Warriors Clan-making!

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Warriors Clan-making!

Warriors Clan-making!

the title explains it all. talk about making fan-clans for the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. you can post any Clans you've already made, or ask for help with a WIP. eventually we could all collab on a Clan as well! have fun :3

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Yay thanks for making this thread!! :)

So far I've made:





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I have a LionClan (I know, so original) but I think I'm going to change the name. Maybe we could post the cats in our Clans, like a list of them,how they do it in the books?

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LionClan, aside from already being canon, is actually a really great name. and yeah, that's what I was kinda intending, that we could list out all our cats.

I'm working on finding my old Clan journal! when I do, I'll immediately start posting some of the Clans here, but in the meantime, you guys can go ahead and start posting :3 

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I have made many allegiances for my warrior cats, including different generations...here's one of them, a main one:


Leader: Froststar - white she-cat with sharp blue eyes.


Deputy: Grayspots - white tom with gray splotches

Apprentice, Silverpaw


Medicine Cat: Sunleaf - ginger she-cat



Amberstripe - striped ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Thrushpaw

Willowheart - white she-cat with brown patches

Apprentice, Nectarpaw

Sorrelleaf - cream she-cat

Nettleclaw - tortoiseshell she-cat

Dandelionsong - ginger she-cat

Cliffclaw - brown tom

Apprentice, Finchpaw

Creamheart - cream she-cat

Cloudpelt - white tom

Glimmerclaw - white tom

Mistwind - silver she-cat

Apprentice, Honeypaw

Petalshine - white she-cat with gray patches

Milkheart - white tom with gray ears and tail

Thymestem - light cream tom

Smokefoot - gray tom



Finchpaw - white she-cat with brown ears, paws, and tail

Silverpaw - silver she-cat 

Honeypaw - white she-cat with heart-shaped patches

Nectarpaw - white she-cat with orange and brown patches

Thrushpaw - cream tom with brown ears, paws, and tail



Waterlily - striped she-cat (expecting Thymestem’s kits)

Owlwing - spotted she-cat (mother to Vinekit, Plumkit, and Speckkit)

Friskripple - ginger she-cat (mother to Starkit and Blizzardkit)



Havenshade - dark she-cat

Shimmertail - white she-cat

Stonestripe - white tom with gray stripes

Feathershine - pale gray she-cat with blue eyes


Cats Outside the Clans:

Rocky - striped brown tom kittypet

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Okay changed name



Leader: Hawkstar- long legged she-cat with golden brown fur


Deputy: Sparrowfur- petit she-cat with short brow fur

Apprentice, Puddlepaw


Medicine cat: Owlwing- Large black and white tom

Apprentice, Purplepaw


Warriors: Dragontalon- Tall tom with amber eyes and dark fur

Apprentice, Lynxpaw

Roseheart- White she-cat with green eyes

Wolfclaw- Longfurred gray tom with long whiskers

Lilystream- tortoiseshell she-cat with pretty blue eyes

Robinfeather- Light red and black stripped she-cat with small paws

Lightningstrike- ginger tom with wide face and stocky structure

Oakleaf- skinny tom with long tail

Apprentice, Badgerpaw

Darkeye- black tom with siver eyes

Honeyleaf- blond she-cat with fluffy tail


Nursing or pregnant queens: Mayflower- gray tabby (mother to Heartkit and Rainkit)

Grayfeather- slate she-cat with narrow features (pregnant with Dragontalon's kits)

Sagepelt- calico she-cat (mother to Dandelionkit, Riverkit, Cloverkit, Skykit, and Claykit)


Apprentices: Lynxpaw- dark stocky tom with long claws

Purplepaw- white she-cat with mismatched eyes

Badgerpaw- Gray and black tom

Puddlepaw- wiry tom with gray/blue fur


Elders: Roaringriver- white and brown tom with bad hearing

Snakebite- small golden tom with milky paws

Redrock- ginger she-cat with scars on muzzle


Outsiders: Jupiter- long haired ginger kitty pet with blue eyes

Mog- Small, black she-cat kitty pet

Amberwhisker- amber eyed she-cat loner 

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Lol we both have an Owlwing and a Honeyleaf (mine's still an apprentice, but that's her warrior name)

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Ok, wow!! I have made so much fan stuff--like I wrote/still writing a story that is warriors, but instead of cats they are dogs. This is a joint story with someone at a summer camp I used to go to, so this is the elbow grease and sweat of both of us <3


PincherClan (the main character is in this clan):

Leader: Crystalmoon

Deputy: Jellyprince

Hunters (yes, not warriors): Tanclaw, Cloverleaf, Treecloud, Magmarose, Teacup

Appr.+Mentors: Luckypaw+Treecloud, Swiftpaw+Tanclaw, Sunpaw+Teacup, Peachpaw+Magmarose, Brackenpaw(yes, we DID steal a name)+Cloverleaf

Queens: Greenpelt, Cloverreef

Pups: Talonpup, Indigopup, Tallpup, Cherrypup, Tornpup

Elders: Embertail, Silverteeth, Peppermint

Med. Dog: Appleleaf


And then there are three more clans, but I'll post them another time :) 


Appleleaf says "dactr" you ARE the doctor, Appleleaf. 

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