mentor. She basically watches over the rest of the animals too. She's a very stressed cat, because naughty things happen on Squishmallow Island. *That's where the animals live, AKA my bed*


Ok, that's all. It's getting late and I need to go so I can't post the dialogue. I'll try tomorrow maybe :)

-Rora <3 


Captcha says utdoc. Utility doctor? 

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(August 22, 2023 - 10:51 pm)

Omigosh I love my stuffies! Me and my sister used to have a large pile of them on our bed, but then we got twin beds and now they are seperated. :l But I STILL hold on to them! I'll do this as well.

Coco: Racoon. Kind of mysterious, very serious, mean at times, quiet and cautious.

Princess: Pink poodle. Very sassy and hates to have anything to do with dirt, vanity-prone, her appereance is everything type-thing.

Julep: Pink small monkey. Energetic, happy, exciting, adveturous, wears a lot of home-made-but-expensive-looking dresses, LOTS of jewelry and is married to Mr. Monkey.

Mr. Monkey: Small gorilla (VERY small). Agrees to whatever his wife says, kindish, sort-of evil, rich, tries to wear Elvis style clothes, you know, jean jacket with upturned collar and boots if you have them.

Picturesque says: arfun. :D

She agrees!

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(August 23, 2023 - 7:42 am)

okay, day two of staying on Chatterbox!! Sit back and enjoy the show!

Bum Bum: *hangs out of a cup on top of a headband* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!! I'M GOING TO FALL TO MY DEATHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Bump Bump: Oh no! I hear a maiden in distress! *Changes into a ridiculous outfit and swoops to save Bum Bum, then runs away*

Bum Bum: Someone saved me!

Bump Bump: *emerges from room* huh?  What are you talking about?

Bum Bum: Someone saved me from falling!!

Bump Bump: Quiet! I'm doing homework.  * mutters* The history of video games... 

Bum Bum: Bump Bump...

Pammie: *comes over* Hi Bum Bum! Hi Bump Bump! What are you doing?

Bump Bump: Homework. HEY, Bum Bum! Maybe spider-seal saved you!!

Pammie: but isn't he only in comics?

Bump Bump: He's in a lot of stuff!

Rainbow: *scampers over and runs in a circle around them* Oooooooo! What are you doing bum bum? Pammie? Bump Bump?

Kiki: Rainbow, come back over here! You haven't finished the alphabet!

Pammie: Come on Rainbow, I'll walk you over to Kiki.

Rainbow:  but I don't wanna! I wanna do spyder seel!

Pammie: As soon as you finish your abcs, Rainbow. Come on, Kiki's waiting. 

Bum Bum: Could it be? Did Spider-Seal save me?

Bump Bump: Eh, probably not.

Bum Bum: Wait a sec ...Bump Bump! You're Spider-Seal.

Bump Bump: Welll....

Bum Bum: I KNEW IT!


That's it ;) 

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Here are the three stuffed animals on my bed:

Soup: A pink axolotl. Playful, awkward sometimes, and funny.

Potato: A pink hippo. Calm, brave, loud, and sometimes lazy.

Pingu: A blue penguin. Kind, can get jealous sometimes, and independent.

I also have some not on my bed:

Butter: A brown teddy bear. Loyal, quiet, and a bookworm. 

Luna: A crocheted purple whale. Sweet, trusting, and typically keeps to herself.

Creampuff: A crocheted shiba inu. Lively, supportive, doesn't like being in the spotlight.

Whitney: A fluffy brown mountain fox. Honest, kind, and fierce.

Storm: A gray and white husky with brown eyes. Inquisitive, a daydreamer, smart, and loyal. 


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(August 23, 2023 - 6:37 pm)

First, some more introductions, then we'll get to the good stuff!

Hei Bai (@admins, could you please post this even though it's a different language because it's his name and honestly I think it's a really cute name? It's fine if you don't, but I would appreciate it if you did. It means "black white" in Mandarin (not in any racist ways! Just cause he's a raccoon!) and I feel like it's a pretty big part of him. Thanks!)- my adorable raccoon from quite possibly my favorite place in the world, YOSEMITE!! (I was so lucky to be able to go there for my bday, so Hei Bai is a bit like a bday stuffie too, on a pretty big milestone. I chose him out of all the raccoons in the store myself cuz he was the only one standing on his feet looking at me inquisitively (no, actually! He was! And he has these adorable eyes that feel like he's asking you a question.) Has anyone else hiked the Mist Trail? It's amazing!!) He's actually gray with a black and white mask, but I feel like Hei Bai suits him so much better (pronounced "hay bye", but it's cuter with the tones, go kinda flat on the first one like your voice is on a straight horizontal line and gradually make your tone go up on the second.) and... well, yeah. He's so sweet and adorable and inquisitive and up for anything (though he does have his opinions). Trusting and intelligent and I love him so much (I love all of them!)! He/him pronouns. Btw, @admins, do you have any stuffed animals? Or stuffed animals that you were really fond of?

Mellie- my Girl Scouts clouded leopard (can anyone figure out who I named her after? Anyone who gets the reference gets a virtual cookie!)! Sweet, adventurous, loyal, good at making friends, likes to climb things, can be a bit difficult... But more later! 


(And with no edits so it's hopefully actually kinda improv)
Actually, gtg, bye!
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(August 23, 2023 - 8:25 pm)

I like Witney! Pretty much sums up my attitude! :D And I like foxes, so bonus!

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(August 24, 2023 - 11:32 am)

:D that's cool! I got Whitney during a trip to Mt. Whitney, so that's why I named her that.

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