An inordinate number

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An inordinate number

An inordinate number of questions... May be just what you need to get your story rolling again? You can post story snippets that haven't gone anywhere (or maybe they have, but you want to have your process picked apart and scoured for plot holes) and/or ask a ridiculous number of questions for other peoples' stories. Maybe I'll be the only one posting one here, but I'd be happy to see others engaging too

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Here! (Oh, nevermind, this isn't a roll call. Whoopsies)

I'm stuck on the ski lodge I'm writing, so i might post the ideas I'm struggling with, as spoiler free as i can manage.

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I need this lol

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I thought there was already a "Story Snippet" thread here? unless this is different and I can't see it lol

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I tried to look happy,

Put a smile on my face,

Wore the same mask 

I wore every second of my life.

I bit my tongue. 


Rushing into my mouth 

Easily as butter 

sliding onto a plate.

I could taste it,

The metallic 

Seeping into my mouth.

I pressed my lips together,

Swallowing down

Saliva mixed with blood,

But it felt like

Swallowing down

My broken past.

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