Sivmarian World Building

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Sivmarian World Building

Sivmarian World Building

This is a world building thread for something I’ve been making. If anyone wants to join, I welcome it. Here’s a random paragraph I wrote about it. More later!

Sivmarian is divided into five Razini*. Asmonsaki, Elliaris, Sivargant, Ratikominsa, and Manth. The Manth is at the middle, and is the seat of power. Asmonsaki is in the north, and is a huge forest. Elliaris is in the east, and is a fathomless ocean. Sivargant is at the south, and is a gigantic range of volcanic mountains. Finally, Ratikominsa is in the west, and is a bottomless abyss. The Sivmarian continent was separated by a sea of nothingness, where Sukiara was the only nation that knew how to get through, but when the Almionsi Empire came, they dissolved the barrier, leaving Sivmarian open to the rest of the world and letting Elliaris merge with the outside ocean.

*Razini (singular razino) =region/province 

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(June 8, 2024 - 1:36 am)
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I'll join!

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Here's my picture of your world. Sorry, the photo quality isn't great.


Screenshot 2024-06-09 5.19.30 PM.png
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Thanks! I like it! One detail, though. When I imagined it, the regions aren’t actually separate, but I understand if what I wrote in the original post was confusing.

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Ohh, sorry, I didn't mean for it to look seperate, I just thought it looked cool if they were a little ways apart, so it looked like a compass. Sorry, I know that dosn't make any sense. 

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No, it’s totally fine! I just wanted to clear that up. I’m sorry you were on the receiving end.

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