Here's a story

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Here's a story

Here's a story I wrote. It's gonna be pretty long and I'm not finished with it yet, so I'll post it in small parts. The font may be a little differant cause I coppied it from somewhere else. I don't think it's that good- I 'm more of a reader than a writer- but I hope you like it anyway.



CRACK! A floorboard squealed under her weight as she crept towards the wallet. She froze. Had anyone heard? A storm of footsteps revealed her answer. As she grabbed her prize and raced towards the window, the bracelet on her wrist slipped to the ground. Her eyes widened in horror. Ignoring the floorboards screaming below her, she raced towards the window. Just before she jumped out, she turned around to see an aghast lady with a hot pink bathrobe and curlers in her blonde hair.

“GET HER!” she screamed, pointing at the cloaked criminal who had just disappeared out the window. The lady ran to look out, but all she saw was the concrete ground far below. Surely the thief must have crashed, jumping out the window like that, and broken several bones, she thought. Just as she was turning to go right back to her peaceful bath, she caught a glimpse of something flying outside of her window. There, flying on a broomstick, was the very girl who had stolen the wallet! However, as the thief was energetically waving to her victim, the hood of her cloak fell off, revealing a young face with long chestnut-colored hair and clever amber-colored eyes. Both the burglar and the victim gasped in unison. After half a second of silence, the girl on the broomstick shot up, up, up and flew into the top window of the large apartment building.

At that moment, a man entered the room. “Whodunnit? Was it in the living room or the kitchen, with the wrench or the revolver?” he yelled, eager for a mystery.

The lady, her face pale with fear, noticed a colorful bracelet next to where the wallet had previously been. “The Night Witch," the woman said. "She’s struck again!”

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Ooh this sounds interesting!

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I think I'll post a section every week.

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Chapter 1

“Well? How did it go? Did the rich lady scream again? Was the poor family happy? Did they thank you for once?” Stella always pestered Blaize with questions when she came home and today was no different. Blaize always told Stella to be patient while she hung her cloak up. And after she was all settled in- which seemed like forever to Stella- Blaize would tell the story of her most recent thievery. But today was different. Today, instead of laughing and teasing Stella, Blaize said nothing. After hanging up her cloak, she went directly to her room and closed the door.

“Blaize? What’s wrong? Hello?” Stella cautiously knocked on Blaize’s door.

“I’ll talk to you later, Stell. I’m tired, Ok?” Stella sighed. Blaize rarely acted like this, but when she did, it usually took her a while to come out of it.

“Honey? Is Blaize home yet?” Stella’s mother called from the living room. Stella ran to tell her that yes, Blaize was home, but she had locked herself in her room.

Stella’s mother, Christina, was middle-aged woman whose lovely brown hair shouldn’t have had the gray streaks it had recently formed. It should have been what it had used to be, smooth as silk with a soft wave. Her face, though tired, still looked as beautiful as it had back in her high school days all those years ago.

Christina sighed and started toward Blaize’s room. “Blaize, dear, what’s wrong?” she asked. Silence. “Blaize, can you please tell me what happened? Did she see you?”

Finally, Blaize answered her question. “She saw me. She saw where I went. She knows where we are. And... I dropped my bracelet.”

Just as Blaize said the word “bracelet”, There was a whirring outside of the window. Both pairs of eyes went wide with fear.

Blaize was the first to recollect herself. “Quick, Christina, you and Stella must go hide!” Before Christina could protest, she found herself being shoved towards the nearest door while Blaize went to the window. She arrived just as a rusty helicopter crashed through. An official-looking man stepped out and grabbed Blaize’s wrists.

“You,” he said, “Are under arrest.”


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